Lonestar – I'm Already There

"Hello?" He heard that Scottish lilt he loved so much.

"Alice? It's me."

"Danny!" She exclaimed causing his heart to race.

"We've stopped in this little town, I managed to find a phone but I don't know how long I've got...how is everyone?" He said. He had a million things he wanted to say. A million things he wish he could. He didn't know where to begin.

"We're all fine. Everyone's missing you. I miss you." He could hear the emotion in her words.

"I miss you too. How have you be-" In the background he heard noise. "Kids?"

"Charlotte's just back from school, here she wants to talk to you."


"Hey sweetheart, how's school?"

"Boring obviously."

Danny laughed, "Just you stick in there."

"I will."

"How's that brother of yours?"

Charlotte's voice seemed to light up and he could just picture her grinning ear to ear looking just like her mum. "He's amazing, so funny. He grows so much everyday and I swear dad he's your double, green eyes and everything."

"haha, well you look after him for me, yeah?"


"And keep working hard at school Charlie, make me proud." He swallowed the large lump that clogged his throat.

"I promise I will. I miss you loads." Danny could hear her voice shaking too.

"Me too, I'll be home soon. I love you."

"Love you too, here's mum." Danny put his fist in his mouth to try and stop the tears as he heard her walk off.

"Hey Danny" He fought hard to keep it together. "Sweetheart? You ok?"

"I'm here...I'm fine."

"She misses you so much."

"Not as much as I miss her. How has she been getting on recently?"

"Back on track. Working hard. She says she can be a better vet than you."

"That's my girl. Are you-" Another crash came from down the line, "What on earth?"

"Oh God! Robert Daniel Trevanion!" Alice had turned her 'mum' voice on. "Your son is causing havoc. He's managed to pull every single book off the shelf." she said. "I swear turned my back for one minute." He laughed as the tears once again welled. "Robbie, want to talk to Daddy? Take this phone before you bring the whole house down around us." He heard Alice say.

Danny's breath caught as the little voice at the end of the phone spoke to him, "Hallo daddy."

"Hey trouble." he tried to keep his voice steady.

"Guess what Daddy?" Robert said excitedly, his cute little lisp even more pronounced.

"What is it?"

"Mummy took me out today and you know what we saw! We saw Hamley. He's a giraffe." Danny smiled as his son spoke a mile a minute down the phone filling him on every single detail. "Mum said Hamley's the most specialist animal in Leopard's Den. Is really he daddy?"

"He sure is!"

"He's my favourite. And so is Tula too."

"I like Tula as well." Danny said softly. "Will you tell them all I said hi?"

"Yepp... Daddy?" Robbie asked questioningly.

"Yeah son?"

"Why you not coming home yet?"

Every time he called Danny dreaded this moment. When he had to tell Robert he'd be home soon when really he had no idea whether it's be days, months, weeks, years even. "I'll be home as soon as I can Robbie."

"Can you take me to see the lions when you're home?"

"Yeah, I promise."

"Ok, miss you daddy."

The tears rolled down his cheeks as Danny built the strength to reply. "I miss you too. You still looking after all the girls for me? Charlie and Mummy?"


"Good lad, now put mummy back on. I love you."

"Love you too Daddy!" he replied cheerily as his father struggled again to stay in control on the phone. "MUMMY! DADDY WANTS YOU!" Danny burst out laughing and couldn't stop even as he heard Alice approach.

"Right thanks for that Robbie." He could hear the humour in Alice's voice too, she heard Danny laughing too as she put the phone to her ear. "What's he like!"

"Sounds like he's doing well."

"He is, got his dad's subtlety as you can hear."

"Haha, gifted to all Tevanion men."

"Any signs you'll be out of there any time soon?"

"Couldn't say, the guys are hopeful it wont be too long now. I dunno whether it's all just wishful thinking."

"I'll be storming the place myself and bringing you home if it's much longer." Danny laughed. The sound of his laugh was music to her ears, "I miss you so much." she blurted out.

Danny inhaled sharply. "I miss you too. I just want to come home Alice. How have you been?"

"Fine." Code for not fine at all.


"I cope...I live for the day I get you home safe."

"Me too. But I'm with you all the time. I'm always there. Soon I'll be second guessing you in the surgery when you're usually right anyway and getting Robbie even more hyper than is possible which I usually regret when I'm trying to get him to bed. I'll be waiting up on Charlie to come in from being out with that boy." Alice's tears where running down her cheeks. "And when they're all in bed we'll have our alone time. The time of the day I look forward to most when me and you cuddle up and chat." He was crying himself now too. "That's what I miss most Al, just talking to you. Waking up...and not seeing you...not having you beside me."

Alice swallowed down the lump blocking her voice and ignored the steady of flow of tears. "Well Daniel Trevanion, you better make sure you get back to us. Because I need you to cuddle me to sleep and help me with that little boy that's your double and all these girls with their teenage hormones...promise me you'll stay safe Danny, please."

"I swear on my life. I'll come home. I love you."

"I love you too, you know I do."

"I know...Alice I have to go."

She exhaled, "Ok" she whispered.

"Bye love, I'll speak to you as soon as I can."

And he put the phone down. Alice walked into the living room and sat down pulling Charlotte and Robbie into his arms. Charlotte was always in need of comfort after a phone call from Danny. Robert, too, though he didn't realise where his dad really was he just knew he wanted him home. And Alice. Alice clutched 2 of the three must important people to her because the other person was in some godforsaken place being shot at. And she prayed every night he'd make it home safe.

It's a bit sad I know but that's the song I was inspired by. I have another one written but it actually fits better into "No matter..." but it's much further into that story :) oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN TOMPKINSON!