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Kalinda's POV-

Father and Mother sat primly on the couch in front of us. They had needed to tell us something "vitally" important, according to the servant they had sent to fetch my sister and I. It wasn't very often they asked to speak with Chandra and I, so I suppose you could call them asking to see us a real treat. If you count being told that you were moving away from your home in West Valley, New York to a place in Japan in less than a day a treat.
As usual I was the one that began throwing a temper tantrum over leaving my friends, school, and the country behind. Chandra just sat there quietly, letting everything sink. Now would be a great time for one of your unexpected moments of speech! I shouted to her in my head, hoping it would reach her through our sister telepathy.

"You could have at least given us a week notice, instead of three hours. A week would have given Kalinda's friends enough time to senselessly through a big, schmancy going away party." Chandra's soft, low voice had an unusual coldness added to it. I froze, a little angry about her party comment and a little happy that she spoke up. Father and Mother, however, were unfazed.

"Your father and I thought that if we left quickly it wouldn't be as hard and painful to say goodbye." Mother said. I rolled my eyes, because that was obviously not the real reason.

"This matter is not up for discussion. You will be packed and ready to leave in two hours." Our father is so emotionless. And infuriating. I stormed out of the parlor, and ran upstairs making sure I stomped all the way. Yes, I know. I'm 15 and very childish.

Two Hours Later

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE LEAVING?!" I held the phone away from my ear. I could quite easily picture my two best friends, Tasie and J.T., crying and saying how much they were going to miss me and asking when I'm going to leave.

"WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEAVE?!", they both shouted through the phone. Right on que.

"I'm leaving in twenty minutes." I tried to keep my voice from cracking.


"My parents just told me and Chandra about two hours ago. We have to go to Japan."


"I know! I know! Now stop trying to make me weep. It'll ruin my make-up!"


"You two have to do me a favor. Okay?"


"Rule the school, for me."


"I have to go now, the plane's about to take off. I'll miss you guys. Make sure you call and text me, okay?"


Awesome, now my eyes will be all red and puffy when I get to Japan.

Yeah this chapter's kinda boring I know but I promise it gets better. Thanks yea for reading