OKAY! This isn't a story just a collection of one shots. Calling it shuffle because they're all inspired by a song and sometimes when i'm lacking inspiration I'm just going to stick my ipod on and see what comes to me :D Review and Enjoy!

Song- Crazy Love by Michael Buble (just fluffy)

Alice lay on her towel soaking up the rays. Danny lay propped up on his shoulder gazing at her adoringly, she was gorgeous. She fit right in in this beautiful scene. The sandy white beach, glaring sun and crystal blue sea.

"Danny, stop it." She said though he couldn't see her eyes from behind her big sunglasses.

"What?" he asked smiling.

"Stop watching me!" He laughed and sat up looking out across the water. They'd found a fairly quiet secluded spot for them to lie. Out from the shore he could see a couple of surfers. He looked back at Alice, it seemed like she had her eyes closed again.

He leant over her and pressed soft kisses to her bare stomach. He grinned as he heard her sharp intake of breath, and continued working his way up. "Danny!" she groaned as he kissed the sensitive spot on her neck, his teeth grazing the skin gently.

She pushed him onto his back taking him by surprise and sat she was straddling him. They laughed. Danny sat up so she now sat in his lap.

"You're beautiful." She blushed and looked down.

"Think you've had too much sun Mr Trevanion." He shook his head and kissed her lips softly her arms wrapped around his neck. They lay back again, Alice rest her head on his chest as he traced his fingers up and down her back. "We don't do this enough."

"What? Come to the beach?"

She laughed, "Well yes, but I meant me and you,getting away and just spending time together ...alone!" she added.

He chuckled, "I know."

They lay on the hot sand contentedly. Alice closed her eyes, unprepared for what happened next.

Danny looked down at Alice. She had her eyes closed, completely relaxed. He smirked. Timing was impeccable here. He readied himself.

She'd found her spot on his chest and felt herself getting even more relaxed when suddenly she was hoisted up.

"DANNY! NO!" she yelled realising his plan.

He laughed as he ran with her over his shoulder towards the water. He dropped her in and was howling with laughter as she resurfaced coughing and spluttering.

She was shaking her head, her face livid. "I cannot believe you just done that." He was still trying to control his laughing. She jumped on him pushing him over. Pretty soon, they were splashing each other. Alice laughed as Danny took her in his arms and kissed her.

"Ugh! You are unbelievable" Alice grumbled as she dried herself off. He was still chuckling away to himself as he done the same.

"You love me," he said and kissed her cheek.

She rolled her eyes, "You definitely take advantage of that Mr Trevanion."

He winked and gave her that sexy smile he knew she couldn't resist. "Come on, we can go a cheesy romantic walk along the sand."

She couldn't resist and smiled back at him quickly pulling on a pair of shorts. So they dumped their bags in the jeep and, hands clasped, strolled along the beach together talking about everything and anything that came to them.

"Love you Alice"

"I love you too."