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A stage was set. Instruments were playing in the background. Suddenly a phantom walk on stage he had no body just cloth floating in mid air. A blue zipper shirt. A red vest. A long green hat with a bell at the end of the tail he also had to black buttons sewn on to the front of the floating hat….. Acting as his eyes. He wore a pair of white gloves and brown shoes. He also wore a long white scarf with blue stripes. He then clear his throat (even though he didn't have one) and began to speak…..

"hello everybody! thanks for comeing! I'm Konor of the skies…..but in this world I'm know as Spirito…. Don't ask why. What you about to see is the story about a…errr…..man with no memory of his past EXCEPT for the name of his soul mate. But first lets me set the scene…."

In a time long before parra and mogul. Humans and monster's lived together in harmony from Gillman and gremlins everything was peaceful… Until one day human's heard of a great power in the heart of the monster kingdom. The power of the element's.








And magic.

The human's wanted to control this strange yet wondrous power. But the monster would not share it because human's would misuse it for there greedy desire. thrust started the first war. Man and beast struggle for the element's power. Until one day the most powerful of creatures the Arkyin had enough. They ripped the monster's village out of the earth and sent the creature's high high into the skies…..out of the reach of human hand's

Many years have pass a 5000th in fact. humans have forgotten about the element's and the creature's and new kingdoms were born. but then one night the kingdom of parra was attack by the mogul ….. and the king and queen slain. However the brave princess renda and her cowardly brother raimas escape by using a strange device and find themselves in the rune woods. They were attack but were save by a strange creature half man half beast who had no memory of his past except for two name's. Guin and Aurra.

after many adventure with the twin's he heard a voice…..

Head north guin!

And so ends this story…..


Spirito ran onto the stage flaring his hands around.

"No no no no no NO! it is not the end….in fact…. Its only the beginning of Guin's story."

Chapter one

Chain between worlds

Mist cover everything noting could be seen. Suddenly a cloak figure walk through the mist. Yellow eyes piece through the darkness of the hood

"What is this place?" the figure said

His voice was deep but strong. Suddenly he heard a whisper and in the mist he saw what look like a whisp

"Guin…" Guin tried to listan but the voice was distorted

"What is this place... Are you my guide?"guin ask the strange spirit . "Follow..." the whisp said with a bit of happiness in the tone. The whisp race off before guin living behind a blue ghostly trail. The man named; guin; fallow the phantom through the mist. As he followed the trail guin lost his footing but retain it. He look down to a bottomless abyss. Without the wisp's help guin would have fallen to his doom. Guin continue with caution and stop when his reach A giant chain hanging over an abyss. Suddenly a gust of wind blew off his hood revealing his face. He had a human body but had a head of a leopard! Suddenly the whisp appear

"Crossed…. There you'll find people like you." The whisp said before fading. Guin look across the chain. "Finally…I'm getting close to my past…..at long last." Guin said before going across the chain

High in the sky high high in the sky.

A series of island's floating across the cloud's with many villages on them on one of the island's a machine could be seen projecting light into the sky

It was known as the core of light

An old man was seen on the balcony. He was wearing a blue robe with different symbols and a Viking hamlet. His name was master eon Suddenly a dark ominous cloud rolls in over the core….. Kaos has returned again….

Chapter 2

Destruction of the light…

It was a beautiful morning in skylands. A loud snore was being heard from a small tree house with a purple roof. Suddenly a loud ringing noise was heard from one of the room's. a annoyed groan followed by a yarn. There was a short silence suddenly a panic voice rang out.


A loud crashing sound followed by panic screaming as the noise made it way to the front door. A purple dragon rushes out before tripping on a root. The sound of the fall woke up a small golden dragonfly as it hum and flew to the young dragon's side.

"Sorry Sparks I don't have time to play right now." The dragon said in a hurry before running off.

The dragonfly buzzed disappointed and flew away.

"Master eon! Is something wrong?" A mole wearing a green jacket and a pair of glasses said worrying. "Have you ever noticed dark ominous clouds to be a good thing Hugo?" The old man knowed as Eon said. Hugo replied by nodding. Suddenly a giant head appears from a dark castle hovering in the storm

"Greeting master eon! it is I Kaos! I have come to destroy the core of light and reshape skylands as its emperor I KAOS" he yelled evilly "Yes KAOS K.A.O.S." he spelled

"KAOS! I should have known and….. What did you do to your head it looks ridiculous" Eon said

"uh WHAT?!"inside the castle Kaos turn out to be a short bald wizard standing on a portal.

