Author's note: This is not an extension of my other story. As that one veers off from the MSR that happened in the series, this could actually be a stand-alone episode within the series. It takes place after Fight The Future, where there is plenty of romantic tension. This story is written around a scene I once imagined would be cool for Mulder and Scully and developed from there. I hope you enjoy, please review!

British Columbia


A dark brown five fingered hand wrapped around the bars of a steel cage. It's face was in the dark, as was the rest of it's body. It was not the same it had once been. Something had happened. One minute the only concerns in life were mating and eating and now, he felt things he had never experienced before. He felt an anger at the inferior nature of being held against his will and an emotion far greater than anything. He knew the word, somehow he knew many words. His dark shoulders hunched and his lips curled to reveal sharp teeth. He knew the emotion that needed let out, needed to be freed.


The man in the dark coat. He always came. He was hated. He had a way out. Despite its new found intelligence, it still processed information in small bits. He would come near. He had a way out. The man came near. The dark hand shot out into the space between man and beast with incredible speed and wrapped around his throat. I squeeze his throat. He won't breath. I get out.

The man struggled, but superior strength won over and soon, he was limp. The hand reached into a pocket and produced the keys. More will come. I will wait.

The morning staff began to arrive and he waited more. They were all in white. They all sat at tables and stared at things he did not understand. Nothing as strong as me. Nothing as big. I will win. A deafening roar filled the room and the staff reacted, screaming and shouting. He was by the door, however and knew they could not escape.


The door was now open, blood smeared onto the handle. Littered all over the floor were bodies. Some were torn apart, others were thrown, or beaten. Blood was everywhere and skulls were smashed in. Silence and death filled the air.

Washington DC

Fourty eight hours later

He heard a moan. It was a woman's voice shouting. "NO!" A man's grunting came into the sound panel and the two voices mingled in keening noises. Agent Fox Mulder stirred on his couch, his muscular arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed in sleep. The cries got louder and his hazel eyes finally opened. His head lulled toward the television where a pornographic movie had been playing. Despite the loss of interest, he had put it on by habit and fallen asleep the night before. Grabbing the remote, he pushed a button and the television flicked off.

Mulder glanced at his watch, worried for a moment that he may have to leap up and get ready for work. No, it was Thursday, Thanksgiving day. Scully had invited him to join her family, but Mulder felt that Bill Scully, her brother, may not appreciate it. Scoffing at the memories of non-holiday holidays, he closed his eyes to go back to sleep. A knock at his door is what made him leap up and he called, out, "Yeah, I'm coming." when the impatient knock came again.

He opened the door to reveal Marita Covarrubias, the tall blonde informant that had helped him ever since X had been killed.

"Agent Mulder." She said, inviting herself inside, "I have something for you." She handed him a file and began to talk so rapidly that he opened the file quickly to keep up. He was faced with photos of a laboratory of some sort. Several bodies were scattered all of the floor in horror film gore. His brow drew together as he began to read and listen to Marita at the same time.

"A Doctor Scholfield was working with the United States Government in genetics in a laboratory in Canada to develop superior humans. This work has been largely ignored as only animals have been used in these tests with few results. However, this incident has come to the attention of the Secretary General."

"What happened here?" Mulder asked.

"No one knows yet, but I believe it's bigger than everyone is pretending. Whatever it is, whatever did that, was nowhere to be found. An investigation will be under way after the holiday weekend. The Secretary General would hardly want to miss his family turkey." She gave him a small smile, telling him how much time he had.