Final fantasy Tactics: In Another Perspective.


Anbruch- German for Beginning, Eins- German for Alpha

My name is Anbruch Eins, when I was a kid in the fifty year war I wished to be a knight just like the great Balbanes Beoulve. When I became eighteen I went to join the Gariland Royal Akadamy. I applied against my mother's wishes for joining, but I had always dream of becoming a great warrior of great caliber and of great renown to Ivalice. But that all changed when a certain man I followed changed my destiny forever.

At the Gariland Royal Akadamy

Some time in Spring I overheard a conversation at lunch time.

"Hey, did you hear? A commoner is being recommended in being one of the cadets here," whispered a cadet.

"Really? Who would have done that?" whispered another cadet.

"I heard he bribe the principal," whispered the first cadet.

I remember this rumor flying about, a boy not much older than me, name Delita joined the school at a wishing of someone. Many rumors flew about, some were good but some were bad.

After lunch...

"Class meet a new cadet who will be joining us at the wishing's of... someone," said the class instructor as reads off of a letter.

A boy then walk in he stood in front of the class after walking in and says, "Hello my name is Delita Heiral it's a pleasure to be studying with you," he bows and stands straight.

"Alright Delita you may stand by... Ramza and Anbruch," said the instructor as he was confused as he looks at the letter.

Delita walks and stood behind me and by Ramza who stood adjacent to me. I hear the whispering of the other cadets on how he walked in and behaved but nonetheless the new cadet stood behind me.

"Ah so you're Anbruch, I heard from Ramza that you show some great abilities as a cadet," whispered Delita by my ear.

"Heard from? Wait did you joined the akademy because of him?" I inquired.

"Well..." whispered Delita before the instructor yell at another cadet speaking in the lecture, "I tell you later after the lecture okay?"

"Okay," I whispered back as I hear about the need of keeping our health at its best in battle.

After Class

While lifted up my books on Swords and Shields someone calls my name, "Anbruch come now," I heard and responded as quickly as possible as I took and shove everything into my bag and ran to the door, standing there was Ramza at the door with Delita standing against on the door sides.

"Into the books again Anbruch?" said Ramza with a smile.

"I'm always in the books Ramza. What do you learn from the teacher?" I replied as I stop running and walk about a meter before stopping in front of Ramza.

"NOTHING!" we both yell at the same time as we laugh at the remark.

"By the way I assume you wish to talk to Delita?" said Ramza as he points at Delita.

"Well he did tell me how he joined the akademy after class," I replied as Delita walks around Ramza.

"Well I join this akademy because of Ramza's Father," said Delita as he points at Ramza.

"Ramza's... Father?" I inquired, "By the way who is your father Ramza?"

"He didn't tell you? I guess it's for safety reasons... Nah who would do that here? Anyways Ramza's Father is..." said Delita before as Ramza interrupts.

"My father is Balbanes Beoulve," said Ramza as he interrupts Delita.

"Y-You're the child of Balbanes!?" I gasped.

"Well his name is Ramza Beoulve after all," said Delita as he shrugs.

"So Ramza's father actually enrolled you into this akademy? That's great honor even from my standing position," I said.

"I know, now my best friend and I are in the same school too," said Ramza as he smiles.

"Well it's nice to know you now Delita, I hope we can be friends as well," I said as I hold my hand out for a handshake.

"Me too Anbruch, friends until the end?" said Delita as he takes my hand for a shake.

"Until the end," I replied as we shook in friendship.

Aries 1st the End of the Fifty year war

"Another caravan was attacked last night on its way to Eagrose," said a cadet

"The Corpse Brigade again?" said another.

"I wonder where all this leads...Delita, what do you make of this?" asked Ramza

'I'm not sure. I have my guesses, but..." said Delita.

"I'm listening," said Ramza.

"I think Duke Larg is coming to Gariland," said Delita.

