Hey guys:) I'm so sorry it took me so long to update heheheā€¦ yeah well I've finally found some time where I'm not busy reading fanfics to actually keep up writing my own. Ok for those of u who have forgotten what is going on: Hermione is pregnant from her secret relationship with Draco, they r currently planning on escaping after school ends, together. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry if it's a little short.


Those last few months of school flew by before they couple knew it, and aside from some close calls with unexpected morning sickness no one had figured out that anything unusual was going on. It was now the last night before graduation and Draco and Hermione were spending their time in the room of requirement. Laying on the love seat that the ever helpful room had provided, they lay wrapped in each other's arms. Stroking Hermione's hair with his free hand he reviewed the details of the plan with her for what had to be the millionth time that month.

"So right after we say goodbye to our friends we make it look like we are going to go meet with our families," he started

"Then with our luggage shrunk in our pockets we meet up behind the stage and we apparate to London where we change into our muggle clothes and board our plane." Hermione interrupted with ease by experience. They had added this to the plan after some thought to make it harder for the wizards to find them by using muggle transportation. They had already gotten all of their Gringotts information out of the way as the 7th years were allowed to leave the grounds as they were of age, and they had been able to sneak away during a Hogsmeade weekend.

"Then we apparate to our New York apartment and get our things unpacked. And when that's done, we'll get our marriage certified legally." Draco finished, satisfied with they're plan. They had all the money they would need for many lifetimes because Draco was the sole Malfoy heir. They would be all set, and if that weren't enough they would be opening up their own book store a block away from their flat. It would be for muggles and wizards as only the muggle books would be visible to the muggles while the wizards would be able to see both. There flat was right in the city which was helpful because they wouldn't need a driver's license to get around and people are less likely to notice weird stuff in a city packed to the brim with weird people. Deciding that it was late enough and that people might start wondering why they weren't at the pre graduation celebrations, they wrapped it up.

Helping his lover off of the seat, Draco pulled her close to him and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

"I can't wait for our lives to start, without the prejudices of our families and our blood statuses. This is going to be wonderful." Draco sighed wistfully, planting kisses in her hair as Hermione rested her head in the crook of his neck.

"This will definitely be wonderful." She agreed, tilting her head up she placed one last kiss on his lips before she turned away and walked out of the door and into the hall way, "Until tomorrow then, darling." She smirked and blew him a kiss as she walked away.


As the accepting of diplomas finished the next day the former students, now graduates, of Hogwarts threw their hats into the air and cheered. They soon disbanded to find their families and friends. Harry and Ron soon sought out Hermione and attached themselves to her arms.

"Can you believe it?" Ron said excitedly, "We did it! We graduated! No more bloody homework and no more teachers!" he let out a sigh, "This feels bloody fantastic." He grinned and prodded Harry. "What d'you think mate?"

"I think I've had enough traumatizing experiences here to last me a life time." Harry stated, a small smile adorning his face. "I can't wait to start the healing training at St. Mungo's" he finished happily. They had found out that Harry had decided to forgo the Auror career to be a healer instead, to make up for some of the trouble he had caused in people's lives. Hermione though that this was an excellent idea and fully supported him. Ron, while being happy that Harry was happy, was a little disheartened by the fact he wouldn't be in the same job as his best friend and wouldn't be fighting side-by-side him.

Deciding that it was the perfect time to leave Hermione took her chance.

"Alright guys, I have to go find my parents. Catch up with you both later, alright?" She said as she headed away from them swiftly. She spotted her parents who congratulated their "baby girl" and she quickly left them saying she had to go find someone. She made her way to the back of the stage and found Draco Arriving on the other side having just left his parents. They quickly grabbed hands and appareted away from Hogwarts and onto their new life.


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