Inuyasha physically pulsed in heated anger. Why did Kagome have to work at a bar again? Why did she have to wait on so many disgusting idiots? Why did she have to wear such a…delicious… He shook his head from his wandering thoughts as a strangled squeal was heard behind him from a whorish female. Why did she have to wear a bunny-nurse cosplay?!

He wished she'd take the night off every now and then, so he could take a break from biting off every single asshole's head that tried to come onto her. He looked over to his tiny girlfriend; she was too cute for her own good. Her height so tiny, her body just perfect, her personality, so warm. No wonder she always seemed to get 'molested'. Though all that ever ACTUALLY happened was a few brush-ups that never got any further but of course to InuYasha THAT WAS molestation.

He was an overly jealous half-demon that didn't enjoy what was his being touched, and whenever it seemed like a male even laid a hand on his female, he was right by her side; telling the bastard that dared touch what was his to fuck off. It had yet to result in the Inu kicking anyone's ass, but lately it seemed to be getting worse. Every night men seemed to make a beeline to her section of the bar where she waits on the customers, her smile drawing anyone in as she did her job- it pisses him off beyond belief.

Even girls hit on her; but his little ningen always gets nervous and politely excuses herself, sending another waiter to wait on them as for males. She seemed to be having to do that a lot lately now that he though about it, this caused him to verbally growl to himself- making the drunken male next to him flinch and all but fall out of his chair.

Kagome walked around in her black nurse uniform, her white bunny ears flopping with her movement- almost as if they were as real as her hanyou's own ears that sit atop his head. She was finally on her last shift and beginning to serve her last set of beer when she felt a hand caress her back...down presumably- over her ass to her shapely thighs. She laughed nervously and moved away from the touch. It was a obviously drunk male with short black hair and purple eyes. His flirtatious grin sending her on edge. She had never been touched so boldly before and certainly not on her rear, sure some males have tried to touch her chest, which was easily deflected- but they never went for her backside...much less when her hands were full and she was setting their orders down.

"Miroku! Leave the girl alone." The 'molester's' boyish friend laughed at the sudden grope. He had long dark black hair and sapphire eyes that seemed to never end- his skin tone was tan which matched his sporty look nicely, however he didn't seem any more sober than his friend. Kagome smiled anxiously, nodding as she readied to excuse herself. The the male who had yelled to 'Miroku' gripped her wrist and pulled her into his lap.

"Why don't you join us though?" she could hear the grin in his voice and it caused her heart to leap in panic, once again this had never happened to her- she had never come across such tenacious customers. "U-um, no I need to go, my shift is over, s-so please excuse me…" Her apposer gripped her tighter against his chest. "But that's no fun, just play with us until the night's over." He whispered huskily in her ear, trailing a finger up her creamy arm. His suggestive tone didn't go un-noticed by her and she almost yelped when he touched her. She contained her revulsion at being touched once again by someone who wasn't her boyfriend of many years and instead squirmed when that didn't work she bit her bottom lip.

Kagome was getting nervous if Inuyasha saw this..."P-Please let me go.." she stuttered and turned her head to stare pleadingly at the man who held her captive. He seemed to be enjoying this, and her small frame would be no match for these two drunks. If they intended to take her somewhere against her will the most she'd be able to do was wiggle and scream. Miroku chuckled, seeing the small waitress's discomfort. "Kouga stop messing with the girl." The wolf demon grinned in reply. It seemed Kagome's pleading did nothing but make him more set towards taking her home with him. "No, I think I'll continue, she's just so cute-"

Kagome was suddenly pulled out of Kouga's lap, her form easily lifted. She found herself back on the ground a second later, her wrist curled up against a hard chest. Inuyasha hugged her to his side tightly, glaring at the males that dared to even put a hand on his girlfriend let alone force her into his lap. When he hadn't seen her walk around the bar for a while he thought maybe she was done early but then saw these two depressing wastes of space antagonizing his onna.

His hands were trembling, most likely with barely contained anger. "Who the fuck do you think you are to just pull MY girlfriend into your fucking lap or even lay a disgusting hand on her?! She didn't want you touch her yet you continued, fuck off assholes! Kagome is mine and even if she wasn't who are you to force her into such a position!?" Kagome nuzzled her face into Inuyasha shoulder, the affection seemed to calm him the slightest but not enough to stop him from biting these guy's heads off and yelling some colorful words.

