Hey guys! I remember watching the last scene of the credits of "Ocarina of Time", where little Link finds himself in the garden with Zelda at the window, like it all began before. It made me wonder "what happens next? What do they say to each other?" This whole scene occurs after Link's adventure in "Majora's Mask." I subscribe to the theory that time didn't pass in Hyrule while that adventure was occurring, so Link is able to get to Zelda around the same time he did before.



Link's POV:

I edged my way around the bush, quickly looking to see if a guard was in my path. I breathed a sigh of relief to see that the coast was clear. I knew it was the last corner I needed to turn before I entered the garden.

The garden where Zelda was.

At least, that's where she was last time.

Worry began to eat at my mind. What if I'm too late? Or too early? What if she's not there?

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of those negative thoughts. I still had a few more steps to take to get to my destination. Crouching down I made a run for it, trying to stay light on my feet. Lurking around dungeons in two lives trying to avoid Link-eating monsters gave me lots of practice.

Suddenly I found myself staring at the prettiest girl I knew. She was wearing that white and purple dress she had on all those years ago with the strange headdress that covered her golden hair. She faced the window, staring inside to get a glimpse at the man addressing her father the King.

Walking slowly toward her, I stopped at the bottom of the steps. Sensing a presence behind her, the girl turned around. A gasp escaped her and her hand flew to her mouth in shock.

I gave her a smile, feeling the happiest I'd felt in awhile.

A happiness which turned to horror as she collapsed in a heap to the ground.


Zelda's POV:

I was silently trying to observe the proceedings between my father and the sinister-looking man from the desert. He kneeled before the throne, looking humble and beseeching the King to consider drafting a treaty between their nations. I couldn't see my father's face but could hear the skepticism in his tone as he addressed the Gerudo. Perhaps he was as suspicious as I myself was.

Suddenly I sensed a presence behind her and froze. It couldn't be Impa as she was in the throne room with her father, and a guard would have made himself known long before now due to their clinking armor.

I whipped my head around , hand flying up to my mouth after taking in the form of a young boy clad in green. I didn't know him but he seemed familiar somehow.

Or do I?

My head began to pound and my vision swam. Memories began to attack my mind viciously and I almost didn't feel it when I fell to the stone beneath my feet. I saw this boy doing dangerous feats, having conversations with me while I wore strange garb, he playing an ocarina while I strummed a harp, and watching him stab a monster in the head with a sword. All of this information entered my brain in what felt like an instant and eternity at the same time.

I felt arms envelope me and my mind began to clear while my vision returned. I felt him pull me into his lap, cradling my head close to his chest and calling my name urgently. My eyes fluttered open.

"L-Link?" The name left my lips automatically, like they knew what to say without me thinking about it. Yet I knew it was his name. Somehow.


General (non-specific)

"Zelda? Oh Zelda, you're ok!" Link exclaimed, pulling her tightly to his chest in an embrace. He let her go slightly and turned her face towards his own. "You're ok, right?"

The girl blinked, trying to come to her senses. "Y-yes, yes I think so." Zelda looked around, "What happened?"

"You looked at me and suddenly fell to the ground. I didn't know what was happening so I ran up and tried to wake you but your eyes were shut tight and you wouldn't open them. Then you said my name, and here we are." Link's eyes narrowed in confusion, "What was going on with you?"

Zelda furrowed her brows, "It was all very strange. I looked at you and my vision got all funny and my head started to hurt…" She turned her eyes away, worried he wouldn't believe what she was going to say. Sensing this, Link reassured her that he would, so she continued, "I found myself remembering things…but the memories don't make sense. They show you talking to me in strange places like volcanoes and ice caverns while I'm wearing strange clothes. You're playing my ocarina and I a harp…and you're killing a huge monster by stabbing it in the head with a sword. And we're both adults."

Link nodded slowly, pain entering his eyes. "Zelda, those things really happened. You helped me save the world and defeat the evil ruler. These things happened…in another time."

"Another time? What do you mean?" Then she began to remember. "I…I sent you back. I sent you back seven years after we sealed away Ganondorf. I sent you back to now…" Suddenly her eyes widened and she gasped, her eyes snapping to the window. "Ganondorf! He's in there…Link, we have to stop him! We can't let him take over again!"

Link quickly stood up and walked over to the window. He breathed a sigh of relief, "Zelda, that isn't Ganondorf."

"Yes it is! Link, look!" But when Zelda scrambled up to the window and looked again she noticed that there were differences. Yes he was Gerudo, but upon closer observation he clearly wasn't Ganondorf. "I-I just assumed…once I remembered everything my mind immediately thought it was him."

"It can't be Ganondorf because we sealed him into the Sacred Realm. Of course the Gerudo must have a king, but thankfully Ganondorf is not here to terrorize Hyrule. Not again."

Zelda nearly sagged into Link's arms, relieved beyond belief that she wouldn't have to worry any longer. "Thank goodness. Link, father is probably suspicious of the man simply because he's a Gerudo, not because he's necessarily evil."

"That's probably true Zel, and the King will do what he feels is right." Link pulled her close again.

"But Link, what if he turns out to be as evil as Ganondorf?"

Link sighed, "We will cross that bridge if we come to it, but something tells me that Ganondorf was the only one with the power to do all the evil magic that he did; I don't believe this man has that power. What do you think?"

Zelda peeked through the window again, focusing her magical energy to evaluate the man's magical capabilities. "I don't sense any magical skill, and I remember Ganondorf seemed to reek of it, even before getting his piece of the Triforce."

"Then we need to put this behind us. He may indeed be a political threat to Hyrule, but that is something your father is able to handle."

"Yeah, father is a pretty good judge of character. I'm just glad this Ganondorf business is all over Link…now maybe we can both have a happy life." Zelda smiled, her eyes bright with unshed tears.

Link felt…strange. He felt the emotion of love that he learned to feel as an adult, but the thought of doing anything romantic like kissing on the lips didn't seem appealing. He supposed it was because he was actually just a kid and not the 17-year-old he was before. Looking into her eyes, he could tell she wanted…something. He realized that he probably wanted the same thing too. Innocent but not too mushy.

Zelda also felt that love but it was mixed with the urges of a childhood crush…meaning a kiss on the cheek would be absolutely perfect.

And that's precisely what she got.


It's never quite clear whether or not Ganondorf is somehow there after Link is sent back, but I don't see how that could be since the Sacred Realm is a timeless place from my understanding, and if Ganondorf was sealed there he would still be there. I know it's short and maybe not my best work, but I had the idea and just had to write about it. Have a great day and shoot me a review if it's not too much trouble