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Chapter 2: Rygar

"So I'm beating people up with a yo-yo?"

"Diskarmor," corrected Hamegg. Zane held the controller in his hands as he would a cellphone (if Cora hadn't taken it), ready to text. "And you get other items as the game goes. Grappling hook, crossbow, that kind of stuff. Just like Zelda."

"And it's not a rip-off?"

"The game has a yo-yo for a weapon," piped up Astro.


"Oh, sorry. Diskarmor."

Since the console finally worked (thanks to Astro), the Nintendo was moved to the basement, away from the noise to the other orphans that would have been too loud. Downstairs was a couch, an armchair, and an old cathode-ray television. The clamor was muffled and the group took it, despite the chill from rising heat. Some sat on the floor, while others took their seats on the couch.

The game's graphics were alien to the kids, to say the least. It was like watching a poorly outlined cartoon made out of blocks, though the color palette was bright enough to help identify what was what in the game world. Yet the color was bright, making the graphics appear to be alive. It popped out and hooked one's attention immediately. The music had that adventure feel we all hear in the legend of Zelda theme- bold, but the sound was a little grainy and had nothing but synthesizer-like beeps for music (not to say it wasn't catchy, but still). Immediately, Zane was thrown into a temple-like area, being attacked by turtles and rolling earth worms. The first screen depicted the evening, with an orange sky and purple mountains in the background. The plot was simple enough: get to the end before you lose all your lives.

Zane was doing pretty well: Already he had found out how to jump and was hopping over his enemies.

"HOW DO I ATTACK?!" The boy hammered the B button frantically.

"You hit the A button," replied Hamegg.

"WHICH ONE'S THE A BUTTON?!" But it was too late. In Zane's hop-scotch game with the reptiles and bugs, the avatar, named Rygar, had fallen into a pit, forsaken by a careless controller. A disappointed chime sounded from the game and a continue screen popped up. Zane gave a defeated moan. A couple of the kids snickered.

"Fail," giggled Cora.

Zane could just growl. Hamegg squatted next to Zane and took up the controller. He pointed to the B button. "This is the B button. It makes you jump." The man moved his finger to the red button next to it. "This is the A button. This makes you attack."

There were a couple more snickers. Zane ignored them and tried again. He did a lot better this time. Sure, he was still hopping over his enemies, but to dodge the attacks deliberately. Zane made it to the second screen, presenting a new song. There were ropes, but those were easy for even Zane to figure out. The avatar climbed up a rope and made it to an opening it a dead tree. Zane hopped on the other branch and entered.

The interior of the tree was dark. The music took a lower octave and slower tempo. The notes held an eerie chill. There was a strange man with a beard that sat to the right of the screen. A box appeared and a white text crawled in the space provided.

"Is that Santa," asked Widget.

"I think its Buddha," replied Sludge.

"That looks nothing like Buddha!"

"You don't even know who Buddha is, dummy."

"Uh, guys," said Zane. "A little help?"

Astro's reply took a few seconds. "Trashcan," he called.

"No, shut up!" Zane made quick to slap Astro in the back of the head. It didn't affect the robot and he kept laughing. "I'm serious. This guy's creeping me out!'

"Fine, fine," giggled Astro. He read the text out loud. "In the Gran Mountain lies the entrance to…'Garloz'?"

"I think that's a place in the game," suggested Cora.

"I hope that's all he has to say, because I'm getting outta here." Zane exited the tree. "He's like a shirtless Dumbledor."

"Thanks for the image," said Cora.

The cheery music was back and the sun was out. Zane was about to climb back down when he spotted more tree branches-jumping platforms. He made his way across those and down another rope. The slaughter of innocent turtles and worms began again. Cora had a topic to discuss. She leaned over to Hamegg.

"Why was that guy in the tree, like, five times bigger than the avatar?"

"Beats me, "he replied. "Those are questions you just don't ask. Too much trouble."

The player progresses in the game with a greater knowledge of his enemies. Even the lizards were no match as they climbed down from their posts at the top of the screen. At one point Zane made his way into a cave. More turtles had appeared. Though these were much bigger than the ones encountered previously, the creatures took fewer hits. Another problem arose as well.

"Where do I GOOO," whined Zane. "It's a friggin' maze!"

"You gotta figure that out yourself, kiddo," chuckled Hamegg. "I did it on my own."

"But you had internet, didn't you?"

"Doesn't mean I needed it."

"Someone go find me a walkthrough or something!"

"You do it," Cora joined in.

"Can't read."

"Doesn't mean I'm doing it."

"You're not even playing the game! Go find me a walkthrough."

