This is my first chaptered fanfic that I have ever made, and I'm also kind of new here.

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A Zircon Under Night and Day

Prologue: The Shocking Message

Nuvema Town has always been known for being a quiet peaceful town. There was hardly any commotion going on unless an eager child was old enough to receive their very own starter Pokemon from Professor Juniper. But today was unlike any other day. There was a huge crowd gathered around a stage that somehow appeared over night.

There were quite a few people on that stage and they all wore...unique clothing. The ones on the back wore medieval outfits. It almost seemed like they were wearing knightly, baby blue and white armor. On the center of their chest gear there was a symbol resembling a shield that was half white and black with the initials of a letter "P" and a backward "Z". That same symbol was displayed on the flags they were holding. The person standing before them wore even weirder clothes: a kingly, blue and light brown robe. Each half of the robe had a picture of an eye, and overall he seemed like the leader. Their sense of fashion did attract some of the Nuvema citizen's attention, but not as much as the speech the leader was giving.

"Good day to the people of Nuvema Town. This is a perfect day to talk about a very important issue. First I should tell you my name. My name is Ghetsis and I'm part of an organization called Team Plasma." The man paused to hear the whispering of the people. "I'm here to tell you citizens to liberate all of your Pokemon!" Everyone let out a gasp except for a certain trainer who was just passing by. The trainer looked up to the man named Ghetsis and listened intently to what he had to say next.

"This does sound like an absurd idea at first, but think about why I'm asking for this. You may all think that Pokemon and people were meant for each other. That they need and want one another. But is all this true?! Have you ever questioned your relationship with your Pokemon? We always give them orders and they carry them out. Don't you think we are forcing them to do those things? We should not claim Pokemon as our possessions. In fact, we have no right to exploit their power for our own personal interest. We have yet a lot to learn about these creatures. The best thing we can do for Pokemon now, so that we may finally reach equality between us, is by... LIBERATING OUR POKEMON! I beg of you to please at least reconsider your relationship with your Pokemons. That is all. Good day to the people of Nuvema Town." Ghetsis finished giving out his message and started to leave the stage along with the other Team Plasma members.

Not many people started questioning their friendship with their Pokemon. Many thought this a crazy idea and decided to go back to their daily lives. Others were laughing at Team Plasma's ridiculous idea. But there were a few that actually understood the meaning of what Ghetsis was saying. An old man grabbed his pokeball and threw it into the air while saying "Come out Cinccino". The pokeball opened, releasing a red light. Once the light faded, a grey rodent-like Pokemon appeared. It had a pure white tail and white fur surrounded its back and covered its neck.

"Cinccino, I know we have gone through a lot together, but I'm asking for you to please go on your own path from now on." The old man said. His Cinccino looked at its trainer with a confused face and let out a few cries. "What are you waiting for? Please leave now. If you don't, it will only make it harder for me." The man continued. His eyes started to water and this just caused his Cinccino to come closer and comfort him. The old man pushed the Cinccino aside, telling it to go away, but the Pokemon just wouldn't go.

"Can't you see your Cinccino doesn't want to leave you?" A voice was heard behind the old man. He turned around to see a girl of about 19 years of age. She had long brown hair and sky blue eyes. She wore a blue sleeveless shirt and a red skirt. A red and white hat rested on her head. "Why are you releasing it? You and your Cinccino share a special bond and there's no need to break that bond just because someone told you to." The girl said.

"The bond we had was probably the wrong one. Cinccino was probably angry at me all this time because it had to do all the things I told it to do. The least I can do for it is release it and let it be happy." The old man responded. He was turning to leave but the girl stopped him.

"Look at your Cinccino!" She yelled. "Do you see happiness in its eyes? All I see is a devastated Pokemon that was abandoned by its trainer!" The old man looked at the Pokemon. Its long ears were drooping and it had a grave expression on its face. "Look, I have been a Pokemon trainer since I was 11-years old and my Pokemon and I have this bond of love and trust. I would never sever that bond no matter what. I can tell that Cinccino loves and cares for you. Please don't leave it by itself. It's happy being by your side, so please don't release it." The girl begged. The old man turned around. He slowly started to walk towards the Cinccino and knelt on the ground. He extended his arms out and hugged the little Scarf Pokemon with all his might.

"I'm so sorry for what I was about to do." He told the Pokemon. "I'm really sorry!" The old man kept saying with tears rolling down his face. Cinccino hugged back and let out a small cry meaning 'I forgive you'.

The old man thanked the girl and was on his way home with Cinccino by his side. The young female trainer then looked around and saw a few other people start to release their Pokemon. She knew it was impossible for her to prevent all those Pokemon from getting liberated. Besides, she was already late in delivering a package to Professor Juniper.

Jeez! I should better inform Professor Oak about this first and then go to the lab. She turned on her xtransceiver she received from Professor Oak before leaving Pallet Town. She dialed his number and it started making a ringing sound. Come on Professor. That old man better not be asleep! Then finally the device showed a picture of an old man with a tired expression.

"Well if isn't you. Did you already deliver the package?" Prof. Oak asked the girl.

"No, not yet. I'm near Professor Juniper's lab though." She replied.

"What are you waiting for then. Go deliver it! I don't want my newly found information to go to waste. I swear young people these days don't know when to hurry and get a job done." The Professor exclaimed and then yawned.

"You're one to talk! You just finished waking up!" She protested. "Anyways, I was about to deliver the package when I saw a crowd gathered around a stage." The young trainer started to explain.

"I see. You got distracted by street performers. So typical of you to do." Prof. Oak interrupted.

"Will you let me finish! The people on stage weren't performing anything. Instead there was this one guy who was talking about liberating Pokemon and how that was the only way for Pokemons and humans to live in equality." She explained.

"Like anyone would believe that! Pokemon and humans work best when they are together not when they are separated. Everyone knows that." Prof. Oak stated.

"That's what I thought too, but there are people here who actually believed him. I managed to stop one of them from liberating his Pokemon, but there are a few more trainers here doing it. Look!" The trainer moved the xtransceiver around, showing Prof. Oak the remaining people who were releasing their Pokemon.

"This is devastating!" Prof. Oak exclaimed. "You better deliver that package right away and inform Prof. Juniper about this too. Do you know anything about the person who made that speech?"

"All I know is that his name is Ghetsis and he is part of this group called Team Plasma. Do you want me to keep an eye on them after talking to Prof. Juniper?" The trainer asked. "This group could be a threat to the Pokemon world later on."

"Team Plasma? Hmm...I'll do some research on them and yes. You should probably keep a close eye on them. I will be sending someone to help you out on this assignment. Now go!" Prof. Oak ordered. The young female was about to protest on the idea of having someone helping her out, but Prof. Oak stopped her. "I'm counting on you...Blue!"

With that been said, the trainer named Blue turned off the xtransceiver and ran towards Profesor Juniper's lab. She had no time to waste.

"What a drag. I was planning to go shopping after I finished doing this task. Now I have to keep an eye on some people who really have no taste in fashion. I'm wondering who Prof. Oak is going to send to assist me." Blue's mind started to trail off. Little did she know that this mission was going to change her live in a way she never expected it to change.