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Chapter 3

Well they were officially doing it. They were revealing their relationship and the pregnancy. It was about a week after Booth had talked to Sweets and he had talked to the head of the department and everything was fine so they were in the all clear to come out into the open. And let's just say that it would be an understatement to say that Booth and Brennan were nervous.

"Ok, well here goes nothing." Booth murmured as he took Temperance's hand and led her into the lab. As they walked in Angela blocked their path.

"I hope you're going to be honest with me now. Because I know that you're pregnant and you haven't told me yet. No one else knows but me and Hodgins but I wish you would've told me sooner." Angela said huffily.

"I'm sorry Ange, but we were worried for our partnership. We had to make sure that it was safe from being taken apart before we could tell anyone." Brennan explained.

"Oh, well ok then. But still…" Angela said, calming down a little.

"Well that gets her and Hodgins off our list." Booth said, a little depressed.

"What's going on?" Cam asked as she walked up to the group.

"Guess Cam's next." Booth mumbled.

"Well we just wanted to tell you that Booth and I are together and that I am Pregnant with his child." Brennan said, blunt as always.

"Oh. Congratulations!" Cam said happily.

"What is it?" Mr. Vaziri asked.

"Dr. Brennan's pregnant" Cam said, shooting him a meaning look. He looked confused at first and then when the meaning of the look hit him his face broke into a smile. Though to the plain person it would seem that his joy was for the happy couple.

"If you'll please excuse me." Arastoo said as he left headed for the offices.

"Yeah I'll be going back to work too." Cam said as she followed him to where he had gone.

"Really?" Arastoo asked once they were in Cam's office.

"Yeah, I found out this morning." Cam confirmed.

"That's wonderful! This is good news right?" he asked.

"Yeah it is I'm just happy that you're not mad." Cam said, smiling as she let herself be held by her fiancé.

"How could I be mad? This is amazing, I love you so much. Having a baby is the only thing that could make being with you any better. We are so lucky." Arastoo said, comforting Cam and stroking her hair. "Let's continue this at home, k?"

"Yeah, of course. I love you too." Cam said, kissing him and then reluctantly letting go. "See you later."

"Yeah, be careful ok, love?" Arastoo said, smiling.

"Of course, don't worry. Love you."

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