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Chapter 4:

Reed, Ben and I were all waiting in the launch facility locker room, unpacking our things and making various personal preparations. Reed was, of course, sitting in a chair by a small table, with his laptop and some papers were laid out in front of him. Just like him to still be working just before the launch. I rolled my eyes at him. Ben was putting his stuff in a locker, currently looking through a notebook/diary of his. I was sat on what I believed to be some kind of radiator, although it didn't seem to be on, so I'd naturally perched on top on the large rectangular surface to read. I didn't really have anything to do if I was honest. I wasn't vitally needed on this mission; I was mainly there to keep Reed focused and keep an eye on whatever he said needed checking. Also, I'd bugged Reed until he'd let me come. I mean a chance to go into space, as an astronomer was something I couldn't miss out on. So there I was, sat on a radiator, reading a book whilst the other two did anything that needed doing.

'Captain on the bridge!' came a voice from the door. I glanced up, confused, as Ben's training kicked in and he stood to attention. This was followed by a bright flash, causing me to blink slightly, and a man walked in the door. I guessed this must be the close up version of Johnny Storm that held a camera in his hands and a cheeky grin on his face. 'Digital camera: $254. Memory stick: $59. The look on your hard-ass former CO's face when he finds out he's your junior officer: priceless.' He continued, still grinning widely as he leant against the large table a foot beside me. Ben frowned, reaching to Johnny's neck quickly. Johnny flinched, before relaxing a little as Ben merely did up his zipper. I gave a small smile before returning to my book.

'Thank you, that's very kind.' Said Johnny, the smirk still obvious in his voice.

'I can handle this ship. I can even handle Mr. Blonde Ambition here,' said Ben. I gave a small snort of laughter before he continued, 'but I don't know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits! I mean who came up with these?'

'Victor did.' Came another voice from the door. I looked up to smile at Susan, who walked in holding three grey suits, that I presumed would go over the top of the other ones. 'The synthetics act as a second skin, adapting to your individual needs.' I glanced down at the blue suit that I, like Susan and Johnny, was already wearing, tugging the fabric a little.

'That means it keeps the hot stuff hot, and the cool stuff cool.' Johnny said, demonstrating with his hands for Ben and talking to him like he was three. Ben narrowed his eyes at him a little before turning back to his locker.

'Cool.' I mumbled, before returning once again to my book, a few locks of hair falling into my face that had escaped my ponytail.

'Hello.' I heard Johnny mumbled, as he appeared to notice me for the first time, before he grabbed a chair and dragged it beside me. He sat down on it backwards, his arms resting across the back of the seat as his leant his chin on them and began staring at me.

'Wow. Fantastic.' I heard Reed say. I glanced up again; ignoring Johnny and watching Reed walk over the Susan, staring at her. Was he actually checking her out? Well, good for the guy, finally be a little bit normal. Then he ruined it.

'Material made from self-regulating unstable molecules. I've been working on a formula for this!' He said with excitement, taking Ben's suit out of his hand and examining it, wandering back to his seat. I sighed, seeing Susan's face grow a little hurt. Same old Reed.

'Great minds think alike.' She said. After a moment, she began handing out the grey flight suits to each of us. Ben thanked her, and they shared a smile. She rolled her eyes at Johnny, before hitting him in the face with his and then handing me mine with another smile. I returned it, smirking at Johnny's disgruntled face as she walked away and threw Reed's at him as she passed. He raised an eyebrow at me, as I got up and put my book away in the locker next to Ben's. I could feel his eyes on me, but chose to ignore them, as I began to change into the flight suit. I pulled on the trousers before zipping up my blue suit and pulling my arms into the sleeves, before I shut the locker and turned to find that Johnny had changed surprisingly quickly, and was indeed looking at me. I glanced sideways before giving him a yes? smile and following after Ben and Reed out of the door. He hurried after me, catching up as we began walking down the corridor. I jumped a little as he appeared beside me, before shaking my head a bit and looking ahead.

'So...' He began, leaning into my ear a bit to do so, as I sighed, 'you must be this astro-physicist Sue was telling me about.' He gave me another cheeky smile, which I couldn't help but smile back at a little.

'Yes. Is there anything I can help you with?' I said, as we turned a corner.

'Well, yes actually,' he said, his voice becoming serious. I turned to look at him inquisitively, and he clasped his hands together, keeping both index fingers pressed together, placing them on his chin, 'I've been looking for this phone number, and I can't seem to find it. I was thinking that maybe you could help me? Or maybe you have it?' he continued, parting his hands questioningly on the last part. I sighed, my face returning to a smile as I continued on up the corridor.

