Day 7

It's been a week since Adrienne started her "Sensory Deprivation Project," and I finally got to tell my best friend, Sharalee, about Adrienne. Ever since Sharalee started working at Food World, she is hardly ever home. Today when I got to Sharalee's house, she was having dinner, so I had to wait out in the barn for her. Sharalee's dad, Mr. Marshall, makes coffin shells without the satin and brass accessories and puts them in the barn. That is why I didn't want to wait too long for Sharalee. To keep my mind off the coffins, I started the food I brought over for Sharalee. Her mother has her on a diet, so she could lose some weight even though she isn't even fat. When she came out, I gave her the food and started telling her about Adrienne's visit a week ago. Sharalee didn't say anything, she just nodded, because she was too busy eating the hush puppies that I brought her.

When Sharalee finished the hush puppies, we started talking about my mama, and when she left that day. I still remember mama dressed in all green. Green pants and a green-and-white fern-leaf shirt and straw sun had dyed a bright green. I always thought she looked like a giant parrot that day.

When Sharalee and I finished talking I said, "Good bye," and walked home because it was near dark. It was about 8:30 when I got there, so I went straight to bed.