"My head is awesome I tell you. Fear it! Fear the wrath of my GIANT FLOATING HEAD!" Kaos scream. "See I told you it wasn't scary enough" a troll said while sweeping. "Silence Glumeshanks!" Kaos yelled at his servant.

In a old clock tower


A alarm clock rang on a metal desk. A annoyed groan came from a bed

"ug five more minutes mommy…."

The alarm rang louder and louder until BANG In the alarm clocks place was a burnt mark. a tire and annoyed orange gremlin got out of bed…. Holding a smoking gold gun.

"I said FIVE more minutes."

Back at the core of light the battle was really heating up

all The skylanders (except Spyro Gill grunt and Trigger happy) were battling Kaos force of darkness…. And they were winning which made Kaos M.A.D

"Okay I added up the score..." Glumshakes said scribbleing on a notepad.

Glumeshanks held up a badly drawn picture of the skylanders winning

"We…. suck. Maybe we should go to plan B" He said shamefully.

"No! Glumeshanks! I have a much better ideal..." Kaos said grinning. "go to …. Plan Z!"

Suddenly a dark 8 headed figure moved over the core of light. Eon look terrified he then look at all the skylanders and knew what he needed to do.

Using the last of his power he cast a protection spell on all the skylanders. And then a destructive blast destroy the core of light in one blow …..and its master too…

As guin set foot on the floating island he heard a loud explosion and saw some smoke too.

"Wh- What happened!?" Guin said. The leopard man quickly ran up the stairs and gasp at the horrible disaster

He was so distracted he didn't notice a gold slinging gremlin. Harpoon firing Gillman. And a purple dragon. About to land right on top of him!

Chapter 3

Portal Master Guin!

"Oh no oh no oh no we killed him! He dead!"

"No he not he just KO"


"Knock Out."


"For a second there I thought we killed him."

"I TOLD you trigger happy couldn't drive!"

"Hey fish boy! It wasn't my fault It was that explosion."

"ohhhhhh wh- what happen?" Guin groan in pain

"look he,s wakening up..."

Guin began to regain his vision and saw a purple dragon a gun wielding gremlin and a Gilman with a harpoon gun. Quickly he got into a battle stance and pull out the blade which he receive from the Sem tribe.

"Whoa whoa whoa there we not going to hurt you." The gremlin said pleading. "now put down the EXTREAMLY sharp blade before you hurt's someone with and by someone I mean me."

Guin scan the three creatures before him and decided to trust them after all they look harmless enough.

"The name's trigger happy." The gremlin said slinging one of his guns around. "No gold no glory."

"Gill grunt. Fear the fish!" The gillman said.

"Spyro. All fire up! And your name?" The purple dragon asked.

Guin remain silent

"Come on you can tell us! What's the matter cat's got your tongue?" Trigger happy asked chuckling

"Guin." The leopard answer. "warrior who does not what country he lived or born in."

"What!?" Spyro examed. "You don't know who you are or have any idea where you came from?"

Guin nodded.

"Wow. And I though trigger happy was clueless." Gilgrunt said. The comment gave gill grunt a punch from trigger happy.

Guin look around at ruins of the temple

"what happen here?" Guin asked.

"Kaos happing!"

Suddenly a four arm yeti broke out of a pile of rubble.

"Slam Bam!" Spyro, Trigg, and Gillgrunt examed at the same time.

Suddenly MORE creatures emerge from the rubble.

"I though I was going die!" A crab like creature with a large mance said panting.

"I die once and I'm glad I didn't die again." A Skeltion who was chain to a metal ball sighed.

"Hey….where's master Eon?" A lava monster said looking around.

The Skylanders then looked around. They search under rocks, In trees, And even checked in the pond that was infested with electric eels. (Which was a bad choice to began with) They search until.

"Fellow skylanders." Stelth Elf said. Grabbing the skylanders attition. "I found master eon…..but he has left this world."

"WHAT!?" The skylander gather to the center of the ruin's….only to find eon's staff and helmet.

"Master…..no." A tree ent with two hummer branches said.

"Wow….. I always knew master eon would die in a really cool explosion." A troll with a bag full of diamanté.

