Roy and Riza and the Accident (a FMA fanfic)

By mustangsnaps

Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ( which is what i base this off of because it is so much better than regular fma) but I do own this plot. I am just an enthusiastic fan who has ideas and wants to share them with other fans. If someone feels like I stole this I swear I didn't.

I'm sorry for errors in this story, they are because I was writing this on the notepad app on my i-touch. Oh and the only thing i changed from what happened in Brotherhood before this story takes place is that Hughes is still alive, because he is awesome and i think he should be alive. Hope you enjoy and please review:P

Chapter 1

Fuhrer Roy Mustang was lying happily in bed, naked, reliving the past night in his head. It had been a great night. Next to him was 1st Lt. Riza Hawkeye; his wife. But only they knew that because their relationship was a secret to the world. After defeating the humunculi and their "father" things between him and the Lt. had heated up to a considerable degree. After his sight had been returned and he was made fuhrer they had let the sexual tension break between them and let their relationship begin. But they thought that they should keep it a secret so that others wouldn't try to hurt them to get to the other and simply because they felt like it should be a secret. Roy was Amestris's fuhrer after all, people would try crazy things to get to him.

When Riza started to stir he leaned over and kissed her gently on the mouth. "Hey gorgeous" Roy said, as he stroked the hair out of his beloved's face. "Good morning" she replied, her voice groggy and slow with sleep. "That was some night last night. If we didn't have to go to work I would start round two" said Roy as he kissed Riza passionately on the mouth. "Mmph...Mmmmph... No we really have to go or we'll be late. Do you want to leave first or should I?" Riza asked as she got out of bed and started looking for her clothes. "Maybe I should go first, then you can say you were getting files for me if someone sees you leave." answered Roy. He really wished they could leave at the same time and kiss in public without worrying who was watching but he knew the dangers. "I know what you're thinking and no we can't go at the same time. That would cause gossip." Riza said, all-knowing as usual. "I wish we could at least hold hand on the way to work." Roy groaned as he put his clothes on. Riza walked around the bed to get her shirt and the remainder of her cast aside clothes, she put them in the hamper and got fresh ones out of her side of their closet. As she was buttoning her uniform jacket Roy grabbed her and kissed her fiercely, they exchanged tongue and were gripping at each others backs, Roy was aware of and enjoyed the feeling of Riza's breasts pressed against his chest. They separated and continued to change into their military uniforms. He left for work and she stayed behind and got the file they used as a prop when leaving the house. When she arrived at HQ she greeted Mustang like she did everyday and sat to start doing paperwork.

Hawkeye sat filling out boring paperwork a couple weeks later, fingering her silver chain necklace with her wedding ring on it hidden under her shirt. Roy had one just like it under his uniform too where no one could see it and get suspicious. They had been married 7 months now since they had married 1 month after Roy had become fuhrer.

She should be on a lunch break with the rest of her coworkers Fuery, Havoc, Hughes, Braida, Falman, Edward, and Alphonse (who had just recently been passed as a state alchemist; The Strongsoul Alchemist) but she hadn't been feeling great lately and didn't have the stomach to eat anything. So here she was finishing up paperwork, a mix of hers and the fuhrer's. She had just signed the last paper and decided to leave early and go home. So she left a note on Roy's desk and left. She always took the long way home so as to shake off anyone who might follow her. When she got to their apartment she dropped her things on the table and lay on the bed feeling as if she might die. She just wanted to curl up somewhere and wait for this awful feeling to pass. As she was, no one knew she didn't feel well because she let no expressions of weakness pass onto her face when she was working, not even Roy new she felt bad. Black Hayate yipped at her to feed him so she regretfully got up to put dog food in his bowl. After filling his bowl she headed back to bed only to rush to the bathroom to throw up what little she had had for breakfast. After she was sure she could move she lay on the bed and tried to fall asleep.

When Roy got back from having lunch he found a note from Riza saying she had left early and gone home to his surprise. He thought to himself 'she never leaves early, something must be bothering her that she hasn't told me about or that I havn't noticed. I hope everything is ok'. He decided to call home and find out what was going on with his wife. He dialed the number and listened ringing as he waited for her to pick up. "Hello?" Riza asked sounding exhausted. "Hey, are you all right?" Roy asked. "You know better than to call me from work! What were you thinking?!" Riza argued, still not sounding like herself. "I'm worried about you, are you okay?" Roy asked sounding worried. "Yeah, I'm fine I've just been feeling sick lately." she answered. "Well then go to the doctor's just to be safe. I don't want you to have something serious, ok. Better be safe than sorry." Roy said, to most he seemed like a carefree guy who didn't care about anyone but Riza knew him to be very worrying toward her, always making sure she was ok. "Fine, I'll go to the doctors. See you when you get home, love you." Riza said, hanging up the phone. Roy; still worried, put down the phone on it's cradle.

Riza sat on the doctor's office examining table in a daze. She thought to herself 'What? Did I hear him right? How could this have happened?' "Excuse me?" Riza asked. "You're pregnant, about a month along. Congratulations!" the doctor said. "Are you sure? Could you test me again?" she asked. "I'm positive, I've run the test three times and they all came back the same. Also with the symptoms you're having there's no doubt in my mind that you're pregnant."

Riza got home and sat on the couch thinking of what to do. 'How can I tell him, should I wait or tell him now? I'll tell him as soon as I can I guess. Oh how did we let this happen? What will we do when I start to show? People don't know I'm married! What will I tell them? How in Gate's name are we going to get through this'? She sat there for an hour and then decided she needed to make dinner.

Roy was at his desk waiting for the day to be over. He was so worried even his team noticed, which was saying something. "Hey Boss, what's wrong, you seem stressed out." Havoc asked. "It's nothing now get back to work!" "Jeez Roy don't beet down on these poor guys because you're in a bad mood" Hughes; Roy's best friend, said "What's wrong anyway?" "Nothing I want to talk about, got it!" Roy snapped. "Wow fine be like that, but after work I'm dragging you to a bar to find you a lady friend, maybe that will get you in a better mood. If not that the least I can do is get you drunk so you'll spill whats on your mind." Hughes said. "I can't Maes, I have things to do after work." Roy stated. "Well too bad because you're coming with me no matter what and you're going to tell me what's going on."