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Sorrry about the script form. this is how it was originally written. its only like this for the first chapter after that its normal.

BONES Season7 Episode1

Title: With Bones In Mind

Scene 1

Booth's House/bedroom

Two weeks after the last episode of season 6

Temperance and Booth are lying in bed together. Temperance slowly wakes up with her hand on her stomach in a casual manner. She looks at the clock next to the bed and it reads 6:30am. Temperance leans over and kisses Booth on the cheek.

Temperance- Booth. Booth, time to wake up we need to go to work.

Booth wakes with a start.

Booth- Are you all right! Is everything ok?!

Temperance- Everything is fine, don't worry.

Scene 2

The Jeffersonian

Temperance and Booth start toward the stairs. Booth suddenly stops Temperance.

Booth- Whoa there, Bones, be careful. The last thing I want is for you and little Bones to fall down the stairs.

Temperance- I am perfectly capable of walking up the stairs on my own. (Whispering) And our child is not going to be called little Bones!

They have stopped and Temperance gives Booth a questioning look.

Temperance-(Still whispering) You're still ok with not telling everyone about us and the baby yet are you?

Booth- Yes! Fine by me.

Scene 3

Angela's office in Jeffersonian

Angela and Hodgins are sitting down with baby. Angela has a puzzled look on face while watching Booth and Temperance on stairs. She turns to Hodgins.

Angela- Have you noticed that lately Booth hasn't let Brennan do her normal stuff.

Hodgins- No, like what?

Angela- Oh you know, like lifting stuff or going to dangerous crime scenes. Or like now with just climbing up the stairs. And Booth is sticking around more than usual. I rarely see Brennan alone these past weeks.