The first thing that Zeus saw was two enormous golden eyes, brimming with tears.

At the time, he didn't know that the leaky liquid was tears. It was nothing, anyways, compared to what was around him. After so many days in darkness, finally, light!

The two enormous golden eyes were fixed on a pale, smooth face, with a delicate nose, and full lips. The woman-it had to be a woman—was incredibly beautiful, with long, flowing golden hair that seemed to be everywhere. It looked nice, so Zeus grabbed a few strands with his tiny hands.

The woman suddenly smiled, and brought him closer. Zeus heard her say something. He didn't understand. "My little boy," she whispered, her voice sounding like honey. "My poor little boy, who is about to face a terrible fate." Her golden orbs suddenly began to glisten and more of that leaky liquid flowed out of them. Without knowing why, Zeus suddenly felt sad too. Even though he only knew this woman for a few minutes, he would do anything to see her happy. He started to cry, too. Maybe she'll feel better? Her voice sounded vaguely familiar, like from a past memory that was half-forgotten. The woman, Zeus realized suddenly, was his mother.

His mother seemed to realize that he was crying, too. She immediately wiped her tears away, and said, "No, I must stop crying. This time, I have a plan. This time, I won't stand by and watch as another one of my children get swallowed by him." She looked down at him tenderly, and Zeus felt safe and happy. She wasn't so sad anymore, which was good. "I shall call you Zeus. And you shall be my last child. May Gaia protect you." She broke down again. The words seemed final, like a goodbye.

Another voice, belonging to a younger woman, spoke up. "I know you are feeling very distressed and heartbroken right now, my queen, but the king is about to come soon. We must act quickly before he takes Zeus away, too." She sounded distressed, but Zeus only cared about what his mother was feeling right now.

His mother sniffled, and then looked up. "Is the rock here?"

"Yes, it is here, my queen."

"Good. I just hope that he is too…eager to notice it." She looked down, her eyes even brighter, magnified by the tears. "And that means that it is time for me to give you away to Gaia. Goodbye, my dear child. I hope that we would reunite one day, under better circumstances." She trembled a little, and the younger woman reached out her arms and his mother hesitated a little before handing him over, then looking away. Zeus didn't know much, but he knew that something bad is going to happen soon. He didn't like a stranger holding him, so he stretched his tiny arms out to his mother and cried out, hoping that she would take him back.

But this seemed to make her more anguished, because she began to sob, and shout, "Take him away! Take him to the back entrance and hand him to Gaia!"

The woman nodded and took Zeus away; leaving the last image that Zeus saw in the room was of his mother crying into a pillow.

Rhea managed to compose herself after Zeus was gone. It had only seemed a second ago that he was in her arms, but he is gone now, to wherever Gaia had taken him, and for the greater good for all of them.

How did this happen? She wondered, as she turned to a small cupboard next to the bed. How did all of my children get taken away from me? She opened the cupboard and pulled out a bundle wrapped in swaddling clothes.

She could hear him now, walking down the hall to the birthing room. She closed the cupboard and held the bundle to herself, pretending to nurse it. It was a poor substitute, but it would have to do.

He walked in, and Rhea looked up. She was used to this now, because she had done this five times. She held the bundle up to him wordlessly, and he snatched it away from her. She watched, completely detached, as he held it close to his mouth as if he was about to kiss it, and then opened his mouth far wider than any normal human could, and swallowed it in one big gulp.

The first time, when their first girl had been born, Rhea had screamed. She had tried to take the girl back, but he pushed her back roughly. Now, after four more children, it was like she was watching it happen to someone else.

This was easier than I thought, she mused, as he smirked and simply walked out of the room, without any words. He didn't even notice that the bundle was cold.

Zeus was bawling when they reached the door. The woman still didn't give him back yet, and she didn't seem to be listening to him. She had just ran down the hall and turned to go to a very green place, with the smell of something unfamiliar but pleasant in the air.

In the middle of the green place was a woman sitting on a bench. Her back was facing them, so Zeus could only see her hair, which definitely different from his mother's. It was a pale color and there seemed to be green vines growing from it, as well as a lot of flowers and leaves and even some branches with fruit.

The woman holding him stopped a few feet away. Zeus had quieted down because of his curiosity. Even at a few minutes old he could tell that this woman was not to be trifled with. It was a long time before the woman turned around.

Zeus almost started to cry again, because she looked so much like his mother, with the same features and expression. She stood up and walked towards them. She had a slim figure, and her clothes seemed to be made of leaves, flowers, and shifting mud. But for someone wearing mud, she walked like she was wearing fine silk and jewels.

The younger woman bowed. "Mother Gaia." Gaia nodded and she straightened.

"Hand him over." Gaia said. Her voice also sounded like honey, but there was something else underneath it, like rocks. Zeus felt even more uncomfortable already. He did not like this woman very much.

Zeus was distracted by a couple of blue flying things when he felt a different set of arms encircling him. He looked up and thought that it was his mother, but the eyes were different. Instead of gold, they were dark green.

"Come, my little champion. It is time to begin training for your destiny." She smiled, but it made Zeus shiver. He looked down to avoid looking at her and realized the bottom part of her was connected to the ground, where grass was growing over her dress.

Is everybody like that? He wondered before he felt the earth swallow him, taking him to the cave where he would be living for the next twelve years.

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