"As you wish, your highness." Cora stood up and made her way upstairs. The clamor of playtime had faded into a dull roar. Cora would be safe.

Astro turned to Zane. "Jerk."

Zane smirked. "Cling-on."

"Hey, none of that," interjected Hamegg. "It's just a game.

Cora came back with the walkthrough printed out on paper. Even though the game was old, finding the information was not difficult. More importantly, she came back unscathed by the few overtime players. The girl sat back down and read off the instructions to Zane, who followed without a second thought.

There was a chamber of the cave with mineral rich-water. Zane snickered. He moved the avatar to the edge, made Rygar turn his back, and pressed the down arrow on the D-pad. Sludge raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing," he asked.

Zane grinned. "Taking a dump."

Hamegg sighed. Sludge laughed. Astro snickered a bit, too. Widget gave a long, "Eewww" to emphasize the inappropriate content of the joke. Cora agreed with Widget. "Only little kids find that funny, Zane." Astro covered his mouth and tried to suppress his giggles as the girl said this. "What are you, a two-year-old?"

"Got this reading level of a two-year-old," added Hamegg.

"And you guys wonder why I'm a jerk," groaned Zane. "Just tell me where to go, 'kay?"

"Right, right," replied Cora. She turned back to her paper. "Take a left up there."

Zane obeyed faithfully. Chatter had arisen among the group while Cora provided directions. Astro would hop around from conversation to conversation, offering a comment or suggestion. He was talking to Cora about miscellaneous topics. The girl had to give the next direction. "Turn left," she said.

Astro had been keeping track as well in case she lost her place. Cora had given the wrong direction and the robot was about to speak up when he realized something: She had been making several of these mistakes. Repeatedly and deliberately. He nudged Cora. She turned her head to him. "Left," he questioned.

Cora gave a sly grin and a silent chuckle. Astro understood the tacit message

"Oh yeah," he said, mimicking Cora's expression. "Left."

These two were the only ones who knew of this prank. No one else was paying attention to Zane's game anymore. Some had gone upstairs to get snacks. Zane's eyes began to droop a bit. He continually followed the instructions.


The boy went up.


The boy went left.

"Left again."

The boy went left again-back to the entrance. Cora told Zane to take a right, which he did. Astro jabbed his fist into his mouth. Zane didn't even notice. After all this time, he didn't notice that he was running in circles! Not even as he passed the entrance! The twins and Hamegg had stopped their chatter to watch. They tried to keep from laughing, but the act proved to be about as difficult as if Widget and Sludge were to try not to fight for a full twenty-four hours. Eventually a choir of snickers and giggles arose from the silence. Now, Zane DID notice this. He turned his head back with a confused look on his face. Everyone was silent, some biting their lower lips, others with suspicious smiles. He needed to say only three words to set the group off.

"What's so funny?"

None of them could hold it back anymore. A boisterous laughter roared at the question. The decibels rivaled those of playtime upstairs. Cora was slapping her knee. Hamegg threw his head back. Zane could only stare and wonder. Astro pointed to Cora. "Her idea," He snickered.

"Her idea to what?"

"Nothing, nothing," giggled Widget. "Keep going, man"

"No, I'm not going."

"Zane, you have to keep going."

"I'm not going until you guys tell me what's up."

Cora jumped in. "Seriously, Zane. You gotta keep going or you'll d-"

Again, it was too late. The Rygar avatar fell to the ground. A massive turtle towered above the corpse. This was one was one of the BFG ("Big Friendly Giant") turtles, of course. A negative death tone played himed. The continue screen returned.

Zane turned to the group. The expression was not twisted with anger or frustration. It was actually quite blank. However, it gave off a strange "Don't mess with me" aura that reached across the room and crawled on the surface of whatever it touched. The laughter died down. Hamegg gulped. Widget clung to Cora's arm.

After a few moments, Zane turned back to the screen and selected "Continue".

The boy had called Grace down to read the map since none of the others could be trusted. As he made his way through the cave, he continued to fight the turtles, though some simply lost their lives by running into the wall. After making his way up a flight of stairs, Rygar slipped into a hole and met up with Santa-Buddha again. Grace read this dialogue, too. This time he was kind enough to give Zane a grappling hook. The player exited the cave and slipped into another entrance later on, only to meet the strange man again.

"Does this guy have, like, a million brothers or something," he mused.

"Maybe some of them are sisters," replied Grace.

