Through the Eyes of Etro

Part I: New Bodhum 3AF

'' I thought my actions would atone for my past. After washing up on the shores of Valhalla, I gazed through the Eyes of Etro and witnessed the events of your age. It was a waking nightmare. Lives beyond counting, swallowed by chaos and vanishing into the Void. Some of those souls had been enemies, dispatched to death's realm by my own hand. It was a tragedy I couldn't ignore. My path was set: I would remain in Valhalla, and carry out the will of the goddess. The sorrows of the dead would be mine to bear. It would be my atonement. I was chained down by past sins, unable to move forward into the future. I needed you, Serah. That's why I asked for your help. For me, there is nothing… There is no hope.''

Lightning's eyes opened, she was groggy. She saw a bright blue sky above her and heard waves crashing onto the shore near her. She felt a sharp pain on the back of her head. She reached up to feel for the epicentre of the pain. She felt a thick, warm liquid spread onto her hand. She winced. She brought her hand back in front of her so she could see what the liquid was, it was blood.

''Guys! I found her! Lightning! Lightning! Are you okay!?'' Screamed a familiar voice. Soon a figure appeared above her. It was Serah, she dropped to her knees and cradled Lightning.

''I need help! She's bleeding! Someone help me please!'' Screamed Serah, tears in her eyes.

''Serah, come out of the way. I'll carry her to Lebreau.''

''Please be careful with her Snow!'' Serah panicked. But she knew her husband would be able to carry her.

As Snow carried Lightning to the NORA house, residents of New Bodhum were staring at him and Lightning. Many shocked to see one of their towns protectors injured. Yuj, Maqui and Gadot had cleared the table so Snow could put Lightning on it. He gently placed her on her back, with her injured head on a soft pillow. Quickly the pillow absorbed some of the blood. Lebreau quickly rushed to Lightning's side. She rolled her onto her side, Lightning was barely conscious. Lebreau tended to her wound. It appeared to be a gash from a fall.

''I'm going to need some space guys.'' Lebreau informed. ''I need you to go wait outside.''

With that the NORA members and Serah left the room and waited anxiously outside.

''Is she okay?'' Vanille asked.

''Yeah is she!?'' Hope panicked. Lightning was the one person that had looked after him and now she was injured.

''I… I don't know. Lebreau is doing everything she can.'' Serah said, raising her fingers to her mouth. Her eyes let a single tear drop to the ground.

''She'll be fine! She's a fighter, that girl's as tough as nails.'' Fang exclaimed, in her very strong Australian accent.

''Don't you worry Serah.'' Sazh comforted the girl by putting his arm around her. Dajh ran up to Serah and hugged her waist.

''Thank you guys.'' Serah said putting an arm around both Sazh and Dajh.

For what seemed like forever, the group waited outside the NORA house for any news on Lightning. Eventually Lebreau appeared, blood still stained her fingertips. She smiled lightly.

''She's fine, it wasn't very deep. She does have a concussion but a little rest should sort that out.'' Lebreau smiled, wiping the rest of the blood of her hands.

''That's great! Did you hear that Snow? Light's going to be fine!'' Serah beamed with happiness, a huge wave of relief rush over her and the rest of the group.

With the news everyone went back to what they were doing before. Snow and Serah crept into the NORA house. Serah went into the back room where Lightning was resting, whilst Snow poured Light some water. Serah sat next to the bed, holding her sisters left hand in hers. Lightning was lying on her back.

''Light, I don't know if you can hear me but, I'm glad you're okay.'' Serah said.

Lightning stirred, and slowly opened her eyes.

''I'm fine, Serah.'' Lightning said, clearly exhausted. ''I went a little light-headed and I collapsed, I must of hit my head.'' She explained, whilst sitting up. At that point Snow entered with a glass of water.

''Here, drink this.'' Snow offered the glass to Lightning.

''Thanks Snow.'' Lightning replied. She drank the water in a matter of seconds, she must have been thirsty.

