Call from the Sea

By Inktasticx

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Summary: When Jacob was nine he was called to the sea by a creature that should only exist in fairy tales. Years later, when he hears the call again, it changes everything - including him.


Everyday Jacob went to the beach – whether rain, so much seemingly endless rain, heat and then eventually snow, Jacob would visit the beach and stand on this cluster of rocks and wait.

Just wait.

His friends made fun of him, his father concerned but annoyed, and his people would whisper.

But he ignored them and continued with his personal ritual – to wait and listen.

However, the months continued to pass and eventually turn into years. Jacob began to give up hope and believe that maybe everyone else was right – maybe it was just a dream.

Thought he never removed the small spiral shell from around his neck, and the voice continued to echo that single name within his head…

Hah-ree – Hah-ree.


…time between visits drew longer.


Waves rolled and crashed against the cliff-face; the unending dance of the sea. The wind was chilled and strong, but it did not disturb the shirtless youth who stood at the cliffs edge.

A large hand came up to stroked at the empty space at his chest – the space a small spiral shell once rested, before taking a deep breath – the inhale rushing the salt loaded air deep within powerful lungs.

One step forward.

One thought.

One name.

Come seek us where our voices sound
we cannot sing above the ground

The call came that night; for the first time in over six years the sweet enchanting sound filled his ears, bringing Jacob out from his pain filled dreams. With a soft groan, he sat up in bed, his arms wrapped around his bandaged covered torso.

Carefully, he maneuvered his legs over the edge and got out of bed – stilling momentarily when the springs of his small bed creaked at being relieved of holding his bulk.

Like so many years before, he traveled down the small hallway of his home and found his father in their living room asleep on the worn old couch. However, this time, instead of being a grief-filled widower bordering on alcoholism, he was a weary and worried father.

He did not bother with shoes nor a jacket, he only quietly slipped through the front door and into the rain filled night.

Though covered by heavy clouds he knew the moon was full, he could feel it within his blood. Even without the aid of the moon light, the shifter has no troubles walking through the wet and dense forest – towards the sea.

Towards the call he had ached to hear for so many years.

"I'm coming," he grunted lightly, holding his still healing abdomen tighter. As if listening and hearing the soft spoken words, the song paused before beginning again –




When his bare feet made contact with the water, keen eyes scanned the wild waves looking for the owner of the beautiful voice which called him.


Off shore he watched a head broke the surface of the water.

It had been over six years, six long years, since he had laid eyes on the familiar figure floating a few yards away from where he stood on the beach.

The once shoulder length black hair, decorated with pearls and shells, was now longer running down the merman's back and into the water.

The face, though still soft and beautiful, was a touch less round and more angled than before.

But then there were the eyes – those eyes were still the same; still curious but wise, young but aged before their time, bright yet tainted – still the same unearthly green.

Still beautiful…


When Jacobs sharp brown eyes met those enchanting green, time seemed to stand still and gravity seemed to shift as the world titled on its axis. At that moment the black haired merman became the only thing holding him down; his anchor.

All thoughts the of pain, Bella, vampires, his family, his pack – everything was just gone.

Everything but the creature before him.

Everything except for Harry.

The teen did not even seem to realize when he had began to wade in the water, the salty waves beating against his chest as he began treading towards the merman.

Shells and pearls clinked together when the creatures head titled to the side with curiosity, before green eyes widened moments later in recognition, "Ya-kob?"

"Harry," he whispered near soundlessly, reaching up the stroke a cool soft cheek, "Harry"

He's real.

It wasn't a dream; I hadn't been sleep walking that night.

He's real.

He's real.

"You're real," Jacob was rewarded with a beaming smile that left him breathless and warmed his heart to the point of melting.

Time did not exist as the two continued to float there, staring into the eyes of one another; it could have been an hours or a handful of minutes, neither knew. But their moment together was broken when a series of howls could be heard in the distance.

His pack knew he was missing.

"Ya-kob," his attention was drawn from the woods behind him back to the beautiful creature that was now holding his hands, placing something within his folded digits.

"Eat," looking down, Jacob noticed he was now holding a wad of odd seaweed that looked more like slimy, grayish-green rattails.

"Gillyweed, eat."

Staring into the eyes of his imprint, seeing the green orbs filled with excitement and joy, Jacob brought his hand to his mouth and stuffed the slimy mass into his mouth without question. He chewed quickly and swallowed as the howls behind him grew louder and more urgent.

Not knowing what to expect, Jacob opened his mouth to speak with his merman but found himself unable to do so – suddenly feeling as if he was being smothered, unable to draw a single breath into his lungs. He rasped out a yell when a piecing pain shot through the sides of his neck, between his fingers and down his legs.

He vaguely noticed Harry taking him by the arm and pulling him under the reckless waves.

Dragging him deeper and deeper into the dark abyss, his bandaged loosening before giving away.

In desperate need of air, Jacob gasped and felt the oxygen his body desired flood through him.

While he was underwater.

He was breathing underwater.

Jacob brought his hands to either side of his neck, feeling the two large slits that started just below his ears – gills. He stretched out his hands in front of him starring at his webbed fingers.

Just like when he had shifted the first time, his mind seemed to shut down from panic and awed amazement that battled within him.

"Jacob," Slowly his mind numb registered the voice, the voice once heavy and muffled by a heavy unknown accent was now clear – ringing beautifully within his ears. "Are you alright, Jacob?"

The shifter could do nothing but nod taking the merman's hand between his webbed ones, "I'm perfect."

Miles above them, unknown to the pair, a pack of wolves larger than horses of man gathered on the beach at the water's edge. Sniffing and searching - Pawing at the sand, the smallest wolf spotted what first appeared to be a pile of seaweed washing up; however upon closer inspection the large wolf released a painful noise catching the attention of the others.

The group gathered around the pile, the mass of sodden bandages; each sniffing, each confirming the scent nearly faded and washed away from the salty water, before the largest black wolf released a howl, joined shortly by the remainder of the pack.

A chorus of mourning.

Unaware of the duo that swam away deeper under the sea.

and while you're searching ponder this
we've taken what you'll sorely miss


Most descriptions towards the bottom of the fic (gillyweed and the transformation it causes and the song) comes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Cliff scene was after sometime after Jacob first transformed – the last was Eclipse time after he was hurt by the newborn. Pretty much going to defer from there; no wedding invitation, no running away…

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