"Duke Larg? Why?" said Ramza as he looks at Delita

"Not just the duke. The marquis Elmdore of Limberry, too." said Delita.

"That's the first I've heard of it. This isn't a state visit is it?" said Ramza.

"All of Ivalice is in turmoil. The Order's supposed to be keeping things under control, but the fact is, they number too few." said Delita.

"And they mean to increase their numbers with us cadets?" inquired Ramza before hearing someone shout an order.

"Everyone, fall in!" yelled someone.

Everyone lines up and straightens from the voice as a knight walks in and stands in front of the group of cadets.

"You have a mission! As you know, barbarians are rapidly increasing here in Gallione. The traitorous Death Corps detest the royal family. We cannot overlook them. We will begin exterminating these traitors. We will not be acting alone. The Order will be joined by, among others, His Excellency Duke Larg's royal guard, stationed at Eagrose. This will leave Eagrose Castle undermanned. Your task will be to proceed there, and support us from the rear by bolstering its defenses." said the Knight.

Then enters another knight that fast walked and whispered something to the knight and immediately left as the first knight nods to the whispers.

"Cadets, ready your swords! I've just received word that a band of thieves routed by our knights flees here to Gariland, seeking refuge. We will move to stop them, and finish the task of our brothers. You, cadets, will accompany us. This is but a squall before the storm of battle. Prepare yourselves at once! Dismissed!" Yelled the Knight.

The group of cadets salutes and prepares to leave.

"Anbruch! Come on man lets go," said Ramza.

"Alright then let's go," I replied as we go and get our equipment.

We then left the perimeter of the armory (after being equipped with our weapons and armor), in search of the bands of thieves. We find them about to enter the city and engaged a fight. Our forces were small but so were theirs and we decide to divide and conquer. Me and two of the other cadets join me on one side as Ramza and Delita were on the other side with one other cadet. My group decides to go on the roof to get a better eye for scouting the enemies and just as expected one of the bandits threw a rock at one of us. The rock hit the chemist in front of me and it did some damage but it was not very severe. Then I took the rock that was thrown and threw it back as hard as I could and it knocked the person off the roof. But as I was distracted I was attacked from behind and it scraped off my armor and it made its way to my skin as my back burn from the sensation. I turn around and began to fight the person with my sword. I dodge the second attempt of the person's attack and easily hit the person. The person was a girl but nonetheless the girls apparently bear with the pain inflicted on her and manage to barely hit my arm. When I attempted to attack back she guards my attack and we held it with a power struggle. I then kicked her left leg causing her to trip and stabbed her heart as she landed on the roof with great accuracy ending this battle. I look over to my comrades and see the chemist drinking a potion after sustaining some wounds.

"Hey Anbruch need a potion?" yell the chemist as he finds me finish with my opponent.

"Yeah toss me one," I replied, the chemist search through his bag and throws with great accuracy at me and I catch it and chug down the potion. With each swallow of the potion's liquid I could feel my wounds and pain disappearing.

"I wonder how Ramza is doing" said a squire.

"Not sure but I pretty sure he is okay... but lets go and try to help anyways" I said as I then jumped across the roof to a stairwell that leaded down to the streets.

My group shrugged at my action and both of them jumped across as well and we ran as fast as we could to another battlefield. I saw Ramza jumping and killing a chemist as the chemist attempted to fight back Delita and the other cadet that joined.

"Honest work would see them die old in bed, yet they choose instead this early grave. Why persist in such folly?" said Ramza as Anbruch came closer to reunite the group.

"I don't know Ramza... I just, don't know," I replied as I shake my head.

We then hear someone yell out "Master Ramza your father desires your presence!"

"Yes, I heard I will come as soon as I can." said Ramza as he stopped what he was thinking and began to run to his estate.

"You think that this is the end for Ramza's father...?" asked the cadet with Delita.

"I'm not sure... I hope not..." I replied as we watch Ramza running up the hill.

End of Beginnings