5 months later they had a beautiful baby boy and named him Roy Maes Mustang Jr. They all lived together, Roy and Riza had more kids and happily never dealt with the kidnappings of anymore family members.


I hoped that you liked it. I'm sorry about the weak ending and the weak reasoning for keeping their relationship a secret, by the time I remembered the Fraternising Law I was too far in to to change it. But all in all I think it's pretty good so look for my other ones. This is my first anime fanfic (once I wrote one about BONES with my friend and sent it to Hart Hanson to see if he could consider it for the beginning of season 7 cuz we sent it in script form). But I'm planning on posting more on Roy and Riza and some on Tamaki and Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, maybe even some Harry Potter ones about Hermione and Draco. Post comments please, opinions, suggestions, likes and dislikes. Read fanfics cuz they are awesome and if you don't write them then you should try to cuz it's fun writing them even if they suck. Have Fun! :P _ :)