Shattered Glass

Chapter 1: Prelude to a Storm

A/N: AU Ninja Storm. First in "Shattered Glass" series. I know I got a few other stories I'm working on, but I really wanted to start this one since the idea came to me. This is AU of ninja storm, and there is no altered timeline.

The background: Margret "Maggie" Simmons is eighteen years old. She lived with her father all her life and never knew her mother. Her father was abusive toward her while she was growing up. She avoided home as much as she could. The only places she felt safe were the Ember Ninja Academy, where she was training as a fire ninja since she was twelve, and when she was with her friend, Lily Chilman, and her family. Ever since she was sixteen, Maggie was officially adopted by Lily's parents when they stopped by and saw her father abusing her. Since then, Maggie has been living with them in Blue Bay Harbor and is haunted by nightmares from her past.

Will becoming the orange fire ranger help her overcome her fears?

Disclaimer: I only own things not originally in the show, like Maggie.

It was quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the roar of engines and a few people on the sidelines cheering. Two riders, sponsored by the same person known to them as the red headed Kelly Holloway, were riding. The rider in orange gear and riding an orange bike was leading. The guy in yellow was close behind her.

Kelly was watching on a hill, standing next to a curly haired blonde wearing a yellow and purple shirt with her hair tied up and pulled back. Both were cheering the two on, waiting for them to cross the finish line. When the two riders crossed it, they rode their bikes over to the hill where the two girls were waiting for them. The one in yellow removed his helmet to reveal a boy around eighteen with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

"Not bad," Kelly commented. "Lap times are about two seconds off, Dustin."

"Yeah I know," he sighed, getting off the bike. "My bike's bogging on that uphill. What time is it?"

"Five after," the red headed responded. "Why?"

"Oh man I am so busted!" he groaned before running off. Kelly sighed and turned to the two other girls. "You two have no idea where he always runs off to?"

The rider in orange removed her helmet to reveal very dark brown curly hair with a couple orange streaks in it that flowed down to mid back, even when it was pulled back into a pony tail. She was around 5'2" and had green eyes and tanned skin. "Absolutely none, Kel."

"You're getting better, Mags," the blonde smiled. "Roger and Ron are gonna be so jealous."

"Aren't they jealous already, Lil?" Maggie smirked. She only allowed her adoptive siblings call her "Mags" and to everyone else, it was "Maggie." Maggie got off her bike and grabbed a water bottle. "Don't you have a class to get to?"

"Don't you have work?" Lily retorted. She hugged her sister. "Ma's letting us have homemade pizza tonight, so you got to be home early if you want to get the good toppings."

"Will do," Maggie smiled as her sister ran off. She turned back to Kelly. "Thanks for helping out, Kelly."

Kelly rolled her eyes. "I told you before it's no problem, Maggie. You're a great rider and I'm glad to sponsor you. It's almost as if you're a natural. When we get back, there are a couple bikes that need fixing. Mind getting started on that?"

"Not a problem," Maggie nodded. It was going to be a long day.

"Toss the cheese!" Lily ordered as the Chilman children and Maggie stood around the table, making pizzas. Each had their own individual dough ball that they rolled out and decorated with sauce and pizza toppings. It was busy, considering there were five kids working on it. Lily, twins Ronald and Roger, and Penny Chilman were all younger than Maggie and actually blood related. Maggie was the adopted one as of two years ago.

"I'm the eldest," she argued. "I get the cheese first!" she playfully shoved the seventeen year old blonde. The twins were fifteen and the youngest was fourteen, but given all five's maturity level, you would've never guessed they were their age.

"Pen, heads up!" Roger tossed the package of cheese across the table to the youngest. "Youngest to oldest is the rule, Mags."

Maggie stuck her tongue out at her brother as the Chilman parents walked in. Karen spoke up first. "You all better clean up the mess you're making."

"Yes Ma," the kids chorused, used to this by now. Daniel walked in to help with some of the pizzas, considering there was excess dough.

"Where is Bentley?" Daniel wondered, looking at the eldest child in the room.

"Upstairs sleeping," Maggie pointed to the baby monitor on the counter behind them. "He went to bed a few minutes ago."

Karen looked to Maggie. "Maggie, can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure Karen," she nodded, still not used to calling them "mom and dad." She followed the blonde into the living room and the two sat down on the couch. Maggie could tell this was something big, but she had no idea how big. "What's this about?"

