Walter White Dies A Horrible Painful Death A/N: First of all, I love Breaking Bad but I hate the second and third seasons so I decided I'll kill someone off if they're not going IS MY FIRST Breaking Bad FANFICTION!Evil Andy is the property of THE PETE PETERSON EXPERIENCE(me). Use him without permission and I'll have the Fanfiction administration gut you. You shitkicklickers. Turn back if you can't handle really really Really really really really really gory stories.

Walter White and Jesse were at the junkyard where the dead cars were buried.

"We gotta find my old car's grave. We need that meth. I lost it in teh trusnk, isn't that funny? i don't see you laffing bitch." Walter White said.

"Uh, dude. I need to tell you something."Jesse said.

"Save it for later Jesse. We need that meth to get high. We also need to break bad!"

"Sorry dude, this can't wait. but I got to go away. Far away." Jesse said. He saw a car charging at them.

"WHat?!" Walter White said.

Jesse jogged away. A car crashed into Walter White.

"Ow.." Walter White groveled in pain on the ground.

"AHAHAHHA!" Evil Inspector Andy said as he got out of his car

"Who are you? What're you doing here?" Walter White asked, mildly scared.

"What the fuck do you know my inner rage and pain and suffering, wanker?"

"I asked you first." Walter White added.

"You dumbass meth motherfucker." Andy said as he took out a switchblade and threw it at Walter White. It hit him squarley in the left arm. Blood gushed out. Walter White clutched his arm.

"Hey methhead, go get high by yourself in gay hell." Any said. He took out a saw and cut off Walter White's fingers on the bloody arm.

"Oh God." Walter White said as he looked at his lacerated fingers. Andy started to chuckle.

"Funny, I didn't think you believed in God." Andy said. Walter White fell back to the ground. Andy took out an ax.

"Any last words Walter White?"

"Yeah, fuck you." Walter White said, He didn't say much more as his head was decapitated by the ax. Blood spewed out of his corpse. Andy got in the boat and took the propeller and destroyed Headless Walter White's body. His body was torn up like a meat in a blender. Skylar White came rushing to the graveyard.

"Where's Walter White? she asked Andy.

"Your looking at his remains."

Skylar White looked at the ground and saw pieces of Walter White everywhere not to mention his decapitated head.

"You bastard." she said.

"Thank you. Andy said as he put the boat into the ocean and sped away."

The next day a small funeral was held for Walter White. Everyone was there except for Walter White who buried,

"I'm sad about what happened to Walter White." Jesse said after the funeral.

"Why did you do it Jesse?" Mike asked.

"Do what?" Jesse asked.

"Abandon Walter White. Why did you do it?"

"Listen here, I didn't have a choice. He was going to kill me. Now, tell me, dude, if someone was gonna kill you, you would abandon your best friend to save, yourself, right?" Jesse said angrily. But Mike didn't have an answer. He just stared off into the ocean.