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Prologue: The New Invasion

"Ribbon, be honest," the hero from Pop Star asked while putting a sash on his head. "Does this thing make me look too girly?"

"Kirby, it makes you look ridiculous!" his girlfriend replied.

Kirby blushed. "Ah, well, that's what the head bodyguard of Princess Zelda has to wear."

"Are you sure you're going to show up for that job?"

"Why not?" Kirby asked.

"It's going to be very dangerous," Ribbon answered.

"It's also going to be fun! Besides, you know I can handle myself fine! You remember how I saved Ripple Star from that black hole awhile back, don't you?" Kirby cheerfully responded.

"How couldn't I? It was the first time I'd seen you in years! I don't know if I'd ever want to part ways with you again…"

Kirby stopped for a moment. "I fell the same way, Ribbon, but you know that I have to go to Hyrule, right? I have to go investigate whatever weird frequencies are coming from there."

Kirby was referring to a strange signal from the faraway kingdom that had appeared on Meta Knight's radar a few months ago. Though they paid no attention to it at first since it eventually disappeared, it had recently become disruptive for the citizens of Pop Star. Many of them began to have draining nightmares, more severe than the time when the Star Rod went missing from Pop Star's Fountain of Dreams. Perhaps more disturbing, the mirror that led into the Mirror World had begun to act strangely again. Dark clouds had formed around it carrying an unmistakable sense of malevolence; however, nothing had actually come out of it yet. Meta Knight feared that a dark prophecy was beginning to come true. One with a threat that could possibly wreak havoc in the universe…

"I know Meta Knight and King Dedede would be able to subdue anything that comes from that mirror if it tries to come over to Dream Land. Whatever is making that signal, though, seems to be growing stronger by the day. I have to go check it out, and taking this job will make me less suspicious."

Ribbon only sighed. "I'm still going to miss you so much."

"Well, have something to remember me by." Kirby kissed her. As he started out, Kirby said one last thing to her. "If you ever get into trouble, don't hesitate to use the cell phone. It works even across space, so I'll come straight away if you need any help!" With that, he used his cell phone to summon a warp star and flew away to Hyrule Castle. He didn't notice the dark cloud forming behind him...

The castle was eerily desolate, Kirby noted, as he approached the gates. Suspicious that something was going on, Kirby started up for the main chamber. When Kirby finally found the chamber and entered, he found a dark figure holding an unconscious Zelda by the throat. Kirby flinched; he looked to find other guards, but they, too, were unconscious. An ominous chuckle emanated from the figure. Whoever it was wore regal looking attire that seemed stained somewhat by blood. Something didn't seem right. Kirby looked into the stranger's face and stepped back in shock. The intruder didn't seem to have a face, merely a skull animated by some unknown force.

The interloper let go of the unconscious princess and began to speak to Kirby. "Forgive me for my current appearance," he started. "I have experienced an undesirable turn of events and have not been able to fix myself. In fact, if it weren't for the will of my lord, I would be no more than another body in a grave."

Kirby no longer felt the initial fear that emanated from the intruder, but he remained alert. "My name is Kirby," he stated. "Who exactly are you?"

"Ah, yes. I seem to have forgotten my manners. I– GAAAAH!" The stranger seemed to seize up in pain at that moment. Kirby noticed that his eyes were filled with the most blood-curling shade of red he had ever seen. A new presence had taken over. "Silence!" the newcomer demanded in a sinister tone. "We have no time for this conversation." Obviously he was talking with the other presence that previously occupied him. "We still have much to do and need to get going if we want to complete this return and finally gain enough power to fulfill our destinies." He then turned to Kirby. "YOU!" Kirby almost fell on his back. "If you value the others in this room, you shall obey my commands!"

Kirby hesitated. He was not used to backing down when a threat was made against him. However, Kirby realized that the power in this stranger was too great to take on alone. He submitted and took instructions before the figure covered the castle in darkness and departed. He immediately regretted his decision. He could only hope that Ribbon was okay…