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Granny Carne's POV~

So the child has spoken to nadron... interesting. She had it in her all along. But why my lady there told her what she did? Ah... I suppose she wished to let her know; though it will be no small comfort to Rainbow...

But what power will she now discover within herself? And will she understand what it means?

Rainbow's POV~

I groan and flop back onto my bed. "This crap makes no sense," I grumble to myself. It was a psychosomatic shock: my brain was in chaos and my hands were shaking. Taking a profound breath, I attempt to calm myself. It can't kbe! Animals don't talk... at least not in plain English. I must have imagined that snake talking to me...

Don't go calling her "snake", child of Earth. She has her proper name just as you do...

Nadron... fire... child of Earth... danger...


But what are the chances that I wasn't dreaming? First of all, I have never fallen asleep on horseback. Secondly, it has been more than two hours since the incident. So, of course, the only options left are that I was either hallucinating, or it was real. And how would Nadron know what was happening to Conor and Sapphire?

Of course. Nadron, like the bees, must be told about births and deaths.

But how?

Of course, there is no one to answer my questions, and they remain in my head, congesting my reasoning until I feel as if I don't even know which way is up any more. My frantic thoughts are interrupted by Patrick, who sticks his head in my room and asks me a question that I don't quite hear. I sit up, blood throbbing in my ears, and look askance at my stepbrother, who merely stares at me as if I'm insane. He's not too far off... "What?", I question him. Pat rolls his eyes and repeats his question, speaking slowly and distinctly: "Where. Were. You. For. The. Past. Three. Hours?"

"Oh! Uh... I was just exercising Treacle."

"Kylie Newton's horse? Can't she ever do that herself?"

"Apparently not."

Patrick snorts and walks off towards the kitchen. I hear him rummaging in the cabinets, probably looking for peanut butter. I envy him. My mind is aching for the simplicity of something like opening a jar. Of course, I wouldn't really be able to enjoy it at the moment...

As I start thinking again, I realize what I have to do. It doesn't matter what I am or what nadron is, the pertinent fact is that we can communicate. Which is exactly what was freaking me out in the first place... And if I really want to find out whether or not I am utterly insane, the only way is to try again.

Carefully, very carefully, I approach the adder. It's relaxed, but I am still very afraid. "Um... excuse me?", I whisper. The snake hears me.

Nadron has heard your voice.

It glares at me with venom eyes.

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