Author's note: This is my first story for True Blood. I am really enjoying Pam and Tara's relationship and I decided to expand on it. As you will see, I borrowed some of the dialogue from S05E11 to get me started. If you like the story, I will add new chapters. English is not my first language, but I'll do my best. Looking forward to your reviews!

Two baby vamps, Tara and Jessica, were sitting comfortably on one of the coffins in Fangtasia's dungeon.

It had been a rough week for Tara. She could still very much remember what it was like to be human and now she was on the other side. She was the predator, relishing in human blood more than once. The bloodlust was so consuming. She finally understood. She understood the pull, the desire, the lust. It was hard for her to admit it, but she started to really like the feeling of it all. She liked the power she felt when she sucked on a human's neck, drinking the precious fluid. She liked the stares she would get when she walked through Fangtasia. She wasn't the only one who was hungry. Humans were equally hungry for her, eating her up with their eyes. Her heightened senses made everything so many times better. In a way, she pitied humans for not being able to feel everything with the intensity she experienced.

She also had a rough encounter with Jessica and ended up beating her up. She was actually proud of herself for succeeding to win in an open fight against an older and more experienced vampire. And Pam was proud, too.

Pam. Out of all the vampires, Pam was her maker. The same woman who gave her best to kill Tara just a couple of days ago. And the feeling had been mutual – Tara swore to give her best to kill the sassy vampire. And now they were bound for eternity. Go figure.

Jessica couldn't miss Tara's lingering look after Pam had left them. She had seen these little tell tale signs of some kind of attraction between them, but she wasn't sure if there really was something there. She collected her courage and dropped the bomb.

„Do you like her?"

„What?" Tara was startled by the question. She wasn't even sure what Jessica was asking.

„You know, like, like her." Jessica tried to explain with an emphasis and a shy smile.

Tara wished for the ground beneath her to open and swallow her right there. Was she so obvious? No, she couldn't have been. But why would Jessica ask this?

„No! Why would you even say something like that?!" She lost her composure and started fumbling. She knew in that moment she'd overreacted and that was all the confirmation Jessica needed. Still, she didn't wanna scare away the fiery baby vamp who was already taking up a defensive stance.

„I'm just asking! I...don't know that many people with a gay persuasion..." – „Gay persuasion? What do you mean?" – Tara broke in.

Even though she had been a vampire for over a year now, Jessica couldn't help but be shy when it came to these things. If she hadn't been a vampire, she would have blushed for sure.

„Well, remember when you came to Merlotte's with that girl? It looked to me like you were together. Like a couple. So I figured you were gay."

Tara flinched at the mention of Naomi. She was so sorry for the way things ended up between them. It was Pam's fault, to make it worse. Tara couldn't bear with the fact that she could be endangering Naomi's life so she drove her off. It was very hard for her to do. After a long, long time, she was happy and in love. She really loved her, but she did what she had to do."

„I'm not gay. I'm bisexual. And what does it matter, anyway? Just because I like women too, doesn't mean I have to like Pam in that way. I mean, it's weird. She's supposed to be my mother. How could I even think about her like that? It's fucked up." – Even as she said those words, something stirred inside of her. She knew she wasn't telling the whole truth, she knew she felt something for Pam. Something she couldn't yet decipher.

Jessica decided to take this opportunity and be the big vampire sister. She didn't know everything, but when it came to vampire business, she definitely knew more than Tara.

„No, it wouldn't be weird. It's actually very common in the vampire world. Maker/progeny relationships are, almost always, of sexual nature. At least in the beginning. I don't know why that is, but it's true."

Tara's eyes opened wide. Carefully, she tried to form her question. „So, you and Bill?" She let it hang in the air.

„No! No ,no, we never..." Jessica felt extremely embarrassed. She never thought of Bill like that. The question quite literally shocked her.

„See?" Tara said with an air of victory to her voice. „So why would it be normal for me to feel attracted to Pam?

„Well, my story is kind of different." Jessica decided to tell Tara the story of how she came to be a vampire in order to clear things up a bit. „You see, Bill didn't really wanna turn me. He was compelled to do it. It was his punishment. He had killed a vampire, Eric's employee who attacked Sookie, so the Magister decided he had to return the vampire life he had taken. I snuck out of my house to go to a party that night. It was the first time ever I did something like that. Don't get me started on my human family. Let's just say, I wasn't allowed to do anything. So I snuck out and got kidnapped. That's luck, huh?" She feel silent for a moment, remembering that night.

„I'm sorry." Tara said quietly. She really was sorry, she knew what it's like to be turned against your will.

„No, no, it's okay. It turns out, it was the best thing that could have happened. I'd never go back, even if I could." Jessica meant it. She loved being a vampire, she loved the freedom, the power, everything. „Anyway," she continued, „as you can see, my story isn't a typical one. He did it because he had to, but he felt immense grief and remorse. He thought he took away my life, even though he actually gave me one. I was 17 at the time, so maybe that played a part, too. And I was a brat, a real pain in the ass. So I can see why he didn't find me particularly attractive." She couldn't help but chuckle.

„I'm pretty sure Pam didn't wanna turn me either. We were arch enemies ten days ago. So we're in the same boat."

„Do you remember how it happened?" Jessica couldn't help but ask even though she was afraid it was still too fresh for Tara. Tara answered, nevertheless.

„No. I mean, I remember that night and I remember how I...died,", she swallowed a big lump in her throat, resolved not to be weak, „but I don't know how it came to be that Pam turned me. She wasn't there when I lost consciousness. Sookie and Lafayette were there and I'm guessing they somehow got her to turn me. I know she herself would never have done it. As I said, we hated each other."

„But you don't hate each other now." Jessica wasn't going to let it go.

„No. I don't hate her. I don't know what I feel. I can't say it's love, but it is something. She's kinda grown on me, I guess. Even though she's a real bitch most of the time, I can't help but care."

„She cares, too, you know?", Jessica quickly added. „Pam's just that way, she doesn't show her emotions, but she definitely has them. And I'm sure she's proud of you. You're doing really great."

„Thank you. I don't deserve it, though. I was a bitch to you when I was human. Why are you doing this?" Tara's eyes filled with tears. She knew she wouldn't be able to fight it much longer.

Jessica smiled. „It's okay. You were scared and you didn't understand. I wasn't gonna hold it against you, anyway. And I mean it. She cares, she really does. She just needs time. If you haven't noticed, she's not really a touchy-feely kind of person." They both chuckled and silently agreed.