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"Tory darling you'll never believe what I've just done for you." That's Whitney, my dad Kit's girlfriend and a thorn in my side. Without even waiting for me to ask she continued. I tried to ignore it. She was just taking about my 'debut into high society' "So, I managed to set you up with a very nice boy named Jason Taylor. You'll be having dinner with him tomorrow night. And after dinner, you'll be going for a walk in the park. Isn't that lovely?" I opened my mouth in shock. A date? With Jason? That's not going to go over well. Now he's going to think I like him. Which I don't. Damn it why can't Whitney just stay out of my life. I didn't say anything. Next thing I knew I was running for the bunker. I know Kit and Whitney were yelling for me to come back, but I couldn't hear them. I did know that Coop had followed me. As soon as we got to the bunker I collapsed onto the couch I had gotten with money from Anne Bonny's treasure.

"Oh Coop. What am I going to do?" I asked the wolf pup. He just tilted his head. "That's incredibly cute Coop, but it doesn't help any." I scratched the pup behind the ears.

"Yeah well, Coop might not be able to help you, but mind if we take a crack at it?" That would be Hi. Followed by Shelton and Ben. Shit. Ben's the one person I didn't want knowing about this thing with Jason.

"No, you wouldn't help either, you'd just make fun of me." I told Hi.

"Oh I get it, it's got something to do with high society dealings us lowly peasants wouldn't understand because we are too poor to understand the finer things in life." Shelton tried imitating the stuck-up debutants.

"It's related but not exactly." I said.

"It's not like your dating one of them or anything like that is it?" Damn you Hi. I didn't respond. "You are aren't you! Alright whose face are you going to be sucking -OW!" Ben slapped Hi, looking angry.

"I'm not going to be sucking anyone's face if I can help it. And I don't think it's a date if I'm being forced to go." I said sullenly. Ben stood up and left without a word. Hi seemed to look excited about this for some reason, while Shelton looked almost dissapointed. I, on the other hand, was pissed. Why does he have to leave anytime I mention another guy?

"What's his problem?" I asked.

"Sorry Tory, can't tell you that. It'd be a serious violation of the code." Shelton answered

"What code?" I asked.

"The guy code. It's only the most important set of rules for guys ever duh!" Hi responded.

"Whatever. Look, I've gotta go face the witch back home. See you guys later." I stood up and walked towards the door. Coop followed me.

"Wait, you never told us where you and lover boy are going." Hi said suddenly.

"Out to dinner, and then for a walk in the park apparently." I gave Hi a weird look, then left. Thankfully, I was able to sneak upstairs before Kit and Whitney noticed I was back. I decided to go to bed early. I woke up at ten dreading what I would be forced to sit through that night. I decided to hang out on the beach until lunch, no sign of Ben, and for that I was grateful. I did not want to have to deal his brooding before I had a date with Jason. I went home around one to grab a late lunch, but before I could put leftovers into the microwave, Whitney came barging in. Without saying anything, or letting me eat she dragged me up to my room. Hours later of failed protests, She finally finished playing dress up. I was in a slightly puffy pink dress, that sparkled. She put me in sparkles! The nerve of her. My hair was curled and weighted down with hairspray. I even had makeup on. I felt like a clown. A big, pink sparkly clown. Definitely not my style. I took advantage of Whitney's momentary leave of absence to back a change of clothes. Whitney came back and dragged me to the car.

"Remember, Jason will pick you up at the dock, and drop you off at the dock." She said as she pushed me onto the boat. I tripped over the dress, only to be caught by someone. I looked up, Ben!

"What are you doing here?" I asked coldly. Oh yeah, still mad at him. Ben's dad pulled away from the dock.

"In case you've forgotten, this is my dad's boat. What's with the bag?"

"Change of clothes. You're insane if you think I'm staying in this thing all night."

"Oh that's right. You have a date with some meathead tonight." He sounded angry again.

"What's your problem?" I asked just as angry.

"I don't have a problem. You're the one with a problem."

"Oh yeah? And what, might I ask, is that problem?"

"You're taste in men."

"What's wrong with my taste in men?" He happens to fall under the category of my taste in men. Wait a minute, where the hell did that thought come from? Oh focus, you're arguing with Ben. Now's not the time to think about how cute he looks when he's mad. Back track a second, what's with all these thoughts of Ben lately? I'm going crazy I know it.

"Chance Clayborne ring any bells?"

"That was a fluke. Plus the whole school's female population had a crush on him! He doesn't count."

"You still liked him, and then there's that Taylor kid. What do you see in him?"

"Jason?" hmm, what did I see in him? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. "He's polite, and he's sweet." that'll work.

"Sweet and polite? That's what you see in him?"

"Well at least he doesn't brood all the time." that was a low blow. Especially since Ben is so damn attractive when he broods. Thankfully the boat docked and I saw Jason standing there waiting for me. I turned and left Ben standing there.

"Hey Tory!" He sounded happy. "Something up?" now he sounded concerned.

"Just a little argument." He didn't say anything, he just walked towards the restaurant. I didn't say much. I just nodded in agreement and said 'hmm' when it seemed appropriate. I was too busy thinking about my argument with Ben. What is his problem?

"Would you like to go for a walk in the park?"

"Sure." Maybe some fresh air will do me good. So Jason payed for dinner, and we left. He took my hand. It was soft, as if he used lotion daily, the girlie kind, that comes in a pink bottle from Victoria's Secrets with a name like 'Cute and Flirty' written in purple. We walked in silence for a while. I couldn't think of anything to say, it was too awkward.

