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Chapter 1: Meet The Carlins

She grabbed on my ass and pulled me impossibly closer. We were kissing hard. She had explored every inch of my mouth with her tongue. She lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around her waist out of instinct. She then spun us around and had me up against the door of the bathroom stall. She moved to my neck and bit down on an area of flesh. I was sure she left a mark. She ran her tongue over the mark to soothe the skin. She moved her hands down to the button of my pants and popped it open and… *ring ring*.

Spencer woke up from another dream of her and Ashley. She had been having these dreams ever since she accidentally bumped into Ashley on the first day of senior year a week ago. "Damn alarm clock" Spencer said as she rolled out of bed and turned it off. But first let me get you up to speed.

Spencer Carlin and her family lived in L.A. for as long as she could remember. Spencer and her mom, Paula Carlin, were close (well almost close) until Spencer came out. Since then, nothing has been right between them. Her mom refuses to have anything to do with her and couldn't have a conversation with her for 10 seconds without them arguing. Spencer would have been kicked out of the house if it wasn't for her dad, Arthur Carlin.

Arthur refuses to let Paula kick their daughter out, especially after losing a son, Clay. Ever since then Arthur and Paula's relationship hasn't been the best either. She left after he refused to let Spencer leave and they got divorced a couple months after. Spencer still tries to live a normal life, and convinced herself that she doesn't need her mom in her life, as long as she has her dad and her twin brother Glen. Glen Carlin is Spencer's older twin brother. They have a very close relationship, though neither of them would admit it to anyone. Glen's dream is to be a professional basketball player and he is trying out for the team at King High again, after his failed attempts since freshman year. Don't get me wrong, he's good, but he wants to be the point guard on the team which is currently occupied by Aiden Dennison, the star and captain of the basketball team. Glen is also bisexual, but isn't out to anyone except Spencer and his dad. They figured Paula would freak if she found out. Anyways, back to Spencer.

Spencer got up out of bed and started getting ready for school. When she got down to the kitchen for breakfast, she was greeted by the wonderful scent that is her dad's cooking, God, how she loves that man!

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