Guin look at the "skylanders' for a moment before his hand begins to sting. He growl's in pain.

"What's the matter Guin?" Spyro asked the leoparded man.

"I'm fine….. just… my hand started to hur-Argggg!" Guin shudder in agony and fell to the floor.

"Spyro! What's wrong with him?" A black dragoness examed.

"Guin? Are you okay?" Spyro asked worryed.

Suddenly the leopard man rises his hand and a light began to glow from it. the light engulf him. the skylander's began to panic . and calm down when he emerge from the light unharmed…but slightly different. He was now wearing white trousers a black shirt with a portal master medallion and a white cloak with elemental symbols engrave on it. he also wore two silver gauntlets..one for magic and one for holding his sword. On his feet was a pair of big leather boots. On the bottom of each boot was marking that look like a leopard paw print.

"Whoa….that's….the…..coolest…..thing….ever!" A dirt shark knowed as Terrafin said.

"Hello? Is anybody there?"

Guin turn his attention to a rock moving slightly. Suddenly Hugo emerge from a tunnel under the rock.

"Thank the arkyin your all aright." The mole said sighing. A"nd…..wait is that…. A master amulet?"

"What are you saying….and who are you?" Guin asked the molekin.

He then got up from the hole and dusted himself off. "Um… Hugo….Hugo bookmark. The helper of master eon the portal master of light. at your service…..master…." Hugo said bowing.

" My name is Guin" The leopard said displease."….and no, I'm not your master…."

"Are those portal master garbs you're wearing?" Hugo pointed out.

Guin open his mouth but no words came out.

"Guin here lost his memory he doesn't know where he was born or how he got here." Trigger happy said.

"Actually…." Guin began

Guin explain everything to Hugo and the skylander's about how he woke up in the rune woods with no memory. how he met Rinda Raimas Sumi and Istravan. His battle's with the mogaul and Shido. They all gasp at the right moments.

"So the human world really IS below the cloud sea…." Hugo gasped.

"I'm in…. another world?" Guin said confuse.

"Skylands to be precise, Sir." A drill robot known as Drill sergeant.

"This is terrible! if the human world does exist that means the humans are in grave danger…" Hugo panick

"What do you mean in danger?" Guin said rising a brow.

"That huge explosion you saw was the destruction of the core of light." Hugo said pointing to the exact placd wear the core once was. "without it skylands would fall apart! Kaos used a powerful creature to destroy it. But if the humans really do exist…..in other words if our world dies…..so will the human's!"

That moment Guin's thought's were shattered.

"Overtime the human world will slowly die…." Hugo contuin. "Crops will die. buildings will collapses. until the islands of skyland will lose all there magic and the island's will fall beneath the clouds…. Destroying both skylands AND the human world!"

"Rinda and Raimas are in danger again!" Guin thought with terror.

"But there is a way….." Hugo said

"There is?" Guin aske... Right before.



Chapter 4

The best pilot in all of the skylands (Self proclaim) Flynn! Kingdom in panic and adventurer cali.

"Is everyone all right?" Guin asked before coughing.

Everyone was accounted for. Guin was relived that's no one was hurt

"Um… a little help here?" A voice said above Guin's head

Guin then looked up and saw a mabu in a pilot's suit and red scarf. His scarf was caught in a hot air balloon and was hanging from it.

"Flynn!" Hugo called to the hanging mabu."There you are! Stop hanging around and get down here! This is an emergency! The core of light has been destroy and master eon is gone….but we have a NEW portal master!"

Flynn fell from the balloon and landed on his head…. Then quickly got up. trying to hide the pain in his face.

"Oh yeah did you see that. I nailed it! BOOM!" The pilot said switch estustuasam

"Hugo… who...Is…this….person?" Guin asked.

"Huh? OH! That's Flynn! He the best pilot in skylands…or so he claims." Hugo said arms cross.

"He…has quite the personality." Guin said eyeing Flynn

Flynn walk's over to Guin and Hugo.

"Soooooooooooooo….. this is the new portawasit master. I knew old man Eon would finally kicked the bucket." Flynn said before extended his gloved hand towards Guin.

"...Guin..." Guin introduce himself before shaking the mabu's hand

"Yes!" Spyro said clapping. "Now that we have a leader again..."

"We can get back the pieces of the core of light!" Slam bam said after Spyro.

