Day 1

My Mama went to Tennessee yesterday to a Birdcage Collectors' Convention. She's staying there with my Aunt Noony and Aunt Maggie. Adrienne Dabney, a painter from New York, arrived in town today. My dad, Able, invited Miss Dabney over to welcome her to our town, but the minute he saw her, he know he didn't like her. When Miss Dabney came into our house, the first thing she did was kick off her sandals, flop into Mama's old chair and prop her bare feet up on the coffee table. While Miss Dabney was talking to my father about being a painter and traveling all over the world, my little sister, Grace, wouldn't stop running in and out of the house with her best friend, Boo. He is a little boy who lives down the road. His sister's name is Sharalee, who by the way, is my best friend.

One of the things I noticed about Miss Dabney was she had rings on her toes. I knew the minute she left I was going straight to my room to find some small rings to put on my toes. I wanna be just like her when I grow up and travel around the world and paint just like her.

I overheard one of the conversations between Miss Dabney and my dad. Miss Dabney said every minute of the day people were bringing her gifts, and she couldn't get any of her painting done. So she said she was going to do and experiment which she called her "Sensory Deprivation Project". She said she was going to lock herself in her house for a month living in the dark, not seeing or hearing or doing anything but meditating. When Miss Dabney finally left, I went straight to my room, and all I did was think about the last words she said before leaving.

"Charity, I think I'm going to like you."