Hi, this is a rewritten version of 'He Really, Really Didn't Love Her. I hope it is a little better than the last one.

I don't own Kuragehime; I am not nearly so good.

Kuranosuke didn't love Tsukimi, he really didn't. He didn't think she was cute, he definitely didn't want her to never go near his brother again, and he really, really never thought about kissing her. Never! Because let's face it, she was freakish, antisocial to everyone that wasn't an Amar, weird, and had a deep rooted obsession with jellyfish. She dressed as if she wanted to make herself look as ugly as possible, it usually worked.

But times his heart would skip a beat. She just had to say a few words, and then she would have him blushing, and the things he would say to her! Sappy, gushy and something that scared him more than anything, true. Ugh!

Totally embarrassing to say the least, but he still found himself looking for her in crowds (Even if she hated them), being over protective with her (Not that she needed that, usually everyone tried to avoid her), and then he found himself liking the Amars (even if they were hard to like). Because they were different from everyone else, that was for sure and plus whenever they did something, they didn't just do something, they made it into a big sloppy, crazy, mess. When he thought about it, being an otaku wasn't so strange. It was the things they went gaga for; trains, jellyfish, old men, just to name a few.

So what if he had found a home along the Amars. It wasn't that he didn't love his family, he loved them a lot, but he couldn't call it a real home. He thought maybe it was because the Amars really didn't care about how weird he was, he knew for a straight guy to love clothes and fashion so much was pretty weird. They treated him normally; his personality to them wasn't something that had to be fixed or thought of as strange. Also they were amazingly honest and after living in a house of politicians, they were like a breath of fresh air. Hell, even as a girl he was weird enough for the Amars and that was saying something.

Then there was Tsukimi's interest in clothes. He loved clothes, but he really didn't have any talent designing them only wearing them, but Tsukimi did, heaven knows why!

Her 'awakened mode' was probably the weirdest of her modes, right next to her everyday one and that one was hideous. God knows why he would think she was cute then, he had thought of himself as a pretty sane person when it came to women, he thought that he knew enough about them that he would pretty much be able to reel in any female, and he certainly had the looks for it.

It just didn't fit. She didn't fit. Them together just didn't fit, but sometimes things didn't have to fit to be made for each other.

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