Okay so I probably forgot to mention that the previous chapter takes place TWO DAYS BEFORE Natsu kissed Rosuto.

Oh geez, I'm terrible. I wouldn't blame you if you all revolted against me, and strapped me to my desk and FORCED me to write for you. But guess what! I have new found inspiration in this story, and I'm sliding closer and closer to GraLu than I was with NaLu. Cause I've been watching Fairy Tail over again (On Netflix ON MY TV- ITS SOOOO BIG :O) and I'm just like obsessed with Gray.

Like when I first started watching Fairy Tail I was ALL FOR GRAY and then I switched over to Natsu, so that's probably gonna happen again *Le sigh*

Oh my godddd, I hate myself right now, because Natsu is gonna get hurt! Awee it's so sad! I DIDN'T MEAN FOR YOU TO GET HURT NATSUUUU!


"Be. My. Girlfriend."

"Sure." She panicked and said the first thing she could think of, shit.

The two stood there for what seemed like a lifetime until Rosuto broke the silence.

"Well… I'm gonna get on the train now."

"What!" Grays eyes got wide "I thought you were gonna stay?"

"But… train." She dragged out the words like a toddler.

Gray stood up straighter and planted his feet on the ground

"Rosuto, as your boyfriend, I demand you stay."

"Mommy, what's the naked man doing~?" a small voice echoed from across the train station.

"Sshh, don't look at the exhibitionist. "


Gray deflated onto the ground and scrambled for his clothes.

"Shit. Shit. Shit."

"Oi, Gray. If you're done, I'm gonna get on the train now."

Gray looked up and began crawling towards her.

"Eh- what are you doing!"

He latched onto her ankles, "You can't leave if I'm attached to you!"

"Mommy, look~!"

"What did I say about staring at him?"

"Gray, people are staring!" she desperately tried to shake him off of her.

"I won't let go until you agree to stay."

"But I already sold my apartment!"

"You can live with me!"

Rosuto looked down at the ice mage clinging to her ankles, he looked so desperate.


Rosuto set her bag down and looked around, the small apartment.

"So this is it, huh?"

"I know it doesn't look like much, but it's got a homey quality to it."

"Yeah… homey."

Okay so I know that was like SUPER SUPER DUPER SHORT but I just couldn't bring myself to write anymore, knowing poor Natsu is gonna be sad. I think I have commitment issues… I don't want to write anything romantic between Mr. Exhibitionist and Ms. Attitude. I can't help it! Well I'm gonna go re-watch Fairy Tail AGAIN. I'm only on like episode 6… Go check out my profile and vote on my polls, and I'm a beta reader! Let me beta read your shit, please!