"So what did you and Ben argue about?" He's going to break the silence with that? What the hell happened to this thing called tact?

"Nothing that concerns you." I snapped at him. Harsh I know. But I definitely couldn't tell Jason that all I think about is Ben, while on a date with him. I have some tact at least.

"Well good. Because if it had involved me then I wouldn't be able to do this." Shit! He was getting closer. This is not what I intended. Okay, how do I get out of this? I felt a sudden tugging on my arm, then it got more aggressive, pulling me to the right. I had to run to keep up, I didn't even get a good look at my savior, I was too busy watching the ground so as not to trip. Though from the glimpses I did catch he looked familiar. Finally we stopped. At the docks? I mean I know the park isn't that far from the docks, but still. Why the docks? That's when I got a good look at my savior. Those dark eyes and hair. That copper toned skin. Ben Blue had saved me from having to kiss Jason.

"What the hell Ben?"

"You're welcome."

"I was doing just fine on my own Ben. I didn't need you pulling me away."

"Oh so you wanted to kiss that jackass?"

"Well no." I admitted. "But still! I could've handled it!"

"You had me fooled!"

"What's your problem with Jason anyway?" Ben looked hesitant. Bad move. In an argument you never want to be hesitant, it just let's your opponent strike your weak side.

"You wouldn't understand."

"Then help me to, because I am getting so sick of your mood swings everytime Jason comes up. Go ahead and explain." I hadn't realized how close together we had gotten with our arguing.

"It's just arrrrrrrgh!" he crushed his lips against mine. It felt amazing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and felt his arms wrap around my waist. We both pulled each other closer. I figured everything out with that kiss to. Ben liked me. That's why he was always so jealous of Jason and Chance. That's why he stayed behind in the chapel. That's why he volunteered to sit in the waiting room with me, and give me my meds. Why he refused to answer when I asked him what he dreamed about. Why he left earlier. Why he didn't like my taste in men. All of it made sense now. And I like him back. That's why I've been having all these weird thoughts about him.

"Finally! See Shelton I told you!" Ben and I broke apart suddenly and I looked around. I saw Hi and Shelton standing on Sewee watching us. Hi looked happy, and was doing some weird dance. Shelton was smirking.

"How the hell did you two get here? And what are you doing with my boat?" Ben sounded, distracted, angry, and shocked all at the same time.

"Relax lover boy. I didn't do any damage, and I had your dad talk me through driving it."

"Just for that you're banned from setting foot in it. For ever. Have fun riding to school with mommy."

"Aw come on." Hi whined. "Isn't there an amendment or something against cruel and unusual punishment?"

"Hi, quit while your ahead dude." Shelton added.

"Punishment applies to you to Shelton." Ben said.

"What? Why?"

"You helped him." then Hi got this mischievous glint in his eyes.

"I see what's going on here." Hi said waggling his eyebrows.

"Care to enlighten me because I have no idea what you're going on about." Ben asked, slightly annoyed.

"Well it's obvious isn't it? Ben just wants some alone time with Tory here everyday so that they can do nasty things." Ben jumped onto the boat and tackled Hi. An awfully big jump, and he gives me grief for flaring in public. I walked over to the side of the boat.

"Would you please help me up Shelton." Shelton nodded and gave me a hand.

"I was just joking Ben. Don't kill me please! I have a wife and three kids! Tory! Call him off! Call off your mad boyfriend." Way to be dramatic Hi. I'm sure he didn't notice that Ben wasn't really mad, he was just messing with Hi.

"Ben. Let him up. You can't kill him." Ben looked up at me.

"Thank you! Thank you kind lady!" Hi took Ben's moment of distraction to get out from under him. Then he started kissing my shoe.

"Why not?" Ben asked.

"Too many witnesses. You'll have to kill him the next time your at the bunker where no one can hear him pleading for mercy." Hi stopped kissing my shoe and looked at me in horror. That's when I lost it. Followed by Ben and Shelton.

"That wasn't nice you know."

"Maybe not, but it was hilarious." Shelton said.

"Here now polish your spit off my rented shoes. Your just lucky you didn't get anything on the dress, because I left my spare clothes on Ben's dad's boat." I said. Then Ben threw something at me which I caught. It was my bag of clothes.

"Nevermind. Thanks Ben." I put my shorts on without taking the dress off, and without showing myself to the world. I didn't have to change out of my underwear to change clothes. "Alright now you three have to turn around, and Ben if you would be so kind as to take me home. I still have a curfew." once the three of them turned around, I managed to get the pink sparkly puff ball off and a comfortable T-shirt on.

"Can we turn around yet?" Hi asked.

"Ben and Shelton can. You have to stare at the water for the whole trip."

"Aw come on."

"You drove Ben's boat without him knowing. You know how protective he is of it."

"Fine!" Hi pouted the whole ride home. Shelton played on his iPad. Ben drove. And I watched the water.

"Bye Ben. See you tomorrow." I kissed his cheek. Then jumped off the boat. I had to run home to make it before curfew. My puffy dress on my arm and the shoes in my bag. I packed sneakers to go with my wardrobe change.

"Tory darling how was your time with Jason?" Whitney asked.

"I don't think it'll work between the two of us." I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling, and giving it away. Whitney doesn't need to know about Ben and me.

"Why ever not?" She asked. I smiled a little.

"He's just not my type." Ben. Ben was my type. I turned around headed for my room and left Whitney standing there. Smiling hugely.