Me: In this episode the Johnson's girls, Noble, and Alex and Fred are in witnessed protected. Wonder how the family will react? And how will the older brothers will react? And how will they reacted? All the questions you asked will be answer now.

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They went to their's places to escaped. When they heard the door to the cage opens, Fred jumps on him and knocked him out and grabs the keys. After, he leaves and everyone else hears a low whistle, then they will get out. They ran into the dark forest.

"I can not believe that works!" Said Liz

"Well, it did and you only thought that Alex's have good plans." Said Noble

"Hey, that's so mean, oh yeah well; remember when you jumped in the pool and your swim trunks fell off?" Asked Alex; smirking

"Okay, hey, that's mean." Said Noble; with a twinkled in his's eye.

"Look, should we go in there?" Asked Liz

"I don't know, something is off and doesn't feel right." Said Bre'anne

"Same here." Said Lexi

"Hmmm." Mumble Fred and Alex

Noble was thinking about it, he remember the day that his parents died, all the lights were off and it's was raining; a radio was blasting just like now.

"No, Alex remember this had happen before." Hissed Noble

"Your right, when our parents died." Said Alex

They all went to a window and saw two little babies and a man and a woman and someone with a gun.

The person pulls the trigger and let go.

The person quickly left and the group went in.

The man yanked on Alex's pants.

"Save my kids, and called this number here." Said the man

"Okay, what are your and your wife's names?" Asked Alex

"I'm Jordon and my wife is Sara woods, and both of the kids are Kelsi and Karen." Said Jordon

"We will take the kids." Said Noble

Alex called Nancy Roday. After a few minutes later, she hangs up.

"Come on we better leave." Said Alex

They all left with the kids. And went where Nancy Roday told Alex to go.


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