Author's Note: I know this isn't horribly original, with the time travel thing. But the idea just kind of popped into my head and I couldn't get rid of it. Hopefully you all still like it. Plus, I haven't read any where Elena gets sent to the past, so that might be something that sets this apart. This is my first Vampire Diaries story.

Summary: Caroline and Elena accidentally get sent back to when the Originals are still human. Perceptions change, but how can they get back to the future without changing the past? Follows both events in the past, and the present. There will be a lot of relationships developed throughout this story, some will be romantic but most will about friendship.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I do not own The Vampire Diaries, if I did, it would be a slightly different show and I am sure less awesome.

Right Place, Wrong Time

Prologue: The Plan

"I am still going to go with this is a very, very bad idea." Caroline said, probably for the hundredth time at this point. For three days she had been trying to convince Bonnie and Elena this was a horrible idea, but they hadn't listened, like usual.

"Come on Caroline, stop worrying. I have checked the spell over and over again, this will work." Bonnie insisted as she let the six candles in front of her, each representing one of the Original vampires.

"Why do you need six? Obviously Mikael and Finn are not the makers of my bloodline, as they are dead, and I'm not." Caroline pointed out, earning a sigh from Bonnie.

"It doesn't matter, for this to work I need a representation of each of the Originals." She explained and looked briefly at Elena before continuing, "I will need a drop of your blood on each candle Elena."

"Of course you do." Elena replied with a sigh but pricked her finger with the needle Bonnie held out to her, and put a few drops on each candle.

Bonnie took a small metal goblet and handed it to Caroline, "You need to fill this about halfway with your blood."

"Seriously? Elena gets a few drops on some candles and I get half a cup? Magic is so unfair." Caroline muttered but cut her wrist and filled the goblet anyway.

"Now, you're sure nothing will happen to us physically right?" Elena asked, just making sure she wasn't sending herself, Caroline or Bonnie to their deaths.

"Yes, it should just transport Caroline's mind through time to the Original that created the bloodline at the time he, or she, turned the first person in it." Bonnie explained again.

"Am I going to feel their death or transition or something?" Caroline asked, really wishing they could have used Stefan or Damon for this, but knowing neither would have ever agreed. And they wouldn't have been wrong, Caroline thought, After all when do any of our plans every work the way they are supposed to?

"You shouldn't. You should just be a casual observer watching the events unfold." Bonnie assured her, giving a small smile, "You guys ready?"

"I guess so, though they are a lot of 'shoulds' in that explanation." Caroline responded and looked nervously at Elena.

Elena nodded and watched anxiously as Bonnie began speaking in a language neither she or Caroline understood. The wind picked up, swirling their hair around their faces, and the flames jumped high, above all of their heads from where they sat on the ground. Caroline felt her body start to tingle, and looked at Elena with fear in her eyes. Elena was looking fuzzy though, as if she was fading into nothingness. Caroline looked at herself and noticed that her body looked just as transparent.

The spell was not working right, that much was clear. Caroline shut her eyes, not wishing to watch herself disappear into the unknown, and really wished she had put her foot down and not agreed to this at all.

AN: I know this is short, but it is only the prologue and only exists because I felt starting with the first chapter was a bit confusing. The first chapter will up soon, probably tomorrow since I have the day off from work but then again, I make no promises since I started writing this story in May and have only now convinced myself to post it. I would love to know your opinion on this so far, I don't care if it is good or bad as long as it is constructive.

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