"Your father," Karen stated, looking her straight in the eyes. "We got a call from the police this morning saying that he was…" a beeping interrupted them. Maggie pulled out a small device and listened to a message coming through. "Go. Your other family needs you."

Maggie nodded and ran off to her ninja academy. She knew something was wrong the minute the device went off. Since the academy had only a small amount of students considering fire was an extremely hard element to control, each student was given a small communication device to be used in emergencies only.

Maggie also didn't have to worry about the Chilman's knowing about her being a ninja. After all, Karen and Daniel were Pai Zhuq masters that worked closely with ninjas, and not to mention all their kids were Pai Zhuq students right now. Maggie's Sensei had given her permission to tell them as well, especially after they took her in.

Now, Maggie hoped everything was okay.

Maggie had her ninja uniform on as she reached the entrance to the ninja academy. She carefully walked through the portal to see what was happening. She did not expect anything she saw at all. The academy was being sucked into the air. Bodies lie cold and dead on the ground. Strange creatures were attacking the remaining alive students. She saw her Sensei holding a box and struggling to fight.

Before she was attacked, Maggie bolted to help her Sensei and try and learn what was going on. She reached the elder woman as another one of the five remaining students, aside from her, fell to the ground. The academy only had a maximum of ten students, as far as Maggie knew. Half of them were now dead, thanks to these creatures.

"Margret," her Sensei coughed out. "Take this and protect yourself." She handed her the box. Maggie didn't care what the hell was in it. She would do anything to protect her home. "Activate it by saying 'Ember Storm, Ranger Form.' Hurry!"

Maggie wasted no time. "Ember Storm, Ranger Form!" she belted out. A bright light surrounded her, pausing the fight as she morphed. When the glow faded, she was covered by an orange power ranger suit. The arms and legs were a silvery grey color while the skirt, top, helmet, and boots were orange colored. The fire symbol was inside a white circle on the chest of the suit.

Immediately, she drew her ninja sword and began fighting back. She saw a couple other students fall and she moved to take on the bigger creatures. She was getting angry, and she felt power flow through her. It wasn't like anything she felt before. Once the building itself was gone, and the other nine students were dead on the ground, the creatures disappeared. Maggie opened the visor of her suit and looked around. Flames littered the ground and nine students were dead, given the fact that all were lying in a pool of their blood and none of them were moving a single muscle, let alone breathing.

"Sensei!" she ran over to the old woman. The woman was on the ground, breathing heavily. Her body could not handle the damage that it took during the fight. "Sensei, what's going on?"

"Lothor has arrived," she coughed out. Maggie had read about him in the scrolls when she was studying ninja history, so she knew what her sensei was talking about. "You are the Ember Academy's only hope, as the last living student. You must take the flame morpher that you have just used and find the Wind Ninja Academy. Sensei Watanabe will know what to do and knows that you exist. You must find him and the three that will become known as the wind rangers."

"But Sensei…"

"Go child," the woman urged. "Before they come back." Maggie knew that was her Sensei's last words before the woman lost her pulse and there was nothing Maggie could do. The eighteen year old sighed as she stood. She looked around and used her powers to wipe out the flames. Someone had to clean the place up.

When Maggie arrived home, she hadn't realized she had been crying. She rarely cried, or had trouble crying when she wanted to. Everyone in the Chilman household sensed the tension in her as she walked right on by the kitchen, not bothering to greet them, and went straight up to the room she shared with her sisters. The family was eating dinner, and there was an empty spot at the table. However, she ignored it.

Maggie flopped down onto her bed, burying her head into the pillow. She didn't look up when she heard the door open. She felt someone sit on the bed beside her and rest a hand on her back. "Is everything alright?" she heard her adoptive mother's voice speak. "Maggie, what's wrong?"

"Dead," she choked out, her voice muffled by the pillow. "They're all dead!"

Karen understood what the girl she considered a daughter meant. This was going to be hard.

The next day, Dustin and Maggie were working in the Storm Chargers garage like area, fixing up a few bike parts. Kelly was taking inventory like she did every week. Shane and Tori were watching a skateboard video on the TV in the lounge like area Kelly let them use. Maggie wasn't so much as working as she was sitting on a stool fiddling with the parts. She had a rough night last night, and no one aside from her family would understand.

And because she was feeling drowsy, she ended up falling off of the stool.

"Dude, are you okay?" Dustin asked as he helped her up. "You don't look so good."

"Thanks Dustin," she yawned. "I didn't get much sleep last night." It wasn't a total lie. After all, she couldn't tell him about her academy being attacked because they didn't know about her being a ninja. Then there was the nightmares that came back too. The one thing that woke her up, however, was the dozen clocks Dustin had set up in the area that went off. It startled her and she ended up falling again as Dustin, Tori, and Shane ran out.

Kelly looked to the boy in yellow. "Dustin, you're not going to leave us here to clean up the shop."

"Have I ever told you what a cool boss you are?" Dustin spoke before he bolted out the door. "Bye Kelly!" Kelly sighed and walked into the work area. She helped her other employee up from the ground and noticed how tired she looked.

"Everything all right Mags?" she asked. Aside from her adoptive family, Kelly was the only other one allowed to call her "Mags."

"I'm fine," she yawned again.

Kelly crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow. "Nightmares about your dad again or Bentley having a rough night?" Maggie nodded, and Kelly could tell there was more. "Look, go home and get some rest. You can have the rest of the day off."

"But what about the shop?" Maggie wondered, noting the mess. "Someone should help you clean."

"I'll be fine," Kelly stated. "I don't need my only other employee falling asleep on me. Now go home and rest. You need it."

"Thanks Kel."

Maggie found herself walking home instead of driving. She could come back and get her car later. She just wanted to try and get some sleep, but the thoughts running through her mind prevented her from doing so. The fight last night at the academy reminded her so much of what she was trying to forget, and it brought back nightmares. She just wanted things to go back to normal.

As she was walking, she paid no attention to where she was going. She had stopped hearing cars driving through the streets and only when she heard the same things she had heard last night did she realize she was no longer on the sidewalks, but standing in front of a lake with a waterfall. Deciding to act quickly and check it out, she ran toward the noise. She surprised herself when she stepped through a portal and saw the Wind Ninja Academy.

When she finally came out of shock, she noticed the same thing happening to this place that happened at her academy. Immediately, not caring if she was a ninja from this academy or not, she morphed and ran toward the fight, not wanting more innocent people to die. To say ninjas around her were shocked would be an understatement.

Maggie fought off the same creatures she fought at her academy. They recognized her and were glad to fight her. The orange ranger was using her ninja sword to defend herself, not wanting to be too distracting. Then she saw students becoming encased in bubbles. Thinking quickly, the brunette encased herself in a shield that deflected the bubbles from her as she continued to fight. She noticed the school's building was being transported away as well and after that was completed, nothing, not even the creatures she was fighting, had been left on school grounds aside from her and the land.

Sighing, Maggie began to wipe out the few fires that had been left. She heard footsteps coming up from behind her and whipped around to see her friends, Shane, Tori, and Dustin. Dustin had wide eyes as he stared in awe at the ranger, now having proof they did exist. Tori and Shane looked confused. They weren't sure how to act.

Until Tori spoke up. "Who are you?"

"A friend," Maggie replied quickly. She went back to wiping out the remaining flames, showing the others she was a fire ninja. As the three conversed, Maggie paid no attention to them. Her Sensei had told her to find the Wind Ninja Academy and Sensei Watanabe, and so far, half her mission was complete.

When she was done, she followed the others, refusing to demorph. She listened as Tori spoke. "Who would do something like this?"

"Are we the only students left?" Dustin wondered. The four looked around, Maggie wiping out any fires she spotted. Off to their side, a few rocks moved, startling them.

"Who's that?" Shane stopped them from moving. They saw a face peeping out from the rocks and struggling. "It's Cam!" the four ran over to help the boy. "Help me get him out!" Tori, Dustin, and Maggie moved the rocks as Shane pulled Cam out. The boy in green sat on a rock. "Cam, are you okay?"

Cam nodded. "Yeah I'm fine." Maggie looked up and saw something coming toward them. Immediately, she put up a shield around the five of them, shielding them from the blast that just hit the ground. The other four began running, Maggie following them closely and keeping the shield up as they were being fired on. Cam found a chain and pulled on it, opening up a door to a secret underground room. "Come on guys. This way!"He led the way in. Maggie urged the other three in and followed, closing the door and her shield as she went.

Once inside, the four others got a good look around. They still didn't know it was Maggie behind the suit, mainly because she refused to reveal it to them just yet. Shane decided to ask the question on everyone's mind. "Cam, what is this place?"

"Just follow me," he responded. He opened the doorway to a bigger room. Inside was a giant computer, a bookshelf, and a coffee table. The academy's logo was in the room on a wall as windows came down. The four were in awe, and Maggie found herself wondering if her academy had a similar thing. "Don't ask any questions because I can't answer them."

"What?" Shane chuckled as they walked around. "This is like, some big secret?"

"Yes Shane," Cam nodded. "It is some big secret."

A new voice floated in. "And there are times when secrets must be revealed, Cam." They all turned to see a small furry creature sitting in a miniature habitat area rolling in. The five walked over to him, the three wind ninjas noting how he sounded like their Sensei.

"Hey uh," Shane addressed the matter first. "That big rat sounds just like Sensei."

"Yeah I know," Dustin agreed. "Doesn't really look like him though, huh? I mean, except for the clothes."

"He's a guinea pig, not a rat," Maggie piped up. After all, her brothers each had one as a pet before they decided to get hamsters.

"Dude," Dustin blinked. "Did she just explain why and I like…missed it?"

Cam rolled his eyes. "My father is stuck."

"Stuck?" Shane raised an eyebrow.

"Yes Shane," Sensei nodded. "Stuck. Observe." He flipped onto the keyboard of the giant computer. The screen showed an image from the fight earlier. "This is Lothor." Maggie paid attention closely. "Once a great ninja, he was banished from the Earth when his hunger for power turned him to the dark side. When our energy fields collided, I was transformed into what you see before you. Now he has returned and has brought an army that will do everything to take our planet for their own unless they are stopped."

"Who is gonna be dumb enough to try and stop them?" Dustin wondered.

Maggie turned and glared at him. "You'd be surprised who finds the will to fight for something they could lose."

"You are from the Ember academy," Sensei noted her presence. "Your sensei speaks highly of you." Of course, he knew exactly who Maggie was. After all, the two Senseis were close friends. Maggie bowed in respect. "But Dustin brings up a good question." He turned to his son. "The morphers, Cam."

"Father, you're not serious, are you?" Cam turned to the guinea pig, shocked.

"We have no choice."

"But these guys?" Cam frowned. "I mean… them? They're…well they're…" Cam couldn't find the words to describe them.

"Oh brother," Maggie groaned, knowing this was not going to end well.

Tori looked to the boy in green. "They're what?"

"Yeah I don't like the sound of that," Shane agreed. "Do you?"

"Actually dude," Dustin sighed. "I'm kinda lost here."

"Now Cam," Sensei looked at his son. Cam sighed as he went into a room in the back and grabbed a box. He came out and stood before the other three ninjas.

He opened the box as he spoke, revealing three morphers. "These are your power ranger wind morphers."

"Yeah right," Tori scoffed, not believing this. Shane and Dustin, however, were excited.

"Yes!" Dustin cheered. "See? I knew it! I was right!" he grabbed his morpher. "Power rangers are real!"

"Whatever," Tori took hers as Shane reached for his.

Sensei stepped forward. "Dustin, child of the earth, true to your heart. You will embody the powers of the yellow wind ranger. Tori, fluid and graceful like the water, you will become the blue wind ranger. Shane, reaching for the stars, you will command the powers of the red wind ranger. From this point, you will be known as the wind power rangers, protectors of the earth."

After a moment of silence to let it sink in, Shane started to talk again. "So, what exactly does this thing do?" Maggie smacked her head into her hand, sighing.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Cam spoke the thoughts on her mind. "The defenders of the galaxy." The monitors began beeping.

"Quickly," Sensei spoke to the wind ninjas. "Lothor's army is attacking. You must intercept them. Call on your powers by saying 'ninja storm, ranger form.'" He turned to Maggie. "You will stay here for this one." Maggie nodded. The other three left to the quarry. Cam sat in the computer chair to watch, groaning when they couldn't remember the morphing call.

Sensei turned to Maggie. "You can demorph now." Maggie nodded and dropped her morph, keeping her ninja uniform and mask on. "I see your sensei has already given you your morpher. When was the Ember academy attacked?"

"Last night," Maggie sighed. "I'm the only one left alive."

A/N: I wanted to stop here before it got too long. Anyway, the others won't find out it's Maggie just yet, but they also won't find out at the same time. Someone finds out in the next chapter, who will it be? Anyway, what'd you think? I bet you all know where Lily comes from, considering I don't own her.

Also, as the story goes on, you'll get to know more about Bentley as mentioned above. He is related to Maggie and he's only about two. He will be mentioned in a lot of future chapters, so see if you can guess just who he is.