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"Clarissa Adele Fray!" He shouted from below her. She giggled and walked farther on the beam. She was never afraid of heights and she had been up on the beam suspended 50ft in the air so many times that it didn't bother her. But what was different this time is that she wasn't wearing her harness like she was supposed to. "I swear you're trying to get yourself killed. Now get down here before I need to come up and get you." She heard the smirk in his voice.

She teased him. "And what will you do once you get up here, Jace Lightwood?"

That was it for him, he climbed up the rock wall next to the beam so fast he was already half way up when she realized he was climbing. That's one thing she loved about him, determination. But at the moment determination was heading right at her. He jumped onto the beam like it was nothing and the thing shook vigorously. Clary screamed trying to catch her balance. Jace brought her in his arms and leaped down from the beam, causing another scream to escape from her throat.

"Jeez will you stop shaking, were already on the ground. " He laughed in her ear. She opened her eyes and looked around. They were on the ground again with her still in his arms. She hit his chest. "Hey what's that for?"

She glared at him, "For giving me a heart attack! I thought we were plunging to our death."

"oh come on you got to give me more credit than that. Do you think I would do that?" His innocent smiled faltered with the mischief in his eyes.

She laughed, "You? Yes but now that you've got me..what are you gonna do with me?"

"Maybe some of this…" He brought his lips to hers gently. Then they came after her with hunger.

Someone behind them cleared their throat. They turned and saw Alec standing in the doorway. Isabelle trailing in after a minute of awkward silence. "If you're both done playing swap spit then maybe we can go to work?"

Jace sighed and let Clary down. She fixed her top and forced her blush to go away. "Now that you ruined are hot swap spit session then I guess we will have to. What's the problem?"

"Demons at Pandemonium tonight, Lots of them are gonna be there we heard." Alec spoke up.

Clary smiled at the memory where she first met the three. But then she thought about the task at hand. "Why?"

Isabelle flung her arm over Clary's shoulder. "Good question, that's what we're going to find out." Her smile widened. "I say we let Clary play the sexy bait tonight. She just got this new dress I picked out for her that is dying for some action."

Clary's eyes widened but Jace beat her to responding. "If you think your dangling my girlfriend in front of thirsty demons then the answer is no."

"Oh come on. Clary is a big girl and can handle herself, besides we're gonna be there."

Everyone looked at her. Alec seemed amused, Isabelle was smiling with hope and Jace seemed like-well Jace. "Fine, I'll do it."

"Clary letting her claws out!" Isabelle cheered. "Now we have to go get ready. Be downstairs at 9 boys!" She pulled Clary with her and skipped out of the room.

"I look like stripper."

Isabelle applied more lip gloss to her lips. "Now smudge and yeah a hot stripper!" Clary rubbed her lips together.

She shook her head and laughed. "Jace is going to Kill you.."

"Jace is going to love me when he sees what I've done with you. He maybe loves innocent, sweet, darling Clary but trust me he wants fuck sexy, daring, mini dress Clary tonight!"

"IZZY!" She shouted and blushed so much it looked like she had way to much blush on.

Isabelle snorted. "Don't tell me you two haven't done the deed yet. Jace has been heavenly fire free for 2 weeks now and I don't believe it that the second he came back from Silent City you didn't jumped his bones." Clary's silence made Isabelle spin around. "God Clary, no. Don't tell me you're still a virgin."

Clary rolled her eyes. "It's not a big deal. When were ready, were ready." She looked at the clock. "shit it's already 9:05!" She grabbed her coat and waited for Isabelle to join her in the hallway.

"I'm just pointing out to you that Jace Lightwood is very ready for Clary Fray."

"Since when were you so involved in your brother's sex life?"

She smirked. "Since Magnus and Alec told me a while ago to stay out of theirs."

They were already in front of the club when Jace finally commented on her outfit. The second he saw her, his eyes had widened but he kept quiet and kissed her softly when she came up to him. "Dear Jesus Clary." He whispered in her ear as they walked into the already loud club.

"What?" She saw his gaze skimming over her bare legs. "Do I look okay?"

He groaned. "Okay? Damn Clary you have no idea how many things I want to do to you right now."

Isabelle pulled Clary closer to her, cutting into their conversation. "I just saw five demons in the past minute. Something is wrong. They all shouldn't be here." She shook her head. "Alec take Jace and get far away from us. If they see us with you we're screwed." She said through clenched teeth so it looked like she was smiling at Clary.

Alec pulled Jace away and disappeared in the crowd of people. Clary started dancing with Isabelle and for few minutes she forgot why they came there.

Then she felt a presence behind her. "You alone, baby?" The voice was deep and cocky. They wrapped their arms around her waist and pulled her close. She looked up at Isabelle.

"Just here with my friend."

One hand skimmed her arm up. "Perfect." Then she was pulled away from Isabelle. He kept her faced away from him still and danced with her, tightly against him. She could have been dancing with Brad Pitt for all she knew. His hand rested on her thigh and slowly pushed her dress up. She stiffened at his touch. This is going too far. Then he pressed his lips against her neck. Yep way too far. Before she could push him off her a dagger flew out of nowhere.

She finally turned around to look at the demon. He was a tall brunette with blue eyes, very good looking. The dagger pierced his heart; he made a gurgling noise and then disappeared.

She groaned at the thought that popped into her mind, Jace saw what was going on and killed the thing.

But then Jace was at her side a minute later. "Are you okay? The dagger didn't hit you right?"

She looked at him. "You didn't throw it?"

"No?" His nose scrunched up.

If none of them threw it then who did? Was there another shadowhunter here? Did one of his demon friend grow impatient and wanted her for himself?

"Alright I say we get out of here. The demons fled after this guy died." He wrapped his around her and led them toward the door.

She felt this weird sense that someone was watching her. That feeling you get when you're in the shower. She turned her head and looked back.

She saw a flash of white blondish hair and a grin. She knew that combination from anywhere.


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