Zane shuddered at the thought (he wasn't alone). "Dumbledor's got some butt-ugly sisters…"

Dragons came-the green European ones like in the movie "Pete's dragon". One would think a dragon would be the final boss, or at least one of them. But no. The dragons were common enemies, like the rolling worms and turtles. Rocky terrain and even floating platforms stood in Rygar's way. The grappling hook had proved to be very useful in reaching higher levels that could not be jumped up to. Zane had a descent handle on the controls. The challenges were no match for Zane now.

Then a boss battle came.

Every video game has boss battles. This was the first one. Rygar was a game based on mythology and of the epic adventures of the character, Rygar. The boss had multiple lion's heads and a red turtle's shell (Did the creators run out of ideas?) for the body. As soon as Zane entered the chamber, the creature coughed up balls of fire towards the victim. Zane felt a sinking fear immediately as he was assaulted. That adrenaline-induced anxiety an athlete feels before his or her race-that this-is-it nervousness. One again, the player was hopping around, on and off platforms, desperately trying to survive. This was the basics of human instinct. Fight or flight. The spectators shot commands at the gladiator.

"Jump! Jump!"

"Watch out!"

"Get 'im, Zane!"

Fire balls flew everywhere, almost unavoidable. Zane couldn't jump because he was attacking. He couldn't attack because he was jumping. Only a few units of health remained. The last life was almost gone. Rygar was almost gone. The prophecy of death seemed to breathe down Zane's sweaty neck and forehead. The abomination spewed it's pyromatic ammunition. Defeat was coming. It was over.

Then something clicked. The panic concerning life and death suddenly vanished. Gone like a weak memory in the hurricane of time. There was nothing now but a quintescent focus. Zane's features hardened. His fingers flexed with a practiced fluidity as Rygar received his silent orders. The jumps were strategized, the attacks strong and aggressive. The avatar's health was still sparse and his chances of survival narrow. But now so were those of the creature. The pace of the music quickened. The enemy's attacks grew more frequent, but in vain. The cheers escalated in vigor as well.

"Wooh yeah! Go Zane!"


"Kick some butt, man!"

The animal's power diminished by the second. Zane was still going strong. He was going to beat it. The fiend will die. Rygar will move ahead victorious!



Just moments ago, time seemed stagnant, the seconds wading slowly through tension. That was the main focus-the excitement. Suddenly, it had eased into slow motion rather than a pause. Every detail was coherent and easily observable. A rust-brown shape had rammed into Zane. On impact, the controller flew out of the boy's grip. The real world was not the only place in which seconds had been captured into separate slides. In the game world, tragedy struck. Rygar stood still, paralyzed. The beast took advantage of precious time. It took a deep breath and spat out it's last, devastating fire ball.

The controller collided with the ground.

The brown object landed, scurrying to the couch.

The fireball hit Rygar, sending his burnt corpse into the dirt.

Game over.

The title screen appeared again. All was silent, save the barking. Everyone turned their attention to the source of the sound. It was Trashcan. The mechanical dog had already plastered his tongue to Astro's face, who was trying to push him away. Zane turned around slowly, after a moment of staring at the screen in a horrified defeat.

"Hey, cut it out," laughed Astro. Trashcan continued with his woofs, but not for long. Both robots could feel the glare of an angry video game player carving into their beings, almost as deep as their batteries. The three locked gazes. It was common sense, really. Trashcan whimpered and scrambled out of the way.

Astro followed suit.

Soon enough, the robot was caught helplessly a cat and mouse chase. Zane's vocabulary was astounding, considering he was illiterate. Sadly, the words are not appropriate for an audience of this age group, so ask again later when you're all older. Astro couldn't fight, due to the laws of robotics, but Zane could throw all the blows he wanted. He even punched a hole in the aged drywall. The chase was taken upstairs, where the noise had risen again. Hamegg scrambled up the stair case to stop the fight. Grace followed for the free show, jumping every other step screaming "Fight! Fight! Fight". That left the twins and Cora to pick a new game.

"You can pick one, Cora" said Widget. "I think the others will be busy for a while."

Cora couldn't help but agree. "I'm sure they'll be fine, anyway."

Rygar was removed from the Nintendo and placed back in it's place in the new game drawer. Cora thumbed through the cartridges like files in a cabinet. A firey-red picture stood out against the grey plastic. She picked it up and read the title.

"Ninja Gaiden?"

The man on the cover had left an entire city in flames. His wrists were wrapped in blood-red cloth and he wore almost all black. A knife held secure in his fist, a javelin in the other. The ninja's gaze was menacing and held promises of murder rather than threats. It was a reflection of the desire for blood. This had nothing to do with honor. This was a vendetta.

Cora smiled. The boys could have their little fight. The girl would have hers with shuriken and slaughter.


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