Mayor Snow was Mayor of Panem county. He strived for Justice and to make Panem a better place. There was the Capitol where he lived and Districts 1-12. Everyone lived in peace until one day...

Seneca Crane was a busy man. He was a millionaire, a philanthropist, and a dreamer. His main goal was to stop hunger. One day, he heard about Panem county and how plain and peaceful it was. He decided to start his next project.

Seneca Crane's POV

I was nervous. Too nervous. In 5 minutes, I would present my project to Mayor Snow. When his secretary called me in, I took a deep breath and walked in. "Hello, Mayor! I'm Seneca Crane!" I said rather cheerfully. "Hello, Seneca. What did you want to see me about?" "As you know, I am working on several projects to stop world hunger. I have an idea for a new project that I would like the Districts of Panem county to participate in." I told him about my plan to create a student competition for kids ages 12-18 called "The Hunger Games". A boy and a girl from each District would be reaped from a reaping ball. The students will then travel to the Capitol and do many projects trying to get the attention of sponsers from around the world. All the sponsers money goes to my projects to end world hunger. I could see that Snow was impressed. Then he smiled and said, "Let the Hunger Games begin!"

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