'It's a gold star for effort, Johnny, but I'm afraid it's a no on the phone number.' I said, as he once again caught up to me.

'Okay, okay, well what about a name then? At least give me that honour.' He said. I chuckled, shaking my head again and slowing down to step in front of him.

'It's Robyn Blake.' I said, giving him a smile before skipping ahead to catch up with Reed and Ben, calling behind me 'Now come on Mr Pilot, you're probably needed!'


Once we'd docked at the space station, I was full of energy and excitement. I took the flight case Reed handed me happily, bubbling at the thought that we were actually in space right now. A life-long dream come true. I bounced ahead of everyone down the passage way in front of us, Victor following with nothing but a clipboard, then the others. I spun around a little as I walked; doing a strange kind of skippy, dance with my feet as I went, until I walked by a large window. I stopped dead, then reversed a few steps and turned to look out at the Earth. Victor walked past me, scribbling something on his clipboard and ignoring me completely. I did likewise, I was in such awe to start with that I just stood there, my mouth open a little, before I ran up to it like a kid and put down the case, pressing my hands to the glass.

'Wow.' I said, not being able to think of anything else that was appropriate. I heard a chuckle behind me, but didn't turn to see who it was. I was too trans-fixed on the view in front of me. I guessed it was Ben, seeing as it was too low a pitch to be anyone else.

'If you behave, maybe next time daddy'll let you drive.' I heard Johnny taunt Ben in a kind of dad voice.

'Keep talking like that and there won't be a next time.' Ben warned him in return as they past me. 'Come on kiddo, better get a move on.' He said, putting a hand on my shoulder. I sighed, letting my hands drop, picked up the case and began walking with Ben. Once we'd reached the main section of the station, I placed the flight case on the floor with the others and leant on the railing. Reed appeared beside me, looking around and putting his case next to me.

'We can monitor the clouds approach and observe the tests from here.' Said Sue, tapping a code into one of the computers attached to the wall. Ben walked over to Reed and I, unzipping his jacket.

'Is it safe?' He said.

'The shields on the station should protect us.' Reed answered. Ben looked at him quizzically.

'Should? Should doesn't make me feel safe Reed.' Ben said, folding his arms. Victor wandered over to us lazily, leaning on the rail a few feet away.

'What's wrong Ben? Eighty million dollars worth of equipment not enough for you?' He said, raising an eyebrow and giving him a false smile. Ben turned to him and the tension between the two suddenly rose. Reed had the foresight to interject.

'Let's start loading those samples. Get your suit ready Ben.' He said, and I stood up to follow him.

'I'll help.' I said, smiling. We had begun to walk to the door when Victor's cocky voice came from behind us.

'So you still do all the heavy lifting?' Ben halted, almost causing me to walk into him, and we both looked back. Victor was smirking as Ben, before he addressed Reed.

'Maybe you should have stayed back in the lab. Field work never suited you.' He said, causing Ben to stride forwards and stand just in front of Reed, who was doing nothing to defend himself.

'He does the talking, I do the walking. Got it?' he said, the threat obvious in his voice. I widened my eyes a little, as I turned away to the side, rubbed my neck. This was getting serious.

'So take a walk.' Victor challenged, and I turned back, walking quickly forwards to grab one of Ben's tense arms and pulling him back a little.

'Come on.' I said quietly, as I coaxed him away. He continued to stare at Victor angrily before he submitted, who was still smirking at him, bathing in his unworthy victory.

'Actually, I'd like to borrow Susan for a moment, if you don't mind.' He said, straightening up and looking at the aforementioned woman. I could almost feel Reed's awkwardness as I kept a firm hold of Ben.

'Of course.' Said Reed, before following after us, and leaving Victor and Susan alone. Reed went off to check what data we were picking up, which I knew would occupy him for a couple of hours at least, knowing how he'd get sucked into it. So, Ben and I continued towards the airlock, to find Johnny already there, facing away from us and typing away at the controls. I let go of Ben and picked up his space suit from the container.

'Come on Benny boy, let's get you out there.' I said, beginning to haul it over. Johnny looked up at the sound of my voice and smiled, walking over to join me, grabbing the helmet from the side.

'Let me give you a hand.' He said, giving me a dazzling smile. Woah I thought, trying my best to smile back and look normal. We got Ben into his suit in a few minutes, Johnny's hand 'accidently' catching mine a few times, and I went over to the controls to set up the machine that would report the results of the experiment, whilst Johnny finished connecting up some pipes and catches on Ben.

'Please tell me your guy's not trying to rekindle things with my sister.' Johnny asked Ben, sounding fairly unhappy about the situation. I walked over to get the plant specimens, checking the containers a final time to make sure they were secure.

'Course not. Strictly business.' Ben replied, as Johnny tapped a code into the wrist of his suit.

'Yeah, well his eyes say different.' Johnny countered, raising an eyebrow as I walked over with the plants and tether.

'Hey,' said Ben, stopping Johnny's hand with his own and looking at him seriously, 'two hearts got busted last time. Maybe she's not over it either.' There was a moment when I thought Johnny might actually take it as seriously as Ben said it, his eyebrows going up a little.

'Wow Dr. Phil, that's deep.' He said, as I rolled my eyes at him and Ben sighed, releasing his hand. 'Well, let's see: you got Victor- oh, thank you sweetheart,' he began, taking the plants from me with a wink, whilst I sighed with a smile and clipped them onto Ben's suit. They walked to the door and I went back to the computer. 'Anyway, you got Victor, stud of the year, more money than God, or you got Reed, world's dumbest smart guy, worth less than a postage stamp? Geez, that's a real toss up.' He continued. I raised an eyebrow and Ben shook his head inside the helmet.

'I resent that.' I muttered, as they stepped into the airlock, and Johnny handed Ben the plants, before stepping back through.

'Don't trouble your tiny little mind.' Said Ben.

'Don't wonder off now boy.' Joked Johnny, as I shook my head and shut the inner doors, shutting Ben off from us, before pushing the button for the outer doors, then joining Johnny to watch Ben go. As they opened, I breathed in and smiled, still in awe of the beauty that was space. Johnny gave a mock salute. I glanced at him before giving a proper salute, stamping my foot and stiffening my arm, holding it in place until Ben returned it, smiling. I dropped my arm and smiled, giving him a little wave. He turned around gliding out of the doors. I gave a small sigh of jealousy, before walking back to the controls. I glanced up to see Johnny still standing by the portal, looking at me questioningly with his arms folded.

'What?' I asked, half smiling so he couldn't see, as I turned back to the monitors. He began to walk over.

'What was that? The salute, and stamping and everything?' He asked, acting it out. He was standing about a foot away, with an adorable confused face. I chuckled lightly.

'Oh, right. I was in the British Army for a few years, that's all.' I said, turning to him and leaning my back on the desk.

'Ahh, so you're an ex-army chick? Gotta say, that's pretty hot.' He said, walking slowly closer before joining me against the desk and saying the last part quietly in my ear, causing me to shiver. I folded my arms across my chest quickly, as if that would somehow cover up the goose bumps. I took a small breath and stood up, turning back to the monitors. I tried to focus on the screens, pushing a few buttons and switches to check some data. Johnny stood up and sighed, sounding exasperated.

'No no no, what are you doing?' he said from behind me. I frowned in confusion, and turned my head to look at him. He was stood with his arms folded again, but before I could say anything he rolled his eyes and stepped closer, his torso pressing against my back and slipping his arms over mine. My cheeks went bright red as he took my hands in his own, his chin on my shoulder.

'Look, this is how to work these controls with some class.' He said, as I laughed at not only what he said but the corniness of the line. It was strange though. It was actually quite comforting having him so close.

'Really, Johnny? I thought you could only get away with this in some kind of sport.' I said, still laughing as he made my hands operate the controls. My face was burning, which was a little strange, as blushing wasn't something I did very often. He grinned and let me go reluctantly.

'Yeah, I suppose. But I reckon I made it work.' He said, giving me another cheeky grin. I stared at him for a moment, smiling like an idiot, before coming to my senses and looking away. I pressed two more buttons, and looked at the monitors before walking to stand in front of the inner doors. I leant my back on the cool glass, allowing my head to loll and rest there too. I breathed deeply for a moment, taking a minute to myself, before I heard running footsteps and Reed's voice. I opened my eyes to see him pelting down the corridor towards me, before grabbing a radio headset and standing beside me at the doors.

'Ben, you need to get back in here now!' he demanded. Johnny and I exchanged a look of confusion, before I turned and saw the cloud, my mouth dropping open. Johnny joined us, standing the other side of Reed and his reaction was much the same. I yanked on my own headset, which was hanging around my neck, and listened for Ben.

'I ain't done arranging your flowers, egghead.' Ben replied, the smile clear in his voice.

'Ben, this is not a joke. Turn around.' Reed replied. We all watched as Ben obeyed Reed, and saw the storm.

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