Hehehe. I'm so evil.
Ken> No, that's me.
.....I know your future so Nyah.
Ken> As long as I'm not in this fic.
I didn't want to write about you yet anyway. I won't either till like the future.
Ken> That's a relief.
You're secretly a nice person. I know your future.
Ken> Bah.
Miyako> You're writing a fic about me, right?
You're in it.....
Mimi> I think this fic should be about me ::adds:: me. ::giggles::
My head hurts.
Miyako> ::peers over his shoulder at the screen:: You're pairing me up with ::squints:: What are you typing...oh with Koushiro? Yay!
Mimi> What do you mean pairing?
Iori> Two people...I get to sit this fic out, right?
o.o' No...You're my third favorite character.
Miyako> I'm your favorite, right?
No, it's a tie between Takeru and Yamato.
Miyako> So, I'm second?
That's Koushiro.
Miyako> Third!?
::points at Ken::
Miyako> Fourth!?
That's Hikari.
Miyako> What number am I?
Five. ::nods::
Miyako> That's not that bad.
Mimi> What is this fic about anyway.
It's about to begin.
Ken> Not very funny. I shall give you your disclaimer now.
Mimi> No me!
Miyako> I want to!
I'm not going to write a story for you if you're nice like that.
Iori> ::sighs:: The author does not own Digimon.

Until I Tear You Apart

by Ishida Takeru

Miyako read over the yellow flyer. this idea was the best ever. She just had to get everyone to show up. But, how would she do that. That was when it hit her, not an idea, but a soccer ball. "Ow, hey!"

"Sorry!" Daisuke yelled as he retrieved the ball from where it landed after colliding with Miyako's forehead. "You should really watch where you're walking."

"Watch where I'm walking!? It was your fault!" she yelled back at him, before it hit her. It wasn't a soccer ball this time. "See, now you have to come to this club's meeting." Miyako waved the flyer before shoving it back into her pocket.

"But, I have soccer."

"No buts. You hit me, and now you have to come to this meeting. It's a health club, so it'll be good for you." Miyako said firmly and walked away before Daisuke could say another word. That was one down, now only a few left She knew Hikari and Takeru would come if she asked nicely. And she'll force Iori to come, even though he was a little young. She would simply promise Mimi the pink platforms she had in her closet. She never wore those anyway. She would just beg Sora until she said okay. Now, Yamato and Taichi would be a problem. A very difficult problem indeed.


Yamato yawned as he left the rehearsal hall. All the band rehearsals were really starting to get to him. Maybe, he didn't want to be a teen idol. The only thing he wanted at the moment was a break.


Yamato looked left and right. "Please, not Jun." he mumbled.

"Yamato." Miyako ran up to him. "Hey."

"Oh. Hey Miyako." Yamato said finally. "Something up?"

"Have I got a deal for you!"

"What do you mean?"

"I bet you want a break from your fans? Well, have I got the solution for you! There's an after school health club. There's a limit on how many people can go, so you won't have your fans bothering you. And you can just sit in the back of the room and um sit."


"Fine, really?" Miyako couldn't believe how easy that was. Now, she would just have to talk Taichi into it. "Can you get Taichi to come too."

Yamato sighed. "Just tell him Sora will be there, and he'll run there like a lost puppy."

"Oh." Miyako blinked a few times. "Oooooh." And she did eventually tell Taichi that Sora was going to be there. It wasn't a lie, she just hadn't asked her yet.


The big day finally arrived, the day of the first meeting She was the first one in the room, the advisor standing next to her.

Koushiro walked into the room. "I got your E-mail and--"

The teacher nodded. "You'll be Miyako's partner for this activity."

"What activity?" Koushiro said blinking. "I have to get back to the computer lab and.."

"Be a sport! I need a partner." Miyako begged.

Koushiro sighed and finally nodded. "Fine."

"Where's everyone else." The advisor/teacher asked.

"They'll show up." Miyako said nodding.

The next two people through the door were Hikari and Iori.

"Why did I have to come." Iori asked.

The advisor grinned. "You two are now partners!"

"Partners for what?" Hikari asked. Miyako said this was a health club. Why would they need partners, unless they were maybe doing sit-ups or something.


Mimi admired her new platform shoes. "Aren't these the best shoes ever?"

Yamato looked up from the ground he was studying as they walked. "Sure, Mimi."

"I think they go so nicely with this skirt, what do you think Yamato?"

"Sure, Mimi."

"Maybe, I should dye my hair back to brown. Make it look normal again."

"Sure, Mimi."

"Are you listening to me?"

"Sure, Mimi."

"Ishida Yamato, you're so mean!" she yelled stomping her feet.

"Sure, Mimi."

Mimi let out a sigh as they turned the corner into the room. "Sometimes, I don't know why I even talk to you."

"Partners." The teacher said with a smile.


"Hurry up, Taichi." Sora yelled as she raced towards the meeting. "Afraid I'm going to beat you?"

"Beat me, ha! Never!" Taichi yelled chasing after her. They kept running until they arrived at the door with Taichi shoving past Sora to get in first. "Goooooooooooooooooooooooooal! Yagami Taichi! Gooooooooooooooal!"

"That's not funny, Taichi." Sora mumbled.

The teacher grinned at them. "You guys are partners now."


Just his luck basketball practice had to run a little over. Now he was going to be late to Miyako's meeting. He ran down the hall as fast as he could. Hopefully, he wouldn't be the last one there.

Daisuke grumbled as he ran down the hall. He had to trip and fall into the mud during practice. Now, he wouldn't get to set next to Hikari. Wait, was that Takeru running down the hall? that means he still had a chance. But, he had to run the rest of the way.

Takeru sighed. Why did Daisuke make everything a competition. It didn't matter, he'll let him win just so he didn't have to listen to his mouth.

Daisuke skid into the room. "Am I late?"

Takeru stopped behind him. "Just go in already."

"Shutup TQ."

Takeru sighed and didn't even bother to correct him.

The teacher blinked. "Well, this may end up a little odd, but you two will have to be partners for this activity."

"What activity."

The teacher moved back to the front of the room. "Welcome to the "Healthy Relationships" club. The school decided to put this club together, because we know how kids can be sometimes. Now I paired you off into groups of two for this first activity. Now, repeat after me. "I "state your name" take "state the name of your partner" to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, through sickness and in health, 'till death does us part."

The group repeated the teachers words blinking a few times.

The teacher grinned. "I now pronounce you husband---err spouse and spouse."

Told you I was evil.
Yamato> I feel sorry for my brother.
Takeru> ::turning green::
Daisuke> ::glares at the screen:: I hate you.
I'm evil!
Taichi> I'm married to Sora. You're the greatest.
Iori> Why did I have to be in this.
It was your or Jyou, and you're better.
Takeru> This will be a fic that you won't finish, right?
Um, I think people are going to demand it...
Daisuke> I hate you.