"That is... If you want to be our leader..." Stealth elf finish.

"...I..." Guin began. The Skylanders waited in antipasion. "...Are you sure your up to the task of being my soldiers?"

"No gold, No glory." Trigger happy said readying his guns.

"Fear the fish." Gillgrunt said loading his harpoon gun.

"All fired up!" Spyro said with a spark in his eye.

Guin just stood there. The Skylanders were very devoted towards their master.

"Flynn!" Hugo called. "I need you to take Guin to Cloud town. We need Cali's help too... It's also a great for Guin because you can show him around Skylands." Hugo then began to walked towards the ruins. "We need all the help we can get in order to stop Kaos."

"Ah that kaos really grind my gears so count me in… but if Cali's in this too than count me DOUBLE IN." Flynn said grinning. "Hey if you need a ride you looking at skylands best pilot…..let me just….. get my balloon free from the roof."

"King Raimas!"

Raimas turn around to face one of his advisors, to see him in a panic state.

"King Raimas! Your subjects are wanting a audience with you." The advisor said worreid.

"O-Okay…." Raimas weakly said.

It had only been a few days since Guin had left Paro without a word. And the land began to suffer Dark miracles. First, The rivers dried up. Then the crops began to die right infront of people's eyes. Fire won't light, And the uselly fresh morning breeze was soon replace by a gristly mist that was foul. And then... The sun was suddenly enguft by a black cloud.

"King Raimas!" A farmer within the crow Started. "we been curse! The crops all wither in front of us, And the river dried up."

"Yeah and the sun stop shining too….. what in the name of Jarn Is going on!?" A woman said right after the farmer.

"Please everyone remain calm!" Raimas's address his panicking subjects.

"Calm? How can we remain calm?! We have been curse by daul himself!"

"The air Smells like death!"

"We can no longer light fires for cooking and warmt!"

"It's the end of the world! Every man for himself!"

The throne room was in a total chaos and Raimas didn't know what to do.

"The core of light has been destroyed…. That what has happen."

Suddenly a ghostly image of a old man wearing a blue robe appeal in the center of the room. At that moment Rinda, Raimas's brother. and Sumi, Rinda's closes companion. Were looking through the door and saw The mystouse visitor.

"What sorcery is this!?" One of Raimas's gaurds examed.

"Who are you?" Raimas asked.

The old man bowed to Raimas.

"I'm am Master eon the portal master of light…or at least I used to... my enemy Kaos has destroy the core of light, I used the last of my power to protect my servants'. I was killed in the blast. But my servants'' survive." The master said.

Everyone gasp at this.

"The core of light lies in ruins in skylands the world above the clouds." Eon contuide.

"A world….in the sky!?" Raimas gasped

Eon nodded before saying. "The core of light is a machine that control's the light and nature. without it. my world….and yours will die."

Everyone panic

"But not to worry a new portal master has been chosen to rebuild the core and save us all!" Master eon assured

"Who is this "portal master"?" Someone within the crow said.

"Ah this is a master you all know! That you AND Renda know Raimas…a creature with amazing power. Who is half man half beast he is known as….Guin" Eon said. The crowd just went silent before...


"Are you telling us the fate of our world rest in the hands of a leopard headed demon!?" A person yelled.

"No….. Guin cannot do this alone he'll need the help of my servants' a army of inhuman warriors. champions. Heroes. But they are known in skylands as…skylanders!" Eon yelled.

Suddenly three holographic projections appired around Eon's feet. They were small yet powerful monsters.

The first was a purple dragon. The second was a orange furry creature wielding two gold weapons unlike anything Raimas or his people has ever seen. The final creature was amphibious. And cerryed a harpoon gun.

"Humans of the earth. Behold... Three young Skylanders that I entrusted to Guin's care."

"Spyro. The decedent of a line of legendary Dragons."

Suddenly the holograpic dragon flew high into the air. The sight nearly scare the crowd. It then release a harmless burst of holo fire from it's mouth. Which exploded in a dazzle of colors.

"Trigger happy. A Gold flinging marksmen, And the inbodyement of wealth And luck."

The gremlin then began blasted gold coins everywhere. The Crowd began trying to pick up the gold coins... Only the fact they faded away the moment human hands touch them.

"And Gillgrunt... A Gillman who only wants to be notice."