Kouga growled at the challenge and stood up to get into Inuyasha face. "I don't see any mark on her neck. I don't smell your scent merged with hers. I. DON'T. SEE. CLAIM." The wolf demon barked back. Inuyasha's chest rose big with his intake of breathe. As the inu was about to throw blows Kagome interrupted. "We'll be mated you need to please stop fighting with my future mate over me when there was no way you stood a chance."

Inuyasha's eyes widened as he looked down to his tiny girlfriend. Disbelief showing in his eyes before his amber eyes shimmered with love and he smirked back up at the male who dared challenge him. Kouga scoffed and turned on his heel to walk out with Miroku. They clearly had been bested so no use of staying to be further humiliated- most likely the beer had drunken them so badly that they acted out of character.


Inuyasha took Kagome to the room she usually changed in and waited outside. Once she was finished and in her normal jeans and tank top, they walked out of the bar he'd come to hate. Moving around the corner to the parking lot they slipped into his 2010 black mustang and began to drive to his apartment. He knew she was only working that job to try and get money for college entry fees but he wished she'd get a more safe job...the bar DID pay the most in the city however, but he'd prefer she take forever to get the money for college then work another day at that stupid bar.

"Inuyasha are you ok? You're not still mad are you?" Kagome brought him out of his own thoughts, the worry in her voice immediately calmed him and he kissed his future mate's forehead.

"No, I know you were trying to leave; I saw you trying to move away. And you just claimed me as your mate, so we're going to have to make it official, the reason i never brought it up was because i thought you weren't ready... but now that you pretty much agreed to it its about time I mark you so it's evident you belong to me."

Kagome smiled softly. "That sounds better then you always having to protect me every single night. It was scary tonight, I thought you were going to get in a fight.." the tiny onna said with furrowed brows as she stared at her fingers that moved nervously from the memory. Inuyasha placed his clawed hand on his ningen's tiny fidgeting ones.

"Kagome it's ok, nothing bad happened." She nodded slowly then smiled at her half-demon. They made it up to the apartment they shared and began to strip, both intending to slip into the shower. When they realized they both were naked they blinked dumbfounded. Kagome broke the silence and scratched behind her head nervously. "You can have it first…" She smiled nervously. She began bending down to slip her pants back up when smooth, calloused hands griped her from behind at her hips. The tiny onna was pulled back against a hard chest, her bare ass rubbing against a hard and hot area from her future mate. She bit her lip when she understood what was rubbing against her tiny form.

"Kagome…you said we would be mated soon…join me in the shower." His raspy voice whispered into her ear. Kagome felt the bridge of her nose and cheeks heat up, a chill raced down her back and she murmured a small yet shy. "Okay…"

Soon they were in the shower; Kagome slipped in first, rinsing her body before beginning to scrub herself with the sponge once soap was on it. She moved the sponge over her shoulders and tilted her head back to wash her neck. The innocent move of self-cleansing caused Inuyasha to fidget. Her hands were suddenly stopped in the process of washing her body when Inuyasha came closer to her. His thick member was still hard and pressing against her hip. She squeezed her mouth shut to stop from 'eeping'.

"Let me wash your back…" was all she heard before the sponge was taken from her tiny hands and scrubbing softly against her back. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut, the circle movements Inuyasha was using to scrub her back weren't 'cleaning' ones, they felt more sensual. Suddenly she was pushed forward into the shower wall, her hands flying forward to stop from being pushed face first. Inuyasha couldn't take it anymore; his tiny little onna was in front of him. Bare, soaked, vulnerable, ready for the taking.

Clawed hands trailed from his onna's hip, up her curved waist, to her right breast. When the tiny ningen felt the grope to her right mound she arched into the touch, biting her lip and turning her head away to the left. Inuyasha licked his lips, his female's reactions were delicious and oh-so innocent he almost grinned ferally. His member throbbed, causing him to thrust forward involuntarily.

Kagome shivered when she felt her pursuer's hard member rub against her ass once more, this time more forceful and needy. The ningen looked behind her shoulder to the male that was continuing to make her very hot and bothered. The slick water that rained down on them did nothing to hide her hanyou's handsome face. Inuyasha's expression was in complete concentration- his eyes roaming over her bare back and ass with lust and need.

