Chapter 2

The process to be the new tennis club Coach went faster than any of us thought. Like Kaidoh and Yousuke-san mentioned, the Principal absolutely adored the idea of assigning me the position. To my surprise, he had even arranged to personally take care of all the paperwork needed for the assignment.

Kaidoh could only stand in silence beside me.

We bowed towards the Principal before we left his office.

"Well..." I started to say as we walked back to the teachers' office. "That was an interesting turn of events."

Kaidoh hummed in agreement. "There was an 80% chance of that happening. It was to be expected." I raised an eyebrow at him; he didn't seem to notice. "Though I don't think I've ever seen the Principal so enthusiastic about anything. He must've been proud of the tennis club."

Silence took over our conversation. I find it interesting how after accumulating so many questions to ask him, so many stories to tell him, I can't seem to find anything to talk about. I searched my brain for a possible topic of conversation, resulting in 47 different topics ranging from - tennis to his health and even to his family. None of these topics seemed fit for us to have a long conversation.

As I slowly thought about a conversation topic, I saw Kaidoh's shoulders tense from the corners of my eyes.

"S-so" he mumbled, almost too quiet for me to hear. I couldn't help but sneak a glance towards him. "H-how've you been?"

"Hmm?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

As he spoke, he shifted his gaze to a direction opposite mine. "H-how have you been these last few years?" He paused, my brow raising higher on my face. "I-I didn't really hear from you and no one from the team mentioned anything about you so..."

Does that mean he was worried? Is he saying that he missed me?

"Ah, well." When had we reached the teachers' office and stopped walking? "Right after I graduated from high school, I got accepted to a university at _ and my dad got promoted to a branch in the same area so the family just decided to move there. It was more convenient that way. I think they didn't trust me with the house," I chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of my neck with my right hand. "I guess I just wasn't great at keeping in touch with anyone." It wasn't like I had told anyone that I was moving anyway plus I was keeping myself from falling in too deep.

"I - I see..." he stared at his shoes, his lips pursed into a thin line. Did he want to say something? A shift.

"Hey," I caught his attention. "Are you free tonight?"

"Huh?" his eyes widened in surprise.

"I was wondering if we could grab a bite at Kawamura's for dinner and, you know, chat - catch up for old time's sake." I was hopeful.

He didn't answer for a while, just blinked at me like I was insane. Well, maybe some other day...

"Um," he opened his mouth to answer, his eyes - I nearly chuckled - was filled with determination. However, at the same time, the door to the teachers' office opened and out came good old Yousuke-san.

"Ah, there you are," he greeted. "I thought you guys had gotten lost or something. I was ready to go look for you. Anyways," Yousuke-san faced me. "Something happened with my kid and I have to go get her and all that stuff. So, sadly I won't be able to personally show you the toys of the science department so I've appointed that guy over there to escort you."

He pointed back to the teachers' office and there at the doorway stood a familiar face. His red was styled exactly the same as many years ago. His short red locks was parted on the left and his fringe long enough to cover his right eye.

That's strange, my data on him showed that he had no interest in chemistry or in any kind of sciences for that matter. Maybe my data is a bit outdated.

"Kamio Akira," I greeted, extending a hand towards him.

"Inui-san-sempai-sensei-san," he laughed, taking my hand into his in the meantime and shook it. "I'm not sure what to call you."

"Call me whatever you see fit."

"Inui-san it is then."

"Good, good. You know each other too," Yousuke-san interrupted. "Saves me time from introducing you to each other. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get going now alright. Just ask if you have any questions alright? Don't hesitate to call. I'll see you guys tomorrow." And with that, Yousuke-san dashed into the teachers' office, grabbed his stuff and darted out of the school.

"So you're back here, huh, Inui-san," Kamio said suddenly.

"Yeah. How come you're not at Fudomine?" I asked. I didn't really care but I was still 4.2% curious.

"Well, Fudomine didn't have any teaching openings for me and Seigaku was looking for a chemistry teacher, so I ended up here," he answered so nonchalantly.

I see. New information processed.

"Chemistry, huh. I never pinned you to be a chemistry kind of guy. I thought you were more into music?"

"People change Inui-san," he replied. Was that a smirk on his face? "You better update your record on me now."

"Hm, sure. I guess I will."

In the midst of our conversation, a cough brought Kamio and I to the attention of another person. How could I get so distracted?

"Um, I'll be going inside now to look at my student profiles," Kaidoh excused himself. "I'll see you later, Inui-sempai, Akira," and disappeared into the teachers' office.

I felt my ears twitch as I nod at him, Kamio waving at him beside me.

"First name basis?" I asked, pushing my glasses further up the bridge of my nose.

"Well, I somehow got him to call me by my first name since we knew each other from high school anyways," he explained, reaching behind his head to scratch at his nape. "He's still uncomfortable when I call him by his name thought, so I just don't do it."

I hummed, refraining myself from thinking if he would let him by his given name. I tried not to think about it. It was futile.

A slight cough brought me out of my thoughts.

"Are you ready?"

"Lead the way."

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