Zeus had his first dream vision with Gaia.

She was standing in the middle of a huge courtyard. It looked like someone's backyard. It had tall stone archways, trellises with vines and vines of growing flowers, and a large stone fountain with a statue of some man with a scythe. The statue made him feel ominous, though he wasn't sure why.

Gaia smiled at him. She was in a different form this time. She looked much younger, like a woman in her twenties, though Zeus knew she was ageless. She was extremely tall, had long green hair with flowers and leaves that seemed to be growing out of it, green eyes that seemed motherly and menacing at the same time, and was wearing a long form-fitting white dress with green spiral designs that covered her feet, making it seem like her feet was in the ground. Zeus was terrified.

"Why, hello Zeus!" she said. Her voice was strange. It seemed both high and low at the same time. It seemed to resonate throughout the entire world, even though this was only a dream. It took a moment for Zeus to realize that the air was filled with that sickly sweet smell of earth. "It has been quite a while since we've talked, isn't it?"

Zeus suddenly felt extremely annoyed. "Yeah, it has been!" he snapped. "I've waited for a sign from you for weeks, and then all of a sudden some crazy fish-girl with magic powder comes out of nowhere, and now she-and apparently you-expects me to just go charging into Cronus's palace and go rescue my siblings-without training! I think you need to make more time for talking, lady!" Zeus realized he was being rude to one of the oldest deities in the world but he didn't care. He was through being treated like a pawn.

To his surprise, Gaia laughed. It was a nice sound, like birds chirping or something like that. "Oh, Zeus. You still manage to make me laugh." she thought of something and burst into giggles again. "You're lucky Metis had her own dream or she would've strangled you for calling her a 'fish girl' !"

Zeus found her giggles both melodic and annoying. He wondered what Gaia was talking to Metis about. He hoped she was annoying Metis as much she was annoying him.

Gaia finally stopped giggling and looked composed again. "For your information, Zeus, Metis would be a very useful ally in your quest. She is one of the wisest goddesses you'll ever meet—that's why her name means wisdom—and you'd just have to get used to her. After all, in the future, you might have to spend a lot more time with her than you think!" She winked at him meaningfully and Zeus found that his face was very hot all of a sudden.

"Are you saying that I have to marry her in the future?" Zeus can barely comprehend kissing let alone marriage. He tried to imagine spending the rest of his immortal life with Metis, being bossed around by her forever. It was not a nice thought.

Gaia looked a bit sad what he had just said, like it stirred up unpleasant memories. "Perhaps, but the future is rarely clear. But that isn't what I'm going to tell you about. You must move to a new place."

Zeus gasped. "Why? We took care of those soldiers! They won't be coming back."

Gaia shook her head. "Not them. A bigger group, one less human, would be coming to hunt you. You would not escape so easily. My hold on this mountain is not very strong anymore, and they would find you easily. You must hide."

"Where?" Zeus demanded. He could not think about leaving Mount Ida, and he didn't think there was anywhere in the world where they could escape from Cronus.

"In one of my secret groves." Gaia replied. "There is one hidden in the forest near the my oracle. You must go there after you rescue your siblings. Don't worry, it wouldn't let an enemy in."

"Oh…okay, and where's the Oracle?" Zeus asked.

"You don't really go out much, do you?" Gaia remarked. "Metis will tell you where it is. Just say your name to the willow tree and you can enter."

Zeus was about to say that there would probably a thousand willow trees in a forest and how was he supposed to know which one is it when Gaia said, "Goodbye, and good luck Zeus!"

Then he woke up.

The first he saw when he woke up was something wet and smelled like goat.

"Gah!" Zeus yelled, jumping up. Amalthea's head had been right above his and Zeus was pretty sure her lips was right above his.

"Good morning!" Metis yelled from the door. "Did we give you a surprise?" She seemed too cheery for someone who had been visited by Gaia in a dream.

"Yeah, you did." Zeus glared, secretly grateful that he didn't sleep naked. "Some people actually want to sleep, you know."

"Laziness is not a good trait for a ruler." Metis replied, walking in. "You should learn to wake up early to practice your fighting skills."

Zeus slipped on his clothes, still feeling self-conscious that there was a girl who wasn't Addie in his home. "I don't have any."

Metis gasped. "You don't? Then how are you ever supposed to fight if you are in trouble." She seemed to be contemplating something. "When we get to Othrys, I'll find someone who can teach you."

The world Othrys reminded him of his dream. He told Metis about it, leaving out the part about them getting married. That was just too creepy to talk about, even thinking it in his head.

Metis seemed to be mentally taking this information down. "I know where the Oracle of Gaia and the forest is, I can take you there. But it is at least a day or two away, and we don't have much time, judging by the time these creatures would arrive." She thought for a moment. "I know! You and Addie can stay in the Palace of Oceanus for a while. No one would dare attack my father's palace, but Cronus might be desperate enough to do that. Still, it would be a safe haven until we get to the Oracle and begin our plan."

"You have a plan?" Zeus asked. But he was distracted by the thoughts of going underwater. Metis did not account for the fact that they couldn't breathe underwater like she could.

Metis smile proudly. "Yes, I thought of it in my dream with Gaia. It could work, but it's risky."

"Are you going to tell me about it?" Zeus asked.

"No." Metis said. "But you're going to play a big part in it. Now let's go for breakfast and try to convince Addie to leave."

It was surprisingly easy, especially after they told her about the army. And then Addie started to fret about what to pack and how they were going to get to the edge of the forest to the river in one day. And then Metis told them her plan.

Zeus's first thought was, "No way."

"Are you kidding me? You can't ask me to do that!" The idea of it made him feel slightly nauseous. This was somehow worse than getting killed. It was humiliating!

"Oh, come on, Zeus, don't be such a baby." Metis was trying—and failing—to make him feel better, because she kept smiling. "It's just a costume. And we all have to sacrifice for the greater good."

"And besides," Addie chimed in. "You could make a good girl, Zeus. You have your mother's face. And remember those dancing lessons you took with the nymphs?" She leaned in towards Metis and whispered something, and then they both giggled.

Great, Zeus thought. They are now sharing some sort of girl bond. Now they are both in on this.

"I'm still not doing it. And besides, how are we going to get their bodies all the way to the oracle?" Zeus crossed his arms.

"I'll just call some people I know to help us." Metis stared hard at him. "Come on, Zeus. You have to do this. I can't do it, because Cronus knows my face. But he doesn't know yours, because those soldiers' memories are a bit scrambled up right now, because of that powder. This is the only way you can free your siblings. Besides, don't you want to see your mother?"

That hit home. Zeus wanted to see his mother more than anything. He sighed, making up his mind.

"Okay, I'll do it. But don't put any makeup on me."

The following afternoon they packed all the things that were light enough to carry. Zeus tucked his golden ball into his sack, relieved to see that it wasn't as heavy as it feels.

They said goodbye to the nymphs and the Kouretes. They all promised to distract the army as long as possible, and Zeus thought with a sinking heart if he would ever see them again. He silently prayed to Gaia that they would be protected.

And so the four—including the goat—set out west, towards the ocean, knowing their lives were about to be changed forever.

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