Alex: This is set in the same universe as Jinora's Secret.


A hundred years ago my grandfather Avatar Aang ended the hundred year war, the same day my past life Princess Azula of the Fire Nation was arrested and thrown into jail.

70 years later, Avatar Korra saved Republic City from disaster and I, Jinora the reincarnated Azula, witnessed it.

But this story has nothing to do with either of those events. This story begins 30 years after Korra saved Republic City.

This is tale of my daughters, Nephtys and Napthal and the tragic end one of them had.

Alex: Only characters I own

Created Characters

(Naf-tal) Naphtal- daughter of Jinora, younger twin of Nephtys. 15 years old. Airbending master, called Great Eastern Wind. Naphtal is known to be kind, goofy, and easy going.

(Nef-tes) Nephtys- daughter of Jinora and, elder twin of Naphtal. 15 years old. Airbender. Nephtys is known as serious, cold, and stubborn. Dreams to be an airbending master.

(Shin-ta) Shinta- crowned prince of the fire nation. 17 years old. Firebender. He is stubborn, smart, and caring.

(Key-O) Kyo- Son of Jinora. 18 years old. Master Waterbender. Push over, smart, and naïve.

(Ai-Ka) Aika-daughter of Jinora. 7 years old. Waterbender. Loud mouth, naïve, Loves her siblings.

(Tom) Thom- Son of Ikki. 13 years old. Earthbender. Fast/loud mouth sneaky jokester.

(Ka-tara) Katara- Daughter of Ikki. 6 years old. Airbender. Sweet, bossy, and annoying.

(Lee-air) Liir- Son of Meelo. 10 years old. Airbender. Just like Meelo.

(Ko-ta) Kouta- son of Korra and Mako. 14 years old. Firebender. Male version of Korra.

(Ri-na) Rina-daughter of Korra and Mako. 11 years old. Waterbender.

(Bah-k) Boq- Son of Bolin and Asami. 16 years old. Friends with Nephtys and Naphtal. Non-bender.

(Tai-ga) Taiga - Friend of Naphtal and Nephtys's. Firebender.

(Kai-to) Kaito- friend of Naphtal and Nephtys's. Waterbender.

(Ken-Ji) Kenji- Friend of Nephtys and Naphtal's. Earthbender.

(Yu-to) Yuuto- Friend of Shinta's. non-bender.

(Rio-ma) Chief Ryouma Bei Fong- Son of Lin Bei Fong. Metalbender. Male version of Lin/Toph.

(Taka-chi) Takachi- Father of Kyo, Nephtys, Naphtal, and Aika. Waterbender. Died 2 years ago.

(May-roo) Meiru-Wife of Meelo. Non-bender.