His fingers tweaked the unsuspecting onna's nipple who in return let out a mewl and squeezed her legs together as much as she could. The position she was in made It hard to close herself from the male who growled in disapproval at her movement. Inuyasha was going to make her his tonight, and he would see everything. She would cry out for him and forever only him.

As punishment for trying to hide her beautiful body from him the demon grabbed his onna's thighs and spread them apart, gripping his throbbing and hard member as he began to slide it back and forth over his mate's entrance. Kagome shivered and moaned at the teasing action, her face heating up and she whined. Inuyasha hunched over his mate at her erotic cry and he all but clawed at her thighs that filled his hand so deliciously as his slipping control slipped even further.

"I-InuYasha..." She panted, and he couldnt contain himself. He turned her around and pushed her against the tiles of the shower's walls. She gasped and arched as a certain hanyou began attacking her breasts with his hands and mouth. The shower-head's raining of hot water did nothing but make her blood all the more hot.

"A-Ah..Inu-" She tried to call out to him, but any sound she made only spurred him on. He knelt in front of her- then raised her legs. Kagome gasped as she was suddenly supported only by the wall and InuYasha's strength- when it should have been her legs that held her up. The sudden position in the air made her heart race and breathes become even more shallow then they already were. She gripped the bar that was along the wall which she always put her scrub on, and all but screamed to high kami when her hanyou began to eat her out.

InuYasha reveled in his mate's taste. She was sweet and tangy, and very lewd...even in the shower he could see how wet she was for him, her pussy all but begging for his cock. He continued to twirl his tongue around his onna's clit causing more cries from her... then she rolled her hips against him.

"God Kagome...don't do that..." He growled, and it traveled through the tiny female's body. In response Kagome cried out and rolled her hips again, causing InuYasha to grip her thighs tightly.

"Dammit Kagome don't do that..." He almost stopped, if it weren't for the fact he enjoyed her taste so much. The way she was grinding against his tongue was driving him crazy, he was set on pleasing her this way first before he took her virginity- but she was making that increasingly difficult.

"I-I can't..." she rolled her hips again and he all but rammed his cock inside her if he hadn't pushed his tongue inside her cavern instead. This caused his onna to scream and grip his head- fully depending on the wall and his strength to keep her up instead of her clapse she once had on the bar.

InuYasha groaned at her reaction and resumed his twirling tongue's motion on his mate's nether regions. He made sure to pay attention at both her entrance and pleasure bud. She quivered and twitched, never ceasing to stop mewling out for her mate and cry out in toe-curling pleasure whenever he suckled on her.

"A-Ah...I'm...I-I can't.." she barely manage to cry out before she came- clawing at her hanyou's hair and arching her back off the tiles of the shower while screaming out to kami.

The shower suddenly turned off and Kagome found herself in her half-demon's arms, being carried out into they're bedroom where he placed her on the bed, gently spreading her legs and continuing what he had started in the shower.

His large cock rubbed against her wet and waiting pussy, slowly, tortuously. She squirmed and wined in disapproval. She was barely coming down from her first orgasm and the thought of InuYasha ramming inside her seemed to only elicit more wetness from her.

"What is it Kagome? What do you want" he asked with a grin as he thrust forward roughly against his soon to be mate. The hard thrust caused Kagome to curl her toes and her face to flush prettily. His onna could be so shy, it drove him mad with lust in dominating her and making her act completely different form how she usually does.

"Inuyasha just finish what you started!" she practically screamed. Needing no further argument, the half-demon slowly began sliding his aching member into his small little ningen. He shivered and bit his lip when he felt her walls contract and slowly spread to accommodate his large shaft. Kagome gripped the bed sheets on the sides of her hips and squeezed her eyes shut.

It's too big… she cried out inside her head.

He's going to break me! She opened her eyes to look into Inuyasha's face. His teeth were clenched and sweat was dripping from the side of his brow as he struggled for control.

"K-Kagome.." he rasped. He bit his lip then suddenly rammed his larger than average cock into her tiny awaiting cavern. The onna arched and bit into her hanyou's shoulder from the sudden intrusion that was both pleasurable yet painful. Her leg's trembled and her heated entrance ached from being filled to the brim. Inuyasha held still, waiting for Kagome's walls to slowly relax and adjust to his abnormal size. He nipped at his female's neck.

"Kagome.. you feel so good…" he bit her ear as he whispered dirty things and sweet nothings into it, hoping to get her to become wetter- if possible - so her tiny pussy would finally be ready for his assault upon it. Kagome felt the pain ease away fairly quickly and she stared up at her love with half lidded eyes.

"You can...m-move now…" she whispered sensually.

Inuyasha felt his cock throb at the sentence- he shivered and slowly pulled out of her heated entrance, her walls sucking at him as if her pussy was reluctant to let his member leave- before pushing slowly back inside. He groaned and dropped his head into the crook of his female's neck.

"Kagome.." he rasped and groaned. Said girl slowly opened her eyes, her body trembling and shaking from the pleasure invoked on her from the half-demon above her. She understood why he kept calling out to her, he was losing control and was afraid that if he didn't hold back he'd hurt her.

"Please... Please, don't hold back.." Inuyasha's jerked slightly and he grunted, he couldn't deny her when she begged or asked, a simple question- or even favor - and he fell to her feet. He looked down at her and said seriously.

"Tell me... if I hurt you…" as the sentence barley passed through his lips he began ramming into his little onna. Shoving his large shaft to the brim of his mate's cavern only to pull out before repeating the action as before. Kagome wined and squirmed; her body reacting strongly to the hanyou above her as he breasts bounced from the force of each thrust.

Before long the male had spread his mate's legs wide and began to ram his cock in and out of his little mate hard and fast. He grunted as her walls began to contract around him, her climax nearing with every rough jerking thrust he assaulted his little ningen with. The knowledge that she would cum soon didn't soften his slamming or even slow his fast pace- he took her like she asked; hard, rough, and fast.

Grunting and letting out breathy groans passed against Kagome's ears, causing her to shiver and moan louder. She began thrusting up against her hanyou's thrusts that was shoved into her body as she craved to reach her climax. That familiar knot forming and driving her mad.

The onna gasped loudly from all her wines and moans, the signal that her climax had hit, she arched and cried out as Inuyasha continued to ram inside his mate, riding out her orgasm. She fell back onto the bed- panting and fidgeting. As his female tried to regain her composure, Inuyasha waited for her to relax before picking back up where he left off of, continuing to pound into his tiny mate. Kagome's eyes widened and she moaned. The after effects of her orgasm making the ningen far more sensitive the attention her hanyou was inflicting upon her small body.

Inuyasha grunted then growls began to erupt from his chest as he lost himself in his little female's body. He felt his balls tighten and his cock harden even more, shivering at the effect his ningen's tiny reactions and body had on him. She felt amazing. So wet and tight, she might as well had been choking his member.

Suddenly he rammed even rougher into his ningen then threw his head back and cried out, his climax hitting him hard as he held his mate closely to his body- having sent her into her own orgasm, his hot seed shot into his ningen's waiting body, a long groan escaped his lips as she held him in with her legs wrapped around his wait, and arms strewn tightly around his torso.

To finish the mating process he bit into his mate's neck..finally marking her as his. Kagome moaned and sighed as she was finally claimed by the one she loved, knowing she had to return the favor she also bite into InuYasha's neck, mirroring the mark he gave she herself. She licked the blood that spooled and was shocked at the bittersweet taste, licking her lips clean she sighed happily.

Having been totally satisfied, they both curled into bed and closed their eyes. Inuyasha brought Kagome into his chest, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tightly against his body as he nuzzled her hair that smelt of the shampoo from the shower even though she wasn't able to actually apply it.

Inuyasha didn't think anyone would be hitting on his mate anytime soon when she returned to work now. And if they did, he'd just kick their ass- because now there was no excuses.


So recently i kept getting reviews about the song 'Next Contestant' by Nickelback from Pm's and reviews, to be completely honest that's the song that made me want to write this piece of fanfiction. After hearing it i automatically fantasized about InuYasha being jealous over Koga's constant touchy actions towards Kagome.

To clear things up; that song inspired me to write this and i give it credit partially. I don't own Inuyasha or the inspiring song. I just own this fanfiction.