It had been a long day for Nick and Zoe a massive explosion at the Nuclear Power Station had left many people fighting for their lives and had put extreme pressure on everyone in the ED.

5 hours earlier.

Zoe was in Nicks office with him talking about their future plans.
'I want you to be happy' Nick said looking Zoe in the eye. She looked down and there was silence for a minute.
'I am' Zoe replied although not convincing Nick that she was.
'Don't lie to me Zoe I can see you're not, so I want to give you the pleasure of being Mrs Jordan' He smiled as he spoke and made eye contact with Zoe who forced a smile.
She was keeping the big secret from Nick that she had used the fertility drugs to help get pregnant although it had worked for her she didn't like the thought of Nick finding out before she had the chance to tell him.
'Nickā€¦' Zoe whispered which you could hardly hear,
'Yes darling' He replied
Zoe didn't speak so Nick presumed he had done something wrong
'Oh no I'm sorry I didn't mean to force you into marrying me I just thought it would be for the best and it would make you happy'
'It's not that' She said but this time louder which make Nick silent. She brought out the empty box in her bag Nick still didn't say anything trying to take it in and Zoe looked down again.
'You think this is a problem?' Nick let out a grin and Zoe slowly brought her head up he had no idea how pleased she was that this wouldn't break up their relationship but did he already know? He seemed to respond calmly considering how big Zoe thought this secret was.
Nicks grin got bigger and he let out a chuckle but Zoe didn't find it funny.
'Nick don't you get it?' She exclaimed, while Nick longingly looked at her.
'I used fertility drugs to get me pregnant' She carried on, Nick grinned again
'Listen Zoe you know how I feel about fertility drugs if they work and I kind of already'
'YOU WHAT?!' Zoe shouted out cutting him off and annoyed that she had finally built up enough courage to tell him and he already knew!? Nick looked down at the floor his grin slowly disappearing.
'They fell out of your bag the other day but I thought you would tell me when you was ready and you did, it really doesn't change anything Zo,' Nick explained and looked up to Zoe trying to smile although she was angry he didn't tell her he knew she was relieved he did and that it didn't change things between them. Zoe had been paged and turned around to leave his office without saying anything but before she reached the door Nick said quietly in nearly a whisper,
'I love you Zoe Hanna' Normally Zoe would reply back with 'I love you too Nick Jordan but today she didn't feel like it slightly annoyed that Nick hadn't told her and so she just turned around forced a smile and walked out.