Just a short one-shot about Hi and Shelton talking about Tory and Ben.

I do not own Virals they were created by Kathy Reichs, I just made a part I think she left out.

"What do you think that was about?" Shelton asked Hi as they walked away from the chapel with all the gear on their shoulders.

"What was what about?" Hi asked confused.

"The thing with Ben, back in the chapel. About not wanting our guests getting cute. So he'd stay with Tory. I mean really, if any of us can handle ourselves against those three idiots, it's Tory." Shelton explained to Hi.

"He sounded awfully protective. You don't think -?" Hi looked at Shelton who looked back at Hi.

"Nah." They said together.

"Hi, that has to be one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard, and we're at a freaking chapel that had Anne Bonny's long lost treasure hidden inside it, and we got here using a some rocks and dead leaves that Tory found in an empty chest we also dug up with the help of a guy we broke out of a mental hospital." Shelton said to Hi.

"Well when you put it that way." Hi said annoyed.

"Besides, what makes you think he likes her?" Shelton asked. "He could just be taking over a body-guard position, kind of like the secret service. Tory's pretty much the alpha so that makes sense, and Ben is the strongest when he flares. He's best suited for protection details."

"But he said 'in case our guests get cute.' Plus you've seen the looks he shoots that Jason kid and how Chance just gets under his skin by just being there. I think he's jealous." Hi said.

"Now I know you're crazy. There is no way Ben likes Tory as anything more then a friend." Shelton argued.

"Fine, then you won't get to be the best man at the wedding." Hi said defiantly. We walked in silence after that, and Hi flashed a thumbs-up towards Ben, but Ben didn't see it, Tory did. They are sitting kind of close together, but there's no way they like each other. No way. Shelton thought to himself.

So what do you think? The idea came to me as I was reading Seizure, *possible spoiler alert* especially when you factor in the little incident that happened on page 49 and 50 concerning Ben and Jason. Can't give away too much for those who haven't read about it yet.