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A Hidden World Revealed

Chapter 4

"Well, that was dramatic," Cho commented as he got back into the SUV. Jane still stood routed to the spot for a moment, staring at the spot Lisbon had been stood before him only a second earlier before she had disappeared into the night. He shook his head and climbed back into the passenger seat, buckling his seatbelt safely.

"How come you're so calm about this all?" He asked Cho worriedly. Cho sighed. They really were a pair. A depressed vampire with a death wish, and a fake psychic who was over-protective and prone to worrying too much about the slightest of things, especially if it had something to do with the depressed vampire who had a death wish. A perfect match if ever there was one for very odd pairings.

"You forget that no matter how much she may want to, technically she can't kill herself."

"Yeah, but she's still gone."

"True, but she might come back," Cho told him as he glanced into the rear view mirror to reverse safely out of the parking lot. What he saw there almost gave him a heart attack. Lisbon was curled into the deepest shadows of the back seat, a finger over her lips, signalling to Cho to stay quiet about her presence in the back of the SUV to the other occupant of the car.

"Yeah, but I hurt her."

"Yeah, and?"

"What do you mean, and?"

"I meant exactly what I said Jane."

"Which was?"

"What's the rest of your sentence?"

"Never mind," Jane turned to stare out of the window stubbornly, yet also trying his best to watch the shadows out there in case he spotted Lisbon at any time, though even he doubted he'd be that lucky. Cho glanced to his phone, which had buzzed whilst he was attempting to talk some sense to Jane.

Your wallet has gone :D

Cho sighed and pocketed his phone once more. It was unnerving how Lisbon was better than pick pocketing than Jane was. With Jane, you could feel it ever so slightly, but when Lisbon did it, you only knew if she designed to tell you at some point. Cho was just glad he knew where his boss, friend, and vampire was right now, and that she wasn't doing something completely stupid, as she was actually quite prone to doing.

"Okay, let's get back to HQ and continue this case."

Jane simply nodded as Cho put the SUV into gear and drove off into the night.

Jane got out of the car straight away and headed into the building; clearly thinking of all the places Lisbon could possibly be that wasn't quite usual for her, well, the her that he had known about. He had accepted Cho's words of looking for his wallet and had left him alone to search the car for it, knowing he'd only get in the way if he attempted to help. As soon as Jane was out of eyeshot, Cho turned to face the unnatural shadow in the back of the otherwise brightly lit interior of the SUV. He held out his hand expectantly.

"When did you take my wallet?"

Lisbon uncurled and grinned, her fangs fully on show as she handed the brown leather wallet still with the cash and cards inside back to the emotionless Cho.

"I may have taken it when you got into the car." She shrugged, unconcerned about stealing things like that. Cho allowed the corner of his mouth to turn up in appreciation of her handing it back so promptly. The last time she had taken his wallet, he had looked for it for three hours before suspecting Lisbon of the theft, and another hour for her to hand it back over to him, sans money. It had then taken him another four hours to find where she had hidden the money inside his sock.

"So, boss, what was all that about before?"

Her grin dropped and she shifted uncomfortably. "It wasn't just my choice, though for the most part it was all me."

"Red John?"

Lisbon's eyes widened and she shot her hand over her subordinate's mouth, shaking her head furiously. "If he ever found out what you know, you'd either be dead or one of us. Believe me, you'd much rather be dead. That's the lesser of the two evils in this case."


"Fine, yeah, but stop calling him that when you talk to me or another one of my kind Cho, please. Very few have seen him, and no-one can touch him. He's invincible. If he wants you, he has you. There's nothing in this world that can stop him."

"You've seen him." It wasn't a question. Lisbon's head dropped.

"I can't lie to Patrick Jane anymore Cho, and he'd just try to kill me or torture me into revealing information I don't have in the first place. It's bad enough that he hates me for being who I am. I couldn't take anything more from him."

"So why are you leaving?"

"I have to get away. The further away I get from you all, from Jane, the less chance John has of manipulating me to get to those I care about."


"You know I have to go, Kimball. You know that."

"Yeah, yeah, I do, Teresa. That doesn't mean I have to like it though."

"I know, and it means a lot that you want me to stay, believe me. I just can't do it anymore."

Lisbon made to leave the car at her usual human pace, her fangs retracting to seem normal as she left the CBI parking lot for the last time as an apparent human, but Cho's hand gripping her wrist tightly stopped her. She didn't want to hurt him, so she sat still and waited, her eyes telling him that he'd better hurry up before she grew impatient and hurt him accidentally in her hurry to get away from everything.

"Stay boss. A week is all I'll ask for. Let us prove that it's all worth staying for."

Lisbon looked like she was about to protest until she saw the pleading look in his eyes. Cho rarely pleaded with anyone and he was her brother and best friend rolled into one. She couldn't say no to this request of his.

"Fine. A week, not a minute more. I'm only doing this for you, Cho."

"You won't regret it, Boss."

"I already do."