The fish-man then toss his harpoon gun into the air... Only it came down and smack him straight on the forehead. Causing some of the crowd to laugh.

"Excuse me!" A guard examed. "I don't think three heroes won't be enought to stop this evil!"

"Oh?" Eon said grinning. "You think that's the three Skylanders That I revel to you are the only skylanders? No... There is an entire army under Guin's comand..." Eon then contuined. "They may not be the smartest. The strongest. Or phehaps not the handsomest. Their not warriors. Their not heroes. They are just like Guin. People who search for their purpose... And that road they all traveled on led them together...They are... The Skylanders."

Skylanders…. Rinda was never going to forget that name as long as she lived.

Flynn's balloon was flying out of controlled as it crash landed in cloud town

Guin, Spyro, Trigger happy, Gill grunt, and Flynn recover from the crash. Flynn than look around and saw a house with a red roof.

"Well….that's Cali's house aright. Now than I better meet her before she faint's from worry." Flynn said before pulling out a pink bottle. He then sqaurted some of its contents into his mouth before running up to the door.

Flynn walked up to the door and knocked on it. There was a loud clinking sound behind the door. Suddenly the door slung open and Flynn was hit in the gut with a blue bowling ball.

Flynn then squeaks in pain and fell to the ground and curled in a fatal position. Guin then step over the pain filled Flynn and look through the door and saw a female mabu carrying a bunch of books.

"Oh I am so sorry I sometimes forget to turn my security system off." The female said lifting her books higher.

"If by "security system" you mean hitting someone in the stomach with a heavy object and laugh at their suffering you mean…" Trigger happy grinned. Earning a glare from Guin

"You must be Cali that Hugo mention." Guin said.

"You know Hugo? Wait…..are you a portal master?" Cali asked rising a brow.

Guin nodded

"This is unbelievable! I'm talking to a real portal master!" Cali examed.

Guin explain everything to Cali.

"Finally a REAL adventure! Let's go!" Cali said grabbing Guin's hand.

On there way out they step on Flynn. Flynn was then crushed by the books that she threw behind her.

When our heroes return to the core island they heard Hugo scream.

"Back! Back! You vile beasts!"

Guin then rush into action blade at ready to slice the monster attacking Hugo in half…..he ran into the ruins where Hugo screamed to confront….sheep?

"Ha! You sheep are in trouble now! Master Guin's here!" Hugo chuckled.

Guin shoo the sheep away before the skylanders Cali and Flynn got there.

"Honestly Hugo…there just sheep!" Cali said walking up to the two.

Hugo then turn to Cali and gave her a serious look.

"Oh my dear Cali that's when your wrong! At first glance they may seem cute cuddly balls of fluff…but turn your back on them for one moment and they turn into vicious lint balls with beady little eyes watching your every move!" Hugo stated. "They wait and watch until they see a chance to take their sweet revenge!"

"...Yep just sheep." Spyro stated.

Chapter 5

The eternal source of air!

Hugo was looking through a old chest and pulled out a old blueprint.

"While you were away I found a blueprint to the core of light created by the arkyin!" Hugo said opening the scroll.

"Wait a minute….. I though you said that YOU were the one who built the core of light" Cali stated.

"Is this true Hugo?" Guin asked.

Hugo looked around worried and realized he been caught.

"….YES I said I built the core light but…NO I really didn't." Hugo answerd honestly.

Hugo then dusted the blueprints off and look at it.

"If we can find the right pieces we can rebuild a NEW core of light!...but first…" Hugo then turn his attention to the overgrowth. "We have to get past this accursed overgrowth to the wayfinder."

Ignitor walked up to Guin. "I'll clear the way master." The fire knight said before beginning To hack his way through the brambles.

After a few minutes the bramble was cleared… thanks to ignitor! Guin was impress! Despite their looks there were very strong!

The group made there way to a giant telescope.

"Here… let me show you how it works its pretty much like a telescope but a LOT more magical it always knows which way to go." Cali explain while adjusting the view on the telescope.

She then turned to Guin.

"THAT'S the magical part."

Hugo then look through the wayfinder.

"I see it! The first elemental source we need….Air! the core of light was powered by ALL eight sources if we recover that air source we'll be on our way to rebuild the core of light!" Hugo then looked closer. "The evil drow had recovered the air source... But something with wrong... Because their fortress has been blown apart!"

