Yet another short character study that begged to be put up here. This is loosely a companion to Observation, falling within the same timeline/world as that piece. As I said before, this is another attempt to explore two of my favorite Avengers, Ant-Man and Wasp, in preparation for a larger fanfiction.

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There were many times that Hank Pym noticed how different he and a certain wasp-themed Avenger were. It wasn't until just now that he realized just how much they contrasted. Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym were two sides to the proverbial coin.

Hank was reserved, content with his experiments and studies. Jan was pure energy, bouncing from one thing to the next, ready to go and do and explore. While his ideas of fun almost always involved science and his lab, Jan's was more likely to involve a party or the Avengers.

They both wanted to help people, but for Jan that was through beating up and the subsequent humiliation and apprehension of villains, engaging in the kind of violence that he hated. Hank would rather have the villains rehabilitated than punished; after all, they were still people. Well, most of them were.

Jan's emotions were loud. She wore her fierce devotion to her team on her sleeve. It was easy to get her excited, and she radiated that excitement to everyone around her. However, her anger was just as fierce as her happiness, and only a fool incurred her wrath. Hank was less transparent with his feelings. His anger was a slow, quiet thing. He kept most hints of his sentiment to himself, prone to show his feelings in small ways instead of bold statements and actions. While Jan was a flirt, he was all half-stuttered, interrupted attempts at proclamations.

They were indeed different sides of a coin, but they were different sides of the same coin. How could a coin ever be complete without its other side? How could a person ever be whole without their other half?