Chapter 4.5

It was already late when I arrived home from the hospital. As I had expected, the ball to my face only resulted in a bruise that would completely heal by the end of the week. There was nothing to worry about.

I was about to inform Kaidoh of the results before I caught my own scent. Telling Kaidoh could wait. A nice and refreshing shower was in order.

I had already prepared myself to go to bed, my body clean and fresh from the shower, when I remembered the tennis bag I left by the door. Quickly, I brought it into the living room and sifted through my things. Leaving used and sweaty towels in the bag for too long was simply unacceptable!

It wasn't hard to find the one that wasn't mine. For one, my towels were all dark green. This one was white. This one was Kaidoh's. It seemed that I unknowingly placed his towel in my bag. That's okay. I was going to bring it home to wash it anyways. But even so, I had Kaidoh's towel in my hands. Right then, I wondered how many times he used it or how many times he washed it. Either way, it must SMELL like him!

I admit that when it came to Kaidoh, there were times I lacked self-control. THIS was one of those times. Before I knew what I was doing, I had shoved my face into the towel, his towel, and tried to sniff as much of his scent as I could. The musky smell of his sweat with the hint of the sweet scent of his soap.

It was just so Kaidoh.

It was Kaidoh's scent.




Kaidoh's SCENT

And blood.

Blood?! What blood? Whose blood? MY blood?

I immediately removed my face from the towel. From Kaidoh's scent. There in the farther end of the towel was a whole patch of my blood. My blood! I had tainted Kaidoh's towel with my blood. His clean and pure towel with my dirty and evil blood. I had tainted his sweet scent with my gross blood.

Inui Sadaharu, you really ARE an idiot. A dumb, stupid IDIOT!

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Honestly, I cannot take Inui seriously anymore with how wacky he's now portrayed in the manga and the anime. It's to the point where I'd probably still giggle at him even if he's in a serious scene. His character has turned so weird. And, obviously, I like that. Inui's just not Inui if he's not weird. Don't you agree?