Hi everybody. This is my first attempt here, after reading so many of your wonderful stories I finally decided to give it a try. Let me know what you think :)

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She was done waiting. For three days, three whole days she had been waiting for him to show up or at least say something, but he still wasn't taking her calls, and apart from that "I can't talk now" text, she hadn't heard a word from him since last Monday. She was furious at first, when he started following her around everywhere, but truth is that even though he would still drive her crazy often, she had gotten used to have him around. He was her partner. Things had been weird between them before, but usually he would still say something, there was something different this time, and she wasn't about to wait until he would come around to figure out what it was. With all these thoughts cluttering her mind she walks to his apartment and knocks at his door.

- Beckett? – he asks surprised as she passes right over him entering his house without hesitation.

- We need to talk – she asserts, arms crossed against her chest.

- Beckett this is really not a good time – he starts before being interrupted by her.

- Then make it a good time! – she demands – Because I'm tired of calling and texting and waiting for you to say something back – she vents obviously upset and sounding needier than she wished.

Castle sights, facing away from her. He knows behind that tough cop posture lays a sweet woman and he knows that his sudden absence is getting to her even if she would never admitted. He misses her too and wishes he could tell her what's going on, somehow he knows that she's the only one who could comfort him, but he can't, not this time.

- I need some time – he tells her – I need to take care of some things – he says too vaguely, and he knows she's not going to leave it at that.

- What things? – she inquires and he can see the police side of her rising up.

- Personal things – he answers, regretting as soon as he realizes how that sounds – I mean…

- It's fine! – she claims even though she's hurt by his words. They've been friends for four years, they've been through hell together, nothing in their lives is private anymore. Not to each other – I just need to know where we stand – she says – as partners! – she makes sure to clarify.

- What do you mean? – he asks confused.

- Look this deal you had, to follow us around, to shadow us…me. I understand that you don't really work at the precinct but you can't just show up whenever you want – she tries to sound cold and professional – this maybe a hobby for you, but it's our job, our life, and we need to know what we can count with.

- I know that! – he fights back offended with the claim that he doesn't take it seriously – I'm not fooling around.

She laughs at that in disbelief – C'mon Castle, you're a brat, party, girls and fancy cars, that's your thing… after a while this gets boring, I get it. Let's face it, nobody thought you would stay this long! – she says acting obliviously though the thought of not having him around the precinct anymore kills her inside.

He's about to disagree with her when an older woman's voice interrupts him – Kate? I thought I heard your voice! – the woman says cheerfully as she approaches them and hugs her.

- Hi Martha – the detective greets her back, slightly uncomfortable to be caught in a middle of a disagreement with her son.

- It's so good to see you here – Martha tells Beckett, which only increases her discomfort – it was about time you call her and tell her what happened – she says to Castle.

- Mom! – he interferes although he's a little bit too late.

- What happened? – Beckett asks confused.

- Well, I'll leave you two alone, I think you have some catch up to do – Martha says walking towards the door.

Beckett watches her leave and close the door behind her as Castle moves to the living room and sits on the couch's arms eyes facing down.

- Castle? – she calls him, wanting him to star to explain, but he doesn't move. She walks towards him and when she's finally standing right in from of him she insists – What the hell is going on Castle? – she repeats aggravated.

And before she can let out another word his face his buried against her stomach and he's sobbing compulsively.