Guin than look through the wayfinder. What Hugo said was true. The drow'ss castle was being torn apart by a giant tornado.

Flynn then look through it

"Hmmm I going to need something….something to push me through the storm!" Flynn said to himself.

"How bout a propeller genius?" Cali sarcastly suggest.

"No, no, noting like that…." Flynn said thinking. "hmp your so cute when your trying to flirt with me…OH! I got it…..we…..need…A….propeller!"

Cali just leered at him.

"Really? Really?" Cali sarcastly quoted. "Fine. Everyone knows that the drow patrol the sky schooner docks they will have the propeller you'll need….doubt they won't give it up without a fight through. I'll draw it on your map with a big red crayon."

"HEY! I LIKE CRAYONS!" Flynn shouted

The drow were busy patrolling the docks. At that moment two orange ears pop behind couple of barrels.

"Trigger Happy! Get your ears down before our cover is blown."

"Okay Okay...geeze your even bossier then eon."

The two ears lower into the barrel again. Two drow guards heard something but they shrug and continue to patrol.

"That was too close." Spyro said sighing

"You said it brother." Dino rang added.

Guin look over the barrel and pull trigger happy up by the ears.

"Now then...which one of these propellers will get us through the storm?"

Trigger happy looks around.

"In order to get past a storm that big. we need a Golding propeller. I think they have one at the end of the docks."

"Okay…." He then dropped Trigger happy. "Dino rang!"

Dino rang popped behind the barrels.

"Yes. Master?" The green dino asked.

"Do you think that you'll be able to cause a distraction?" Guin asked.

Dino rang look at a balloon boat hanging over a couple drow.

"Yeah I think so…..now watch in awn at the power of the tribe of the dinosaurian!"

Dino rang threw one of his thee sided boomerangs. The thee sided weapon cut through the rope. Sending the boat crashing down on to the two drow. Creating quit a racket.

The drow heard the noise and went over to investigate. While they were distracted by the boat. Guin and the skylanders snuck past…..

"Well done Dino rang your cleverness will be honored through history….. but why?" Guin asked

"Huh. oh well it was a perfect accident waiting to hap-"

Guin interrupted him.

"No… I mean why are you risking you'll lives' just to serve me?" Guin corrected himself.

"Well we are skylanders. it our destiny to aid the portal master." Gillgrunt said.

"We would go to the ends of the sky just to help you!" Trigger happy added.

"All for one….and one for all!" Spyro finish.

Guin look around at the skylanders they were true heroes. And he knew that he could trust them.

"Hey! you!" A bunch of drow has spotted them!

Guin drew his sword but Spyro stopped him.

"I got this!" The dragon said before beginning to run towards the drow.

Spyro then began to charged at the drow. Suddenly two fiery horns grew onto his head. Spyro's using irbax horns!

"What power!" Guin examed.

"Go get them Spyro!" Gillgrunt cheered.

Spyro then knock out all the drow as if they were bowling pins.

Guin look around and saw the Golding propeller. Suddenly Flynn float down in his balloon landed a few inches away from the heroes.

"See CAKE! I told it was easy for us heroes…heroes who like Cake!" Flynn said heroicly.

Guin then put his hand on his face trying to hide his smirk.

When they returned to core island the rest of the skylanders were repairing the temple. Guin was proud that all the skylanders were pitched in and rebuilding the base of operation.

"This may take a little time to get this piece of metal on here…." Flynn said examining the propeller why don't you cool your jets…take a load off I heard the skywastits have rebuild the main hall and the master room…..AKA your pad just so you know."

"My very own…room?" Guin asked.

"Yeah but we had to scramble to build. It's noticing much but at least you'll be able to sleep." A dragon suited with a tech suit. His name was Drobot.

"But….wait where will you sleep?" Guin asked

"We lived in the barracks under the temple so don't worry." A Skeltion warrior said passing them. His name was Chop chop.

It was sunset anyway… maybe it's time to call it a day.

"Attention skylanders!" Guin called. This caught the skylanders attention and they all gather in front of guin.

"We have all done so well today. Now I know you'll still trying to get used to me after your master's demise…..may he rest in peace. But I will do anything to meet his standers. But for now our goal is to rebuild the core of light. Now first thing in the morning we will depart to stormy stronghold to retrieved the air source. Skylanders….. You are dismissed."

The crowd of heroes decreased until there was none left. Guin then retire to his room. As Guin laid down on the bed he began to recall what has happened.

"I come a long way haven't I?" Guin thought.

Guin remember the day he woke up and met Rinda and Raimas. Meeting with the sem tribe. Battling the mogul. His dual with Shido. Shido.

"Had Shido's heart falling into darkness? Did Kaos knew I was coming? And tried to stop me?" Guin said to himself.

Shido. Once a young master of his family's manor. Who confronted Guin and acuse him of being Daol... The true root of all evil... But now... That he knew that there's another world above... He was now thinking this Kaos was the one who pulled Shido's strings... But the question is... Why?

Guin then saw a bookshelf.

"Might as well learn about this worlds history." Guin thought.

Guin then pull out a scroll with skylanders on it and read it.

Portal masters and Skylanders have a bond that's unbreakable. But they are not slaves they have choose to serve and do so willing. When skylanders are defeated in battle they turn into statues and wait until a portal master or another skylanders free them. if they fall off an island while a statue they are teleported to the core island where they rest and heal.

Guin continue to read more scrolls. Skylands had quite a history. But after a while Guin decide it was time to turn in.

"The skylanders…their all counting on me."

The leopard master then slowly fell asleep.

The next morning…

Flynn balloon zoom wildly through the storm. Sonic boom was flying next to them.

"Oh yeah! Now we talking! Twin turban engine! Sonic weaver radio! Advance steering system! Still had a few parts left over! A balloon worthy for…..well me."

"Yes but be careful its time to put that proclaims title of yours to use." Guin leered.

"Yeah and try not to kill us while you're at it." A orc axeman said.

Guin look over to sonic boom. "Sonic boom!"

"Yes master?" The griffin replied.

"Can you see the stronghold?" Guin asked.

The griffin looks around and saw a castle being torn apart. She then squawk to Guin letting him know that they were at there destination… the stormy stronghold.

They landed and look around and saw the eternal air source in a twister.

"The only way to get the eternal air source. Is to stop that twister!" Guin said staring the twister down.

"And how do we do that? Ground it?" Trigger happy joked.

"Being in this region. The drow must have some storm rods somewhere..." Sonic boom explained.

"Storm rods?" Guin asked.

"Yeah. Metal poles that deflect lighting and tornados." Trigger happy explained. "What do you think it was?"

"That depens the fact I came from a different world?" Guin said.

"...You live in a sad sad world." Trigger happy said moronic.

"Come on!" Voodoo said before jumping down to the lower levels. Guin and the others soon followed.

They soon made it to a balcony where a strange metal beacon. It had a strange carving on the tip. "So this is a storm rod?" Guin asked.

"We need to raise the beacon... There's a crank on the bottom panel." Sonic boom explained.

Guin then walked over towards the beacon. He then opened the panel. There was a crank inside. He then began to crank the beacon up. When the becaon was compleatly up. A wave of energy began to draw the tornado power. One by one the pieces of the castle began to fall into place. One of the pieces flew right at Flynn's balloon. He shrieked like a little girl before flying away.

The Skylanders and their master began to cross over to the castle. There sitting on a pedestal. Was the air source. Guin then grabbed the air source. At that monent. Flynn then landed a few inches away from them.

"Boom! One down seven to go!... And... Can you keep my "Moment" A secret from Cali?" Flynn asked.

Guin just chuckled.

"Is that a yes? Right? RIGHT?"

The moment Guin set foot on the island. The air source flew out of his hand.

The air source then turned into a vortex. It pulled in two statues. The statues walked on their own before stopping.

"Huh? WHATTTTTTTT!?" Kaos yelled. He lost his balance and felled to the floor.

Glumshakes then walked in and looked through the portal of darkness.

"Look they found the elemental air source!" Glumshakes said.

"YES I see they found the elemental air source!... But look who's with them... GUIN!" He then proceeded to climb up to the portal. "I thought I tricked that stupid brat to kill him! What's he doing here!?"

"Well I'm not a genius. Like you already know... But he probably became the master of the Skylanders and is possibly rebuilding the core of light."

"WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!?" Kaos fell off the portal again. This time began to beat Glumshakes. "We can't let that happen. Find the elemental sources! I don't care where they are. JUST FIND THEM!"

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