It was dusk in Magnolia, a light snow was falling…

"Lucy, stop it, you're embarrassing you're self and Gray and me." a 7 year old Natsu laughed.

A 7 year old Lucy had been trying to make a snowman, the head awfully misshapen. "No, I wont stop! Not until I can do this right!" Lucy yelled her blonde hair being blown over her face in the wind. Gray put a hand on Natsu's shoulder. "Natsu, stop. We've bullied her enough for one day." Natus shook his hand off and laughed. "I'll stop when you learn to keep you're damn clothes on!" Natus yelled over the wind.

Lucy's cheeks had turned red, due to the cold weather and the fact that she was about to cry. She rolled another ball for a snowman "Damn it, Lucy, you're never going to be able to do that. Just like how you'll never beat me." he stated bluntly.

"I will to beat you!"

"Oh yeah, when were both seventeen, let's have a fight. If you win I'll admit you're strong. But for now, you're just another stupid weakling!" Tears started to roll down Lucy's cheeks. "I will to!"

"Will not!"

"Yes, Natsu, I will!"

"Ugly weaklings can't tell me what they can and can't do!"

Ugly. The word smacked Lucy in the face. She had been called weak plenty of times, but never ugly.

"SHUT UP YOU DAMN TRAVESTITE!" Lucy yelled. And ran off.

Lucy ran through the snow up to a cliff.

Natsu looked at Gray, "What did she mean by transvestite?" Gray pointed at his pink hair. "Now go ater her transvestite!"

"Yeah, yeah." Natsu grumbled and ran off after her. It didn't take long to catch up to Lucy. Lucy stood in the clearing, breathing heavily, she looked over at a giant hill and her mouth opend in a silent scream. A boulder was rolling towards her, showing no mercey for any plants in the way.

The boulder rolled faster and faster, throwing dirt and snow everywhere, all Natsu could do was sit and stare as the rock hit the crying girl, sending her over the steep cliff on the other side of her.

She let out an ear piercing scream, bringing Natsu back to life. But now, all Natsu could do was scream "LUUCCCYY!"

The snow continued falling, cold, and depressing, as if it had been awaiting the girls death. The smell of blood penetrated the air, filling Natsu's nostrils with the rancid stench. Natsu fell to his knees and tears began falling from his eyes. "Lucy..."

Gray came running up the cliff, with Erza, Mira, and Levy in tow.

"Natsu, where's Lucy?" A concerned Mirajane asked. Natsu looked at the four mages and told them the tragic story, from the bullying, to the boulder crushing her. The whole time crying.

Levy and Mira backed away from Gray, realizing that he had also caused this. He teased Lucy and Levy every day. Erza smacked Gray and Natsu. Tears flying off her cheeks. "You killed her! You KILLED Lucy!"

Erza ran over to Mira and Levy and they all ran down the mountain their tears glistening in the setting sun.

Gray spoke for the first time "We did kill Lucy, didn't we." He clenched his fist, tears falling down his face "We're murders."

Natsu and Gray walked to the guild that night, their heads hanging down. By the time they got back to the guild, everyone was crying or sitting staring into the distance.

Master Makarov walked over to them, his eyes red and his fist clenched. "Explain everything to me now!"

I was looking over this and relized that I had accidently erased some words when I was editing it. So I fixed that just recently (9/17/2012)

Please don't kill me for it!