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Awaken (Part 1: Yuna)

His eyes were closed. Dark lashes brushed against pale cheeks, and he looked so peaceful. Sunlight beamed through the window as if Heaven had cast open its gates solely to illuminate a halo around the edge of his hair. Beauty radiated from him in a soft glow, and at that moment, he could have been an angel.

Yuna watched him from the corner of her eye as Pedro's voice droned from the front of the classroom. She should be listening, but his eyes were closed. She had never seen Rai sleep. Nothing was so breathtaking.

The sound of turning pages broke through her thoughts, and she quickly flipped the page of her textbook as well. Pedro fell silent as his gaze scanned over the students, finally stopping on Shinwoo. Shinwoo's head was down, hidden behind his open textbook, but he hadn't turned the page with his classmates. A smile spread across Pedro's face. He had been waiting for this opportunity.

This was her chance. Yuna reached across the aisle as Pedro crept up on Shinwoo. She lightly tapped her fingertips against Rai's arm and straightened in her chair before Pedro noticed her behavior. The teacher lifted the book from Shinwoo's desk and slammed it down next to his head. Shinwoo awoke with a shriek, drawing laughter from everyone in the classroom

Rai didn't stir. Even resting, his face was angled ever so slightly toward the window. If he didn't wake up now, Pedro would come to his desk next. She leaned over farther, grasping her whole hand around his arm, and gave him a gentle shake. His weight shifted to the side and pressed heavily against her palm. Yuna quickly withdrew her hand. His arm slid out from under him, pitching his body forward to strike the desktop before rolling limply to the floor. His eyes were still closed.

"Rai!" The scream ripped through her chest, and she was kneeling next to him, unaware that she had left her seat. Her hand hesitantly touched his shoulder, but it was trembling too much to apply force. He didn't wake up.

"Shinwoo, get Principal Lee!" Pedro shouted as he barreled toward Yuna, shoving his way through the crowd of students that had already encircled her "Don't move him. What happened?"

"H-he.." Yuna gulped. Her throat felt so tight she couldn't speak, and her voice shuttered as she forced the words to form. "I thought he was asleep. I didn't mean… He just collapsed."

"Alright," he spoke softly to sound calm, but his eyes were already jumping from student to student as he created an action plan. "It looks like we may need an ambulance. Ikhan?"

"I got it." Ikhan whipped out his phone and dialed the number.

Pedro nodded and skipped to the next student. "Seira, get the nurse."

She only stared back at him with wide eyes; the blood drained from her face. Regis touched her arm softly. His expression matched hers, and the gesture was to comfort himself as much as it was to console her. They both moved at once, approaching Rai instead of running for the nurse.

"I'll do it." Suyi's whisper sounded drawn and thin, but her actions were steadfast. She disappeared through the door before anyone could acknowledge her offer.

"He's in here!" Shinwoo yelled from the hallway although the principal had outrun him and was already bursting through the crowd of students.

"Make room!" Pedro demanded, and the students backed away.

Frankenstein dropped to his knees next to Yuna, his arm grazing hers. She looked up at him, expecting him to take command, to smile and to say that everything was alright, but he simply stared, drinking in the image of his master on the ground. The other students were watching him, too. Their expressions looked panicked. If he didn't say something soon, there would be chaos.

"Principal Lee," Yuna took a deep breath, using her own voice to fill the silence. "Rai just collapsed. I thought he was asleep, and I didn't want him to get in trouble. I tried to wake him up, but he just collapsed. I didn't mean for this… I'm so sorry-"

"He won't like that his clothes are dirty."

"Principal Lee?" She whispered under her breath. His tone was so hushed that she wasn't certain that she had heard him correctly.

"Seira, tell the others."

"Yes." She answered and immediately left to fulfill the command.

Frankenstein slid one arm under Rai's back, cradling him so that his head rested against his shoulder before hooking the other arm under his knees. "Regis, come with me."

"Of course."

"Is he.." Yuna pushed off the floor, ready to follow them, but one look from Frankenstein stopped her mid-sentence.

"Yuna, thank you for your concern." And with that, he left her behind.