She passed the glass back to the former l'Cie and he walked back out of the room. Lightning shuffled back down and closed her eyes. Serah rested her head on Lightnings stomach. Within minutes the pair was sound asleep. The sun began to set over the coastal town, most of the residents had retired to their beds, except the few on guard duty. They worked in shifts. The more dangerous monsters usually come out deep in the night so the former l'Cie took the later shift.

''Vanille what are you doing?'' Fang asked. The young girl was looking through the bedroom window, she was looking at Lightning and Serah.

''I'm seeing if she's having dreams yet.'' Vanille said, as if Fang would completely understand why Vanille wanted to know if Lighting was dreaming.

''Why?'' Fang asked rather confused.

''You know why, Fang.'' Vanille whispered.

''She'll have dreams when we do. That's when we know we're about to awaken.'' Fang replied. ''Why do we need to see if Light's having dreams?''

''Fang. I believe she'll have dreams before us. I think she'll be needed and so she will have the dream that will awaken her.'' Vanille explained.

''Well it doesn't look like she's having any dreams at the moment.'' Fang said. ''Now let's get some rest, we're on the late shift remember.''

''Fine…'' Vanille still felt like a child when she was with Fang. But she was happy to have her here.

Fang walked to the hut she shared with Vanille. Vanille gave Lightning one last look and skipped after Fang. The pair would have their work cut out for them now Lightning was resting. The pair got their rest and was soon woken by Vanille's pet robot Bhakti for their late night shift.

''Dajh, you know daddy has to go and keep the town safe at night, try to go back to sleep. I'll be back by morning.'' Sazh had tried to sneak out of his hut without waking Dajh. Dajh didn't like it when his father would leave him.

''Daddy, I get scared alone.'' Dajh was crying now. ''Serah is looking after her sister so she can't look after me tonight.''

''C'mon champ. I'll take you to her, yeah?'' Sazh knew Serah needs to care for Lightning, but Dajh wouldn't be trouble. The two got ready quickly and walked over to the NORA house.

''Serah! Serah!'' Sazh whispered.

''Sazh? What are you doing here?'' Serah said yawning and rubbing her eyes.

''Sorry, I know you need to look after your sister, but Dajh is scared alone. I was wondering if you could watch him whilst I take the late shift?'' Sazh asked hopefully.

''Yeah sure, c'mon in Dajh.'' Serah giggled and bent down with her hands on her knees.

''Bye daddy!'' Dajh ran into Serahs arms and gave her a hug.

''See you later champ.'' Sazh turned around and walked to the cliff side.

''Hey, old man! You're late.'' Fang teased.

''Hey! I'm not that old!'' Sazh laughed.

Serah and Dajh were sat at the dining room table. Serah had made hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.

''Now I know Lebreau bought these from Academia but she won't mind if we use them.'' Serah smiled. ''But don't tell her because it's out little secret.'' She laughed.

''Hey, where's mine?'' Lightning staggered out of her room, and sat down at the table.

''Oh sorry Lightning, I thought you were asleep. Did we wake you?'' Serah asked. Hoping they didn't wake her older sister.

''No, I was already awake. It's hard to sleep when you have a headache this big.'' She smiled.

''Well there's enough for another cup if you like?'' Serah said offering her a mug.

''Thanks Serah.'' Lightning smiled, she was about to get up when Serah jumped up and walked to the kettle to make some more hot chocolate.

The trio sat down, drank their chocolate and headed into the bedroom. There were two beds, Dajh took one and Light took the other. Serah sat in a large arm chair and watched over the two whilst they slept. Serah was drifting off to sleep, trying to stay awake. She stood up and went to get a glass of water. When she arrived back Lightning stirred. She walked over to the bed and wiped her forehead. She calmed and Serah sat back in the chair.

''Goodnight Lightning…'' And as she said that, she fell into a deep sleep.