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Speedy and robin stood on the platform. "And today is the start of the Teen titan Olympics. The first event will be between Speedy and Robin for the best boy wonder. It will have three parts today, is part 1. It is an event in which must restrain themselves, from moving of their circle. And we will taunt them." Said the announcer. Robin was first to go. They put him in a room, and started the timer. They sent sounds, into the room, the windows, were one way, so he couldn't tell if the sounds were real or not. They started. Starfire stood behind the wall. "Robin I want a kiss. These strange men took me hear it's dark, help robin, help, I need your help." She said. She continued. She continued. And she continued, for ten whole minutes. Robin's eyes twitched and he had to use all of his willpower, to stay in his seat. However, he did not do so well on the next voice. "Hi robin," was all slade had to say. Robin jumped out of his seat, and broke through the window, like a crazy man, only to find a tape recorder going, "hi robin, hi robin, hi robin." He couldn't believe that he probably lost this event because of Slade. Speedy was sat down in his seat. He thought he would do pretty well at this, since he was used to Zoning Bee out. The first voice was simply aqualad, who continued to Say" I love tacos with extra dolphin meat." Speedy was tempted to get up, but much like Robin, keep his cool, but had to use all his willpower. The next voice was something speedy hated Justin bieber's music. "Baby baby baby oh," Speedy Couldn't stand it, he jumped through the window, instead of using the door. However in this case it was understandable. Now the two stood on the awards platform. They were waiting to hear the winner called out. They had been told that it was close. They had been told that the loser lasted 10 min and 10 seconds, and the winner had lasted 10 min and 11 seconds. " the announcer then announced who won "and the winner of the first event is is theā€¦

That's right guys, I finally decided to through a cliff hanger in a story. So what did you think, please be honest. Also vote for who you think won.