The rain poured and sniffs were heard at a sad Saturday morning.

Before them was a grave of dear friend. He was a a good guy with white hair and Golden eyes.

"Chi-Chi-" Michiru sniffed and bursted out in crying. The blue haired male held her in a warm hug. The tears were in his eyes, ready to fall. He rocked the girl back and forth, trying to calm the brokenhearted girl.

'Why did you die so soon?' a lone tear fell of her face. They putted the flowers in front of his grave.

"Rest in peace." They prayed to their death friend.







"Yo, am I late?" A certain male came running to them. Shito quickly removed the tears out of his face.

"You're late, Akatsuki!" The red eyed said to his partner in crime.

"Sorry, Shito." Chika replied with a glare. "I was geting some flowers for Sachika. Something wrong with that?"

"That's not the case, put the flowers on the grave and let's go!" Shito demanded.

"I'm doing it because Ii want to, Shit-Shito. Not because you said that." The guy putted his flowers on the grave with the text:


xx, xx, xxxx - xx, xx, xxxx

Faitfull dog, loved by everyone.


"Let's make some money!" Shito smacked his 'friend' on the head.


"What did you say?!" And so, their usual fight began.

'They never change, do they?' Michiru thought with a sweatdropped

I got you there, didn't I XD? Cookie for every person who thought that the dead one was chika.