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Chapter 3: Meeting Abby, and news
Sera looked around the bullpen and smiled, her uncle had wanted her to go back to his place and rest, but after begging he had relented and told her she had to stay at his desk. So now she found herself staring at everything and nothing, when they got there the director had called him to talk, and he had barley got down the stairs when he was called back to something called MTAC. That had been over two hours ago, she went over to DiNozzo's desk and looked for paper, knowing he often wrote her letters from his desk, well lately it had been emails, but he knew she liked his letters. She had met Tony when he had been a probie and she was a six year old, the memory caused her to blush, to her he would always be probie.
"Gibbs, Gibbs!" said someone causing her to look up.
The woman had black hair tied up in pigtails, brown eyes with black eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick. She wore a pair of Tripp lace to chains pants, a too fast Fargo vintage octopus tank, with spiked collar, and Demonia buckled knee boots. There only one person this could be, Abigail Scutio, she had heard enough about her from both her uncle and Tony that she could just look at them and know.
"Your Abigail Scutio," she stated.
"Yeah, um who are you and why are you at Tony's desk?" Abby asked.
"Oh I'm looking for paper and my uncle is talking with MTAC whatever that means, so you can wait with me."
"Wait your uncle is Gibbs, and Tony keeps his paper in the left middle drawer."
"Oh thanks, and yeah he is."
Abby nodded her head and turned to walk away but stopped and turned to her a look of concetration on her face. The older woman was watching her and then a grin split her face and she said.
"Leave a note for Gibbs saying you went with me to my lab."
"What are we going to do?"
She gave her a smile and leaning toward her she said, "We are going to have some fun."
She wrote a quick note and walked with Abby to the elevator and down to her lab. The lab was somewhat like she had expected, but taking Abby's attire she expected it to be a lot darker not so lively, though Abby's blood splatter paintings did help with the image that she had created when she saw and had heard about Abby.
"Okay so these are my babies, this is bert he makes flatulence noises," she said tightening her arms around the hippo, "and this is Rita Mortis. she said holding up the doll.
"Wow, so your the Abby that uncle Jethro and the probie are always going on about," said Sera looking around.
Abby looked at her strangley and asked, "Probie? How do you know McGee?"
Realizing that McGee was considered the probie on the team she explained, "I met Agent DiNozzo when he was a probie and I have called him that ever since."
Abby just nodded and started asking her about Gibbs, "So he is your uncle on what side?"
"Oh well, he is my uncle because he is actually my godfather, but if you saw him and my dad together you would think they were brothers."
'Alright, so now that we have answered that, lets have some fun."
Sera smiled at the woman and followed her to her desk, "So what are we doing?"
"We are going to make people."
"Make people?"
"An electronic sketch, we use it for facial reconigtion and BOLO's," explained Abby.
"Listen, the guys that killed my parents had masks."
"I know, but we are going to have some fun, to take your mind off it, and it will be... Well fun," said Abby with a laugh.
For the next hour they took photos of the team and then using Abby's program they changed their faces. Some like Abby's, Tony's, McGee's, and Gibb's were all funny, but others like Ducky, Palmer, the Director, and Ziva were all slightly scary or in Ducky's case disturbing. They were laughing and the music level prevented them from hearing the door slide open, nor did they see the smile spread over Gibb's face as he turned and left them to their games.