The next morning, when she's finally alone, Beckett decides to take a moment to think about everything that has happened the last week, so much has changed in just one week that it seems hard to believe. She's happy to have finally been able to give in to her feelings for Castle, though it seems silly to have fought them for so long now. She's also glad, that they managed to close the case and catch the killer before he could hurt someone else, but still she can't relax. She tries to close her eyes, but immediately Alexis' words torment her mind. It's one thing for the girl not to be happy about her father and her being together, but the way she accused her, the way she talked, there was so much pain, so much… hurt in her words. Beckett is lost in her mind when she hears a light knock on the door, she gets up to get it, and opens it with a smile figuring it's Castle on the otherside – "Alexis?" – the detective asks surprised when she finds the red hair on her hallway.

- "Can I come in?" – the girl inquires in a whisper.

Beckett doesn't respond, instead she moves her body to the side giving the girl enough space to enter the apartment. She directs the girl to her living room, inviting her to seat on the couch with a gesture, an awkward silent set in the place – "Can I give you something to drink?" – the detective offers, watching the girl struggling to start the conversation.

- "Water would be fine" – Alexis asks as Beckett moves into the kitchen and comes back with a glass – "Thanks" – the teenager murmurs.

Beckett nods and sits across from Alexis, on the other end of the couch, she pulls her legs on top of the couch and turns her body on the side, so she is facing the girl. Alexis, however, is sitting forward, her eyes laying on the glass when she starts to speak – "I saw dad last night, when he got home" – the young girl starts, her eyes still low.

- "Yes, he told me he was heading to the loft when he left" – Beckett states calmly. The detective waits for Alexis to continue, but watching her struggle to find the right words she makes the first move – "Is everything okay with the two of you?"

Alexis nods slowly – "Not really, but I don't get it" – the girl admits.

- "What do you mean Alexis?"

- "I expected him to be mad when he got there, I was ready for a 2 hour lecture on how I had no right to intervene in your life, or speak to you the way I did…" – the girl stops for a moment – "but he didn't know!" – Alexis declares surprise, facing Beckett for the first time.

- "I wasn't going to tell him" – the detective replies.

- "Why not?" – Alexis asks curious. She was aware of what she was saying to the detective when they fought, she knew she was hurting her.

Becket shrugs – "I see no point in telling him. I think we can work this out on our own, after all, we're two civilized adults" – she explains with a hint of irony on her voice that only increases Alexis' guilt.

- "I told him about it" – the girl informs Beckett.

- "I thought you would" – the detective confesses.

- "I'm sorry I had a meltdown at the precinct" – the girl apologizes.

Beckett offers her a light smile – "It happens to the best of us" – she tries to relax her – "but I meant what I said before Alexis, I know your dad loves you more than anything, but I won't take disrespect from you" – she informs the girl in a serious tone.

Alexis nods – "I know" – she murmurs embarrassed.

- "I get that you don't trust me" – Beckett pauses – "and I understand this may be weird for you, or that you don't like seeing us together" – she continues meeting, Alexis eyes – "we can discuss it, we can try to work it out, but you'll have to learn to live with it" – she concludes firmly.

Alexis observes the detective for a long moment before speaking. The woman seems determined in figuring this out, she's not trying to ignore her, but actually seems interested in involving Alexis in the whole process.

- "It's not that I don't like you" – the teenager starts hesitantly – "or that I don't like seeing you with dad, I'm just afraid…" – she confesses.

- "You think I'm going to run away again, like I did last summer, don't you?" the detective asks.

- "You've done it before" – Alexis points out, trying not to sound too saucy.

Beckett nods – "It's a fair concern" – she agrees, watching Alexis relax a bit – "there was just too much happening in my life at that time and…" the detective trails off.

- "You don't have to tell me" – Alexis rushes to say seeing Beckett getting slightly uncomfortable.

- "It's okay" – Beckett smiles with her concern – "I told you I would give you all the answers when you were ready for an adult conversation, and I think you've done your part" – she smiles – "so I'll do mine too."

- "I know you're not like dad, you like to keep things to yourself, so it's fine if you don't want to…" – the girl gets interrupted by Beckett.

- "It's okay Alexis, it's true I don't really like to talk much about my personal life, but I think you have the right to know" – the detective offers and seeing that she already made her choice, Alexis lets her continue. – "There was just too much going on at the time. Finding out Captain Montgomery was involved in my mother's case, his death, my shooting, your dad telling me he loved me when I was about to die…"

- "So, you heard? You knew this whole time?" – Alexis asks slightly aggravated.

Beckett nods – "I did, and I know it wasn't fair to your dad that I pretended not to, but Alexis, I really wasn't ready then" – the detective explains, hopping she'll understand.

- "What changed?" – the teenager inquires.

The detective takes a deep breath and smiles - "I went to therapy" – she starts and can't help to laugh at Alexis' shocked face.

- "Sorry, I just never really thought that was your thing" – Alexis admits.

- "Neither did I" – Beckett confesses – "the only reason I went in the first place was because it was mandatory, because of the shooting" – she explains – "but then I realized that I really wasn't okay and that those appointments were helping me" – the detective says.

- "It must have been hard! – Alexis comments, knowing how difficult it must have been for Beckett to ask for help.

- "It was, but I'm glad I did it."

- "Why now?" – Alexis eventually asks – "It's been almost a year."

- "Even with therapy there was a big part of me that kept fighting the feelings I had for your dad" – she explains.

- "Why?" – Alexis questions, regretting right away – "I'm sorry, if I'm going too far you don't have to…"

Beckett smiles – "It's okay. I was afraid to risk it" – she admits – "your dad has become such a huge part of my live, he has been by my side everytime I needed him and…." – she pauses trying to find the right words – "I was just afraid this wouldn't work and that I would up losing his friendship" – Beckett explains. Alexis nods, and she's about to speak when Beckett continues – "Plus" – the detective hesitates for a long second before she continues – "I always thought your dad deserved better" – she admits – "I mean, he's so warm and thoughtful and I have this wall around me and I just always thought I would end up hurting him and he would hate me."

Part of Alexis is in shock with the detective's revelation, for someone that didn't speak much about herself, Beckett sure was making an effort to be honest with her. On the other hand, she was glad to see that Beckett actually had put more thought into her actions than she would have thought and that even if she had hurt her father, her actions were coming from a good place.

- "Dad is crazy about you" – Alexis offers searching for Beckett's eyes – "I think he has been since the beginning, he would never hate you" – the teenager decides.

- "Thank you" – Beckett says appreciated.

- "I was afraid you were going to hurt him again" – Alexis starts – "and maybe that will still happen, I know that we can't always control these things" – she continues – "but I'm really glad you two finally got together" – she finally tells Beckett with a smile.

- "I am too" – Beckett laughs.

Once again a long silent sets in the apartment, but this time is not uncomfortable, they're both just taking the time to process all the information they just shared.

- "Alexis" – Beckett finally calls, interrupting the quietness they're both in at the moment. Once the girl looks at her, she continues – "It wasn't just about you father, was it?" – Beckett asks referring to the scene Alexis did at the precinct.

- "What do you mean?" – Alexis asks pretending not to understand.

Beckett gives her a look, the same one she's so used to give to her father, the one that says "you know exactly what I'm talking about", and Alexis immediately looks down – "I'm sorry I said those things to you" – she apologizes.

- "That's not why I'm bringing this up, Alexis" – the detective tells her softly – "I just think there's more there that we need do discuss and I think this is a good time to do it" – she clarifies. Alexis nods, but remains silent, so Beckett continues – "Do you really think the only reason I got closer to you was to sleep with your dad?"

- "I don't think you needed to do it, anyway" – Alexis deflects – "dad was already crazy for you, but why else?"

- "Because I care about you" – the detective answers without hesitations, making Alexis raise her eyes. – "The things I said before, when we talked in your bedroom" – she reminds her – "I meant every word" – the detective insists. – "Yes, your dad is a big part of the picture, he loves you and he would do anything to see you happy, so if I can help with that of course I will" – she continues – "but not because I have a hidden agenda"- she concludes.

- "It's just nobody ever really cared" – the teenager explains – "some of them pretend to, because they knew dad liked it, but as soon as he was gone they wouldn't care."

- "I'm sorry, you have experienced that, Alexis" – Beckett offers sincerely – "but this is different" – she promises – "I don't know what's going to happen between me and your dad, but if you want me, I'll always be here."

- "Thank you, Kate" – Alexis says with tearful eyes. Beckett moves closer and wraps her arms around the girl's shoulders. Alexis shifts her body, rests her head on Beckett's chest and lets her rock her – "I'm sorry, Kate. I'm so sorry" – she sobs.

- "Shsh, it's okay Alexis" – she calms her down – "It's fine, we're fine" – she promises while running her hands through her hair.

The two woman stay in that warm embrace for a long moment until another knock is heard on Beckett's apartment door. Beckett pulls away as Alexis looks at her confused – "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were excepting someone" – Alexis rushes to get up.

The detective pulls her back down – "I'm not, just stay here, I'll be right back" – she orders patting the girls head as she walks towards the door.

Alexis dries off the tears on her face and lets her body sink deeper into the couch. She hears Beckett unlocking the door and her surprised tone – "Castle!"

- "Hi" – he greets her, leaning forward to kiss her – "Are you okay? Alexis told me what happened earlier, Kate, I'm so sorry" – he apologizes. "Is everything okay?" - he asks noticing she's nervously looking into the living room – "Beckett, who do you have inside?" – he teases her walking in – "Alexis?!" – he finds outs.

There's an awkward moment where both Castles look at Beckett, Richard waiting for an explanation and Alexis hoping that she'll save her.

- "Dad…" – the teenager tries, immediately standing on her feet.

- "Alexis, it's enough!" – he cuts her off – "You've done enough damage" – he continues aggravated – "I love you honey, but you have no right to come here and bother Kate and her own apartment."

- "Castle" – Beckett tries to interrupt him.

- "No, Kate, I know you're trying to handle this on your own to protect me but…" – he continues.

- "Castle!" – the detective insists – "Rick!" – he finally stops talking to face her. Beckett reaches for his hand and grabs it with hers, directing him closer to Alexis.

- "Kate, what's going on?" – he asks impatiently.

When they're finally next to Alexis, Beckett lands her free hand on her shoulder and gives it a light squeeze to relax her, then turning to face Castle she explains – "Alexis came here to apologize" – she informs him – "We had a very nice, adult-like, talk" – she continues with a smile – "I think it's all good now, right Alexis?"

The girl nods and smiles – "Yes, I'm sorry daddy, I was just being silly, I'm really glad you and Kate are together" – she tells him sincerely.

Castle finally relaxes the muscles on his face, curling his lips into a smile and pulling Alexis closer into a strong hug – "Dad, you're crushing me" – she complains not meaning it.

- "Thank you" - he whispers to Kate, releasing one arm to warp around her waist as she rest her head on his free shoulder.

Kate looks up with her dazzling smile – "Always!"


Ok guys, so that's it for this story. I really hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writting it and sharing it with all of you. This was my first experience ever with Fan Fiction and it has been amazing. A lot of readers, followers and favorites. Amazing reviews and lots of love. Thank